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Apr 2011 CanIHave4Beers Easter Surprise from North carolina included Mikkeller Koppi, French Broad Rye Hopper, & Sweet Water Dank Tank Mean Joe Bean! thanks Bob!
Dec 2010 CanIHave4Beers Bob comes through with an epic box full to the brim with goodies. He sent along Foothills Baltic Porter, Mørke Pumpernickel Porter, Beer Geek Breakfast, Pretty Things Baby Tree, Two from Mother Earth (a brewery I’ve got some serious excitment about), Stone IPA, 09 Trader Joes Vintage, Terrapin Moo Hoo, Hoppin Frog Silk Porter, Highland Brandon’s Peach Infused Kolsch, and finally to keep th
Aug 2010 Cletus Bob hooked me up with more locals! Thanks again! I’ve lost count at this point.
May 2010 CanIHave4Beers Bob beer-mailed me out of the blue with an offer for Sexual Chocolate. How could I refuse? He also sent me a Heavy Seas Siren Noire, a Raging Bitch, a Monks Revenge, a Mother Earth Dark Cloud, & a Highland Seven Sisters! Not to mention a six bottle styro shipper that will more than likely find it’s way back some day.
Feb 2010 beeronmypants whooo durhambeer. there was some awesome beer in this trade; speedway stout, Immort ale, Black Albert, Stone Smoked Porter, Bruery Berlier Weisse, and of course my favorite Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter! Thank you so much for the duck. Looking forward to next time.
Feb 2010 dchmela I sent Bob some of my homebrews to try and he sends me back Sexual Chocolate, a nicely aged Expedition and (my fave) DR Baltic Porter! Thanks again Bob.
Jan 2010 Cletus Yet another awesome box from Bob that is chock full ’o new rates. Thanks again!
Dec 2009 CanIHave4Beers Bob sent me a remarkably awesome and generous box including a full six pack of Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter then an 06 vintage on the side! He also sent along a Duck Rabbit Porter and a New Belgium Bier De Mars! Thanks much man!
Oct 2009 Cletus 6 Awesome NC locals in a beefy styro, Thanks for another great trade, Bob!
Aug 2009 petematte46 Awesome trade with Bob!!!! He sent me the agreed upon Duck Rabbit Schwarz. Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter, Smuttynose Baltic Porter, and Weyerbacher Heresy. For bonus beer he threw in Gueuze Fond Tradition and Hanssens Oude Gueuze. Very easy to deal with and he shipped in a styro, which is always nice. Bob is a very generous trader with whom I would trade with again and again. Thank

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