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Feb 2014 sloth The Eith man delivereth! 2 cans of Boat beer. Handsomely packaged and very timely. Returning a small favor i had done for him. The Eithcube is one cool dude! Thanks much bro, nice!
Oct 2009 jrob21 A massive box arrived today from Mike. A couple of upland beers including a cherry and strawberry lambic. A couple of 3F beers including black sun stout and fantabulous XI. A bonus of a want listed goose island IPA among many other tasty looking new rates for me. Awesome trade and experience. What is this, the third one with us. Obviously I’d do it again.
Jun 2009 savnac Mike sent me 4 FFF beer just as promised. Oatgoop, Brian Boru, Black Sun Stout, Behemoth-yellow wax. Fast shipping and packed well, thanks again.
Jan 2009 ajm Very simple trade executed quickly. I am grateful for my new friend Alpha Kong! With bonus?! WHAT?!
Oct 2008 dchmela Mike answered my call for some of the new 3F bottles (Moloko and Fantab Resplendence IX) as well as 3F Alpha King 2X, Founders Devil Dancer and Imperial Stout, Dark Horse Plead the Fifth, Sam Adams Triple Bock and Heavyweight Old Salty 05. Great communication, fast turnaround and an awesomely packed box. Thanks again Mike!!
Jul 2008 MrBendo Mike got me an 07 Upland Raspberry Lambic long after I’d given up getting one ever. Plus some insane bonuses; Goose Island IIPA, Hopslam, Founder Breakfast AND Kentucky Breakfast plus a Scotty Karate. He definitely picks out his bonuses after looking at your list and ratings. Thanks a bunch, Mike.
May 2008 douglas88 Mike really hooked it up. Bells Java and Porter, Beer geek Breakfast, Three Floyds, well all of them. Almost at least; Dreadnaught, Pride and Joy, Gumball Head, Robert the Bruce, Alpha King, Brian Boru, and Alpha Klaus. Do I have a want list anymore? Thanks a ton, Mike is THE FFF hook up.
May 2008 JahNoth I have done many trades, but the one I just did with Mike has to be one of the easiest ever. He answered my call to load up on some Lakefront IPAs (12) but also styled me with nice midwest gems: Founders: devil dancer and Kentucky breakfast plus and Upland Ard Ri. Many thanks!
Apr 2008 jrob21 Mike and I set up a rough list based on each others wants but never finalized the details. He disappeared on me, at least it seemed so only to find out he had already boxed and shipped 28lbs of beer. Who tries to surprise you with 28lbs of beer? He hooked it up with 2 from Dark Horse, Hoppin Frog Gulden Frog, Southern Tier Jahvah, 4 from FFF, Founders effing KBS, 5 Upland brews and a Sprecher Blac
Feb 2008 jrob21 Mike hooked it up and hooked it up fast. 2 days and I have some midwest goodies. Dark Horse Tres, Hoppin Frog Hoppin to Heaven, Bells Java Stout, Bluegrass Bearded Pats, Three Floyds Alpha Kong and Broo Doo. I think that gets all of em. Thanks dude, we’ll definitely do it again.

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