beer ratings: drain pours

Hamms 1.9  Bright yellow draft pour at mellies supper club. White head. Bread and malty flavors. Not bad for a shithole of a beer 

New Holland Mischievous 1.0  
New Holland Brewing Company Holland,Michigan
complete garbage. OVer brett and trash. This is a huge accident that no one should have mailed out. This was an extra, it shouldve gone to the trash.

Angry Inch Daddy’s Honey Pot Saison 1.6  
Angry Inch Brewing Lakeville,Minnesota
Majority of 5 oz. pour, on tap at the brewery’s taproom in Lakeville, Minnesota. Consumed on 8-6-16. Hazy, deep golden. Small amount of off-white head. Weak, creamy aroma. Tangerine scent. Smells decent but not what I prefer in a saison aroma. Minnesota-style pizza (sweet and spicy marinara sauce). Sweet, juicy flavor. Underattenuated and bad. Honey and apple cider vinegar. Ick! Bad stuff. Unintentionally (I have to imagine) tart. Means to be citric but turns into a mess. White grape juice that is starting to spoil. Medium body. Frothy in the palate. The palate is off too. Poorly made stuff. One of the lesser beers I have had in a while.

White Birch Berliner Weisse 1.3  
White Birch Brewing Hooksett,New Hampshire
Yellow can from Whole Foods PM. Pours cloudy gold with minimal head. Nose is honey, pale malt, caramel popcorn. Tastes tart, fruity, with peachy notes, lighter on the palate, vinegary tart finish.

Four Loko Gold 1.7  
City Brewery (La Crosse Plant) La Crosse,Wisconsin
23.5oz can, that had been in the freezer for a while, pours with a clear deep gold body that supported a 5 second head. The aroma pulses with sugary sweetness. I get a raspberry Kool-Aid fruitiness and then a grape / boysenberry Kool-Aid blend with corn syrup and a hit of boozy heat rounds out the experience. Ok. Like it or not it is time to taste this and before it becomes any warmer. The taste is hugely sweet and candy like as if it was a syrupy candy like Lindemans Framboise fruity beer. I get dark sweet grapes, ripe red apples, honey drizzled pears, boysenberry, sugary table sugar and even more sweetness. This is amazingly short on abrasive hot booziness that a 14% beer should have (and a hot sharp boozy mess might be what this needs to cut the hazardous levels of sweetness). If I try and imagine this being a mead it is almost tolerable for a few very brief moments until I notice the mead richness is missing.

Blue Moon Belgian Table Pils 1.5  12oz bottle into a pilsener glass, clear golden colour with thin, weak ring of bubbles. Sticky, oxidized, mushy. Very, very bad. Not a Belgian beer. Not a pilsener. Just Coors with some cloying, seemingly artificial dried orange peel flavour. Couldn’t even finish the single serving. Yuk. 

Kona Lemongrass Luau 1.5  
Kona Brewing Company Kailua Kona,Hawaii
Poured from a cool-looking sloped bottle into a pils glass. Clear golden colour, white foam which quickly dissipated, no lace. Light body, slight wheat malt mouthfeel, but thin and watery. Barely any lemongrass flavour, over-the-top ginger flavour which masked anything and everything else. Just another ginger-bomb, guh! The bottle says Millenium, Willamette, Northern Brewer and Sterling hops, but I couldn’t discern any of those. Metallic, mass-produced. Super fresh but still oxidized. Just not good.

Unibroue Éphémère Bleuet (Blueberry) 1.5  
Unibroue (Sapporo) Chambly,Quebec
a rather bland and forgettable thin blueberry/generic berry blend with wheat and grassy taste.

Sno Town Loose Rooster 1.3  
Sno Town Brewery Snohomish,Washington
On tap at Sno Town, pours a hazy amber with a small white head. Aroma smells infected, with cough syrup and cloyingly sweet caramel. Flavour confirms this, with cough syrup, medicinal notes, and caramel. Light astringent hoppiness. Another absolute trainwreck. Everything is wrong here.

Sno Town Panther Red 1.1  
Sno Town Brewery Snohomish,Washington
On tap at Sno Town, pours a deep dark amber with a small white head. Aroma is very medicinal, with cough syrup, resinous hops and cloying sweetness. Flavour is unfortunately no better, with cough syrup, medicinal notes and cloying sweetness. An absolute trainwreck and disaster of a beer. Drain pour.

Sno Town Jalapeno Blonde 1.2  
Sno Town Brewery Snohomish,Washington
On tap at Sno Town, pours a hazy dull blonde with a small white head. Aroma brings out nasty vegetal notes and light jalapeño spice. Flavour is nearly as nasty, with vegetal notes, boiled cabbage and jalapeño spice. What the fuck? Terrible stuff. Infected and messed up in many ways.

Zeunerts Höga Kusten 1.3  Pours a pale orange/golden with a large khaki head. Sweet malt and yeast aroma. Taste has a sharp metallic bitterness all the way through with sweet corn and malt. Pretty awful... 

Morland Old Golden Hen (Bottle) 1.9  
Greene King Bury St. Edmunds,Suffolk
Can at Reading Festival-- Pours clear yellow with thin white head. Aromas of grassy hops with a touch of honey. Low carbonation, light body. Slightly bitter and sweet finish. ---Rated via Beer Buddy for iPhone

Neuzeller Schwarzer Abt (Black Abbot) 1.8  
Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle Neuzelle,Brandenburg
Bottle @ friends/the chef. Appearance: pours clear brown with short lived soapy beige head and lacing. aroma/taste: caramel, syrup and some bread notes. palette: medium malty aroma, low to average carbonation, medium body, intense sweetness, unbalanced by a low bitterness, average duration and a watery texture. Overall: terrible sweet and unbalanced.

Budweiser 1.8  
Anheuser-Busch InBev St. Louis,Missouri
Une bière limpide et très liquide autant dans la texture qu’au goût qui semble très dilué. On goute surtout les céréales avec une amertume sans âme

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