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Oct 2016 Prufrockstar Tom was kind enough to let me strong-arm him into a trade -- first RB recorded one in years it seems. I’m glad I did, because he hooked me up an excellent box full of fantastic brews from breweries I love and miss (Holy Mountain, Fremont, Logsdon, pFriem, Ft. George, Bale Breaker, AleSmith, Firestone Walker). Well-packaged, great communication. All around great trade! if you
Oct 2011 thewolf AS always, Tom is THE MAN! A big selection of State-only Belgians and a fesw choice offers from my wants. Shipment was exqusite as always. Wonderfully wrapped and safe. Magnificent communication. 13 out of 10.
May 2011 Glouglouburp The last three years with Tom is like one long trade that never ends. Tom sends another monster 12-bottle shipper to Montreal filled with the likes of Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler, Fish Tale Swordfish, New Belgium Le Terroir, Ivan the Terrible, Laurelwood Portland Espresso Stout and many more from Oatis, Midnight Sun, Big Time, Dick’s, more... Tom leaves me no choice but to send him more stuff...
Apr 2011 jzzbassman Tom sent me 2 from Upright Brewing....the Four and Five even though I told him it was totally unnecessary! Great trader, great guy.
Mar 2011 pantanap tom sent over a local growler that i had inquired about. threw in a bonus from Epic as well. pleasure as always. thanks buddy.
Feb 2011 oh6gdx Did a trade with Tom, and got some nice sour stuff and other misc stuff from among others Boulevard, Cascade and Upright. All wellpacked.
Aug 2010 sprinkle As always, a prompt and perfectly packed in styro box of goodness arrived at my doorstep! A bottle that I have quested for awhile and 5 new to me brews that I can’t wait to taste! Our 3rd trade I believe? Looking forward to the next one! Highly recommended. Cheers! Mike
Jul 2010 pantanap yet another trade with tom and once again, i am priveleged to have tom as a trading partner. tons of pnw goodies included. it was a thorough wantlist bashing! thanks tom!
Jun 2010 Glouglouburp My Xth trade with Tom. Major west-coast fix, holy s**t, 10 x 750ml + 2 bombers!!! 6 x Upright Brewing bottles, Fish Tale Poseidons Imperial Stout Barrel Aged (!!!), Bottleworks XI Anniversary Ale, RR Temptation, Cascade Mouton Rouge, Hopworks IPA, Solar Trans Amplifier. Un-f**king-real box. Tom is un-f**king-real.
May 2010 thewolf As always, Tom delivers. A very good selection, well-wrapped and with usual quick delivery. Always a pleasure to do ’business’ with ;o)

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