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80 /100 62-64 GEORGE ST
“A nice friendly welcome in one of the diddiest Brewdog bars. Fewer taps than larger BD establishments but no bother, the vibe was good“
Cheeseboard 87 days ago
66 /100 15 SOUTH STREET
“Small, friendly bar not far from the river. Decent quality ales and reasonably cheap food available.“
Scotty001 1823 days ago
62 /100 26 TAY STREET
“A Spoons. Quite small, quite average. Not that Perth has that many decent bars.“
Scotty001 1823 days ago
60 /100 26 TAY STREET
“It’s spoons. Fair number of hand pumps, cheap.“
Stuu666 2122 days ago
68 /100
Exel Wines (Beer Store)
“Not a big selection but many local brews available, which I found to be a nice way to prioritize. Excellent service, the owner opened a couple of bottles in order for me to taste the stuff before buying.“
Smaskifa 2225 days ago
“Large traditional chain-style bar with plenty of space and seems to be a go-to place for the crowds in Perth. The design is nice and does feel like a mill cum warehouse in its design which is clearly its purpose, and this makes for a decent setting in the city. Clearly though the various entertainments brings the punters in whether it be DJ’s or live sport or whatever else. There’s a row of real ale pumps here to compliment the Scottish keg lager and ale options although on a busy night you may have to wait whilst the bar staff concoct the various cocktails and fanciful combos also on offer for a party crowd.“
ManVsBeer 2611 days ago
58 /100 43 SCOTT STREET
“Visited this pub with a bunch of co-workers whilst working for BBC Scotland in 2008. I don’t remember the drinks selection at all but it was the most traditionally atmospheric of all the pubs on the crawl within in the city. Worth a look.“
ManVsBeer 2611 days ago
60 /100 26 TAY STREET
“A former bank as the name suggests, the building itself is an architectural delight overlooking the fast flowing river Tay in sight of the beautiful multi-arched stone bridge that is a landmark in the city. This is quite a disappointing Wetherspoon with a rather lackluster design and set-up with perhaps the elevated platform area being the nicest part of the single room venue. That said it’s not a bad place for a drink and you’ll of course always find a rotating range of ales here.“
ManVsBeer 2611 days ago
74 /100 43 SCOTT STREET
“Traditional "working mans" pub with island bar. Standard taps of Guinness, Belhaven Best, Tennent’s, another lager or two and they do a cracking pint of Tartan Special. Usually one or 2 guest ales in, often including stuff from the nearby Inveralmond Brewery. Decent selection of malts too. Always a nice atmosphere and doesn’t tend to attract pretentious types or any bother. One of the very few pubs that I (as a lifelong Perth resident) willingly go to. Gets quite busy in the evenings on a matchday too. I don’t think they do food at all but there’s a pizza/kebab shop right next door and a chippie across the street.“
Bansidhe 3192 days ago
80 /100 15 SOUTH STREET
“Good pub, but there are just a few places to seat, and they only have Aleson tap. Well, it is Scottish.“
Nekronos 5767 days ago
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