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Feb 2012 csteele2144 Easy trade with Chris, easy trade with two bottles in a perfectly packed box. Would definitely trade again in the future.
Feb 2012 ygtbsm94 Speedy and effortless trade with Chris! He sent the agreed bottle of Black Note and Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek in well packed box. Super-fast shipment, fantastic communication, and highly recommended for anyone trading with him. Thanks Chris for this rare treat and hope to do it again soon! “Beer is Good Food”
Nov 2011 biggsbowler Chris is just a great trader. He knows what you want even if you don’t know. Thanks again.
Nov 2011 PaulUnwin Trading/exchanging with Chris is a pleasure. He’s always very generous, and I am always impressed with his beers.
Sep 2011 rayl101 I had some Goose Island &Brooklyn Chris wanted, Chris had a CCB & Cantillon I wanted. That fast, boxes out the door! Great communication, and top notch packing. I’ll trade with Chris again anytime!
Aug 2011 biggsbowler This trade occurred a couple months ago, but we traded 12 bottles each. It was my first time trading and he might the process extremely easy. Ive been enjoying trading every since. Thanks
Aug 2011 tyler_mn Awesome, awesome trade! Chris sent me two bottles (’10 & ’11) Trinity Old Growth. Killed it with something like 4 extras as well! Excellent packaging and communication. Great new trader.


Thanks bud!