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Nov 2013 seth_lfod Second one in the books with Felipe. A pleasure to deal with, and he sent me some awesome brews. Until the next time! Thanks again!
Aug 2013 matboz Another great trade with Felipe! He hooked me up with some very hard to find Sante beers. Great communication and packaging as usual, thanks!
Jul 2013 bottleforager Felipe hooked me up with more great California beer even though he was going through a rough moment. Packed to perfection and great communication. Would recommend him to anyone looking for some awesome beer ! Cheers.
Jul 2013 Keir I put out a call for some Almanac #2 and Felipe hooked me up. He sent me #1, 2, and 3 as well as the Barrel Noir. Thanks man!
Jun 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ Super trade for a bunch of Almanac beers, great communication and packaging! Will trade again whenever you want!
Jun 2013 matboz Great trade with Felipe! He’s very easy to work with, and he hooked me up with an awesome variety of sour beers I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait to trade again in the future!!
May 2013 bytemesis Felipe and I have a more or less ongoing IP trade. He is extremely generous and has hooked me up with some awesome beers. I hope we keep this going for a long time to come! Trade with Felipe if you can. You will not be sorry.
May 2013 kbudd19 Did an quick little IP exchange with Felipe while on vacation in SF. The guy is a pro, showed up as planned, great communication and yea hooked me up with some killer beers, hope to trade again soon. Cheers!
Apr 2013 seth_lfod Felipe is a great guy to trade with. We both got some awesome beers out of the deal, and I have never had a better packed shipment. Would definitely trade with again in the future. Thanks again!
Apr 2013 StFun Very easy trade. Quick and fun. No muss, no fuss, no endless negotiating or any other crap, just beers for beers. Fast shipping, good communication, the works. Very happy here and would trade with again for sure. Thanks!

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