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Nov 2017 HenrikSoegaard Small hth trade with Jesper at Saxos house. I brought 4 beers from my cellar and he donated 5 great American high quality cans. Nice Jesper.
Sep 2016 Benzai Another nice IP trade at Borefts Beer Festival. Thanks Jesper for the tasty looking beers!
Dec 2012 joes In person trade @ Borefts festival 2012. Got a nice range of Det Lille celebration ales. I forgot to bring an oak aged La Trappe, but hope it has landed in your cellar by now. Thanks Jesper!
Nov 2012 kraddel solid IP trade on BBF . even got an extra, withoud getting to be able to refuse it. very friendly guy, very fast agreement online.
Oct 2012 Benzai Nice small in person trade @ Borefts 2012. Smooth trader. Thanks for the great beers Jesper!
Jun 2012 caesar Did a small in person trade at CBC 2012. Helped him out with a La Trappe Quad BA #9. Got a couple of nice beers in return. Good stuff, decent guy.
Mar 2012 chadsexington My first trade on Ratebeer was an awesome in person trade during Jesper’s recent visit to Seattle. He went above and beyond, and floored me with some great beers from Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Generous would be an understatement. Thanks again, Jesper!
Mar 2012 OakedCanuck Awesome in person trade with Jesper. Enjoyed a few beers together as well. Full of knowledge and beer experience. Great time and great trade. Thanks!
Nov 2010 BearsOnAcid Jesper helped me out big time in acquiring a couple lambics very high on my wants list in an overseas trade. Timely responses and EXTREMELY generous. I felt honored to do business with him.
Oct 2010 beerbill Jesper sent me an incredible box which included the agreed upon Cantillon Blåbær Lambik & Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter. These were already generous trades, but then he bonuses me De Molen Hemel & Aarde Bruichladdich Barrel, De Molen Tsarina Esra Reserva & Beer Here Kriekselikroxen. This is incredibly generous & I am speechless. Thank you very much!

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