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Apr 2015 SlovakSniper Just completed another smooth trade with Kev. He got me several beers that I was interested in trying. Ďakujem vám za všetky!
Jun 2013 SlovakSniper Set up a nice small trade with Kevin. Everything went smoothly. I got bottles of Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge, bottles of Mikkeller The Canadian Dream and a very nice bonus. I hope we can trade again in the future. Ďakujem za rýchlu reakciu!
Mar 2012 PaulHegedus Traded in person. Kevin welcomed me into his home, offered some Founders beer, fresh from the brewery, introduced me to his family. I got some great beers from Founders and Bells from him. He sent me home with some interesting looking homebrews too. There were nice beers in his cellar. Looking forward to sharing another beer with Kevin! Cheers.
Nov 2011 toffsbury Traded some American and Quebec beers for some nice Dieu du Ciels this time. Kevinsenn’s always got fantastic beers, and he goes out of his way to find the newest and most interesting stuff. Also a fun and generous guy. Highly recommended for trading.