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“Nice beer restaurant. There is a terrace“
vladeath 1678 days ago
“If you take a day ticket you can go all the way up to Herrsching & then take a bus here or way better which is what we did hike up through the hills and forest, across the fields and see the monastery complex pop out through the mist. Awesome walk & Amersee is also worth checking out while you are here. Don’t forget to go all the way up to the top of the complex and check out the amazing church which is there. All of this is part of the great experience of visiting this place. The complex is really beautiful. There you can hit up the self-service cafeteria. Which serves Bavarian styled cheese, charcuterie, huge pretzels & Haxe. The beer I what you want, 3 available draft, sadly not the whole range but the beer is so good, fresh & amazing, totally worth it. Quite touristic & huge but that still doesn’t diminish the impact or the quality.“
77ships 2046 days ago
“Fantasic place, the Biergarten is huge and the place was packed(but service fast), almost to touristic. The church is worth a visit, the inside is magnificent, you can see they have made some money selling beers. A must in Bavaria.“
Nordcore 2049 days ago
“Even though the train ride back and forth from Munich is very boring, once you get on the bus in Herrsching and go to the abbey it is worthwhile and a perfect half day excursion. Lovely beer garden with a nice view. Selection could be better but they seem to always have the helles/spezial, the weizen, the doppelbock and some seasonal special beer on gravity cask. Food is classical german and okay at that.“
ekstedt 2190 days ago
“A nice hike to the abbey (around one hour depending on your walking speed). The place itself is quite crowded with efficient service for beer and food. The terrace is nice and has a decent view over the hills and fields, while the inside is a bit too loud for my taste when it's crowded. After the hike and while eating you'll enjoy a few beers and at the foot of the hill is a bus station, if you don't want to hike back. It can be a bit too touristy, but the food is great and cheap and the beer makes the stay quite enjoyable nonetheless.“
King_Alex_II 2230 days ago
“Large self-service beergarden on top of the monastery hill. Got here at about 11:30 on a sunny Wednesday and watched it gradually fill up to almost maximum capacity by 12:30, so I recommend either coming early or late. Doesn't boast the most spectacular view and despite the heavily touristy vibe this is still a very pleasant spot to drink some beers. Four beers on tap, including a seasonal Weizenbock during my visit, all of fantastic quality and fresh from the barrel, as well as a couple of bottles. Prices are okay considering the region. Extra points for being allowed to bring your own Brotzeit!“
jfb 2237 days ago
“The quintessential day trip from Munich: Take the train to Herrsching, hike up the wee mountain to the holy site, drink too many delicious Andechs beers on the terrace of the Kloster- you deserved it after all. After one BergBock too many roll down the hill again and try to remember where you parked the train.“
jonas 2255 days ago
“This is a MUST day-trip from Munich; take the S-Bahn (S8) to Herrsching and Bus 951 that will take you to the bottom of the hill, atop which awaits the magnificent Klosterbrauerei Andechs - specifically, the Klostergasthof. There is a large terrace, but it was closed during my November visit. (On clear days, you can see the Bavarian Alps.) It is a large and rustic place with large communal tables and a few booths. It is a popular place for locals and humble beer pilgrims like myself. There is no table service, so here's what you do: step up to the Casse, pay for your beer - a liter mug will cost 7.30 (euro) - show the receipt at the next counter, the one with the giant keg, and claim your delicious beer, one of the best Germany has to offer. If you hunger, there is an adjoining room where you can get food in a cafeteria style. I settled for some tasty sausages and then settled in for a wonderful day. “
Pivoyager 2338 days ago
“Had a very lovely stroll uphill to the monastery, where we had some very good traditional Bavarian food which goes extremely well with the freshly brewed beer in a sunny Biergarten. Lovely place.“
Piepenhenrich 2474 days ago
“Beh il posto è indiscutibilmente bello sopratutto d’estate dove ci si può essere fuori ma è l’interno dove si respira l’atmosfera più genuina , solito bier hall tedesco con scelta di birra limitata alle loro ma che onestamente non sono per niente male ( alcune ) , tutto sommato vale la deviazione per/da Monaco“
BladeRunnerb 2511 days ago
“Más que una cervecería una experiencia. Bajas del tren, caminas 4 km por el bosque (si quieres, también hay autobús) y descubres un precioso monasterio, con cerveza, gente amable y unos grandiosos codillos. Un gran plan.“
ahn 2653 days ago
100 /100 BERGSTRASSE 2
“Wonderful Biergarten, expierienced staff. Had a great afternoon.“
spinkey 2655 days ago
“Visited September 18, 2016 - On the glass it says "Seit 1455", so you can figure they’ve got the recipe down to the way they like it. I like it, too, and on a very rainy Sunday afternoon (Day 2 of the 2016 Oktoberfest down the hill in Munich) I found myself enjoying the Andechs Special Hell. A filtered and worthy Bavarian Helles brew. I like the slightly stronger taste that goes with the slightly darker hue. The regular Helles is also a tasty treat. The fries, and especially the ribs, were a welcome addition. A pleasure to be here, whatever the weather.“
Mooncattie 2810 days ago
“A beautiful place located a good hour walk from Herrsching. Great ambiance, great beer, great food. Self-service or serviced, depending which of the 3 places you choose. Worth a visit, and worth the small hike up.“
SinH4 3004 days ago
“Famous Bavarian brewery situated about 40 km on south-west from Munich. Huge space inside and also huge bier garden outside with awesome view of Alps. Brilliant malty Dunkel Doppelbock! Must try if in Bayern.“
matis 3102 days ago
“A beautiful place on top of a mountain. The brewery makes some nice beers. The food is great, pork knuckle haxn, etc, the desserts are awesome. The views are beautiful. The church is beautiful inside. Self service on most things here. Definitely worth a visit, though it is not easy to get to.“
tgncc 3375 days ago
“Not a place to miss for every beer lover - a must!“
Sokolov 3379 days ago
“Went on a Sunday, LOTS of people visiting. The monastery didn’t quite look like I expected it to do, but it was a nice trip. The beers are great of course and the food was decent. Great atmosphere though.“
Kristophe 3573 days ago
“A big Bräustüberl in a great envinronment. Easy to find place with a huge parking lot. Very popular on a Tuesday midday. Fast service. 4 beers available: Hell, Dunkelbock, Weißbier & Radler plus Russ ’n Halbe and Apfelweisse.“
rosenbergh 3625 days ago
“Great day trip visit to the kloster after the lake nearby. The gift store has some cool stuff and the view at the top of the hill by the church is pretty nice. The food in the biergarten is excellent. The beef jowel salad is fantastic on a hot day, the pork ribs were cooked to perfection and required no sauce, and the steckerlfisch while pretty expensive was awesome. As for the beer, i had a mass of the doppelbock dunkel which was plenty for the afternoon.“
glennmastrange 3642 days ago
“Upon reading several reviews, I decided to take a day off from Munich & visit Kloster Andechs. I am really glad that I did so. To begin with, as fellow beer lovers have said, please do consider the hiking trail to the Kloster. You come across some lovely views. Upon arrival to the Kloster after a 4km hike uphill, head in to taste the weissbier. I confess that I drank it in just a few minutes. It just felt being rewarded for the hike . Like many German beer gardens, there is a lot of seating space here. The restaurant, or I would say canteen works on a self service principle. But the service was fast. As for the selection they had a good part of their beers available on tap. The food was yummy especially the sausages & Schweinshaxe accopanied by the Dunkel was heavenly. The food & beers were priced resonably according to a beer garden standards. Upon relishing some fine food & beers, do not miss out on visiting the church & if possible go up the bell tower.(1 euro for entry). Overall a good detour when in Munich.“
happyhoppy 3654 days ago
“A phenomenal experience visiting this abbey and associated brewery. Make sure to make the hike up to the abbey as it goes through some stunning forest. The abbey is gorgeous and the brewery has plenty of cheap, delicious bavarian brews. Also, great schweinehaxe.“
ads135 3676 days ago
“Highly recommended.“
BjørnAndersen 3960 days ago
“One of my favourite places outside Munich. True braustuberl - self-service all the way, great mountain views from terrace, great beer, excellent haxn and Schweinsbraten. The required part of the journey to Andechs is the walking trip from Herrsching to Andechs. It’s an absolute must have! No buses! I’ve been there for six times and I want to go there again!“
hredwolf 4005 days ago
“Great, and a must go, experience. Beautiful setting, great food, great beer. Selection is only their offerings, but they have great beer. Wonderful ambiance sitting outside looking out while eating your pork knuckle. I could sit here everyday and enjoy a few beers while eating and relaxing.“
suprchunk 4050 days ago
“visited on sat 6th nov, beautifull place with a nice atmosphere too , two big rooms with a lot of tables and benches .. we had the pork belly that was good spezial hell and dobbel bock dunkel both above the average for the bavarian’s standard but we were coming from bamberg and franconia so our palate were quite difficult to sodisfy .. great place !!“
jorge76 4093 days ago
100 /100 BERGSTRASSE 2
“Seriously the best place to visit. An absolute MUST. The food and atmosphere are fantastic. It’s atop a mountain in the little town of Andechs. They only have a few of their beers on tap, but for the best beer in Germany, what’s to complain about. And at a very reasonable price. I loved this place.“
SPDickerman 4097 days ago
“That’s a good place to do a day trip if you are around München. The area is really nice. I was little bit disappointed with this one. It looks little bit like a fast food local. Take your tray and go to the line. You want a beer? The same but in other line.(My german girlfriend says that this is the normal way in this kind of places...) I don’t want to think in what can this be in summer days! The service was bad. The guy serving the beer was really unfriendly. The food was good, nothing special but the prizes also were good. The beer? They just have the Weizen, Helles, Doppelbock, Winter and Radler. No Dunkel, no Bergbock, no Spezial Hell..“
Gutifa 4147 days ago
“what a beer garden. Food outstanding (Schweinshaxe) and the beer is great too. Love the dark Andecheser.“
Schlenkerla 4187 days ago
“Of all the places to make a day trip to from Munchen zentrum, this has to be the number one choice! Visited in July ’11 and walked up from the railway station (S5 - 50 mins from zentrum) which is through a wooded path climbing gradually up the hillside. This took about 40/5 minutes. We got a bus back for 2 Euros, as we were full of beer and pig :P There are 3 or 4 different bars on the site and we started off in the highest up one with the cafeteria style self service eatery. Beer is paid for at a small window then you hand your token over for fresh beer from the barrel. At this bar we had all 3 that were available, hell, dunkel and dunkel weiss. Had the ’haxe which is from pigs raised on the monastic farm, absolutely fantastic - you pay by weight! Only minor criticism was the large number of wasps - everywhere, yes it was July and we sat outside in the sun but surely they can do something to control them? We than moved down the hillside to a smaller bar where we sat outside again (no wasp problem here!). Different beers available, so do remember to move about in order to rate them all (almost like a small hillside town comprised of bars!!!). We had 2 bottled Andechs beers here in the form of the excellent Bergbock and Doppel Bock Dunkel - ramping the ABV’s up somewhat. Excellent venue - a must visit if you have a few days in Munchen. “
Theydon_Bois 4202 days ago
“I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my favourite place. Visited early august, probably in the middle of German holiday season as well, the place was crowded with people. Hundreds of, mainly elder, people were visiting the place for a brew and some food. Selection I consider to be very mediocre, if you make more than 10 beer and then have only 3 available to the public. However on our way down, we noticed a small restaurant as well on the mountain, that offered a wider range. Too bad we had come up on the hill from the brewery side, and not straight from the parking lot. Food was decent, but not mind blowing. My wife and I shared the Schweinehaxe, as it was big enough, with some Kartoffelsalat, Sauerkraut and Krautsalat (coleslaw). Good thing we shared, cause it was pretty expensive. Service, well, what service? The place is like a fastfood chain. Grab your tray, stand in line for 15 minutes, order your food (and you better be ready and not asking too many questions!) and pay up. Don’t forget to check your receipt, because they charged me a small brezel which I didn’t have (cause they were out and I didn’t want a big one). You want a drink? Different line buddy! The waiting starts all over again. People working there seemed not too happy. I wouldn’t be happy working there either, to be honest. Being a customer felt like sitting on a conveyor belt, working there must feel like working in a factory. Oh well. The beer was decent, though not mind blowing. The Schweinehaxe was not nearly as soft and juicy as in Hofbrauhaus, but you do get "knusprig" skin all the way round, and not just a little bit like in Hofbrauhaus. The view was supposed to be spectacular, with view on the lake or something, but somehow we must have ended up sitting on the wrong terrace, cause we didn’t see any water.“
tderoeck 4324 days ago
“A pilgrimage that every German-bound beer lover needs to take (maybe next time I’ll take the Fußweg up instead of the bus cheat) and, while not utterly mind-blowing, is pretty perfect for what it is and a clear 10/10 for satisfaction. Easy to squeeze into a few hours on a trip to Munich. Food was fresh and very local, beers were of course ... rather good, and any experience on a windy, sunny day atop the holy mountain takes on added oneiric significance.“
ganache 4354 days ago
“Lovely place. In a moment of unplanned genius a forced a Stag party to march up the hill to this place, after a big sesh the night before. After a sweaty hour wandering through hills and forests, we finally got to sample the fabulous Andechs produce - if it had been any less delicious, I would have been lynched. Hilly, bucolic and with a lovely church. Wonderful. By the way, rather than a 1-hour walk up a big hill, you can actually get the bus from the nearest S-bahn station and it takes about 5 minutes.“
DanielBrown 4432 days ago
“You don’t climb the holy mountain of Andechs for fine food (although it’s rather tatsy) or for courteous service. It’s for the excellent beers and the history of this holy place. You can now also become a member of the club of "Andechs-Regulars", which means that you’ll get some discounts on entrance fees for cultural events and: if you manage to order 10 Mass you’ll get one Mass free !“
Herzog_Wilhelm 4480 days ago
“This is a beer Mecca!!! Whether you are going to see the monastery atop this Holy Mountain or enroute for the delicious selection of beer and food, this is just simply a must-go destination. They even have these oddly interesting wooden carved sculptures as you’re making your way up. Served straight from the brew kegs into either a 0.5L or 1L mug you will find yourself wanting to try each and every offering. But don’t forget the food!! They also sell bottles on site if you plan or traveling a distance away or fear you might not find it in stores. This beer is offered few and far in between if you know where you’re looking but I always treat this one as exclusive simply because I can’t allow myself to miss it when I’m there. Enjoy!! Prosit!!“
Forb 4491 days ago
“Interesting journey to get here from Munich. A moderate train ride and then a decent hike up the mountain from Herrshing if you don’t get lost in the woods. OR you can take the bus I guess. Very nice place with views of the alps and an expansive patio. I like their weisse a lot. The doppelbock is quite good but not the standout that most people seem to think it is. So solid beer, great location and views, fun trip... definitely one to put on your list while in Munich, though maybe not just for the beer. You have to be into the journey as well.“
SamGamgee 4571 days ago
“A bit touristy but a nice place to enjoy a beer and pretzel after the walk to the abbey.“
gopherfan99 4615 days ago
“Great beer! Drank the Doppel and one almost put me to rest. This brewery has been in existence for nearly 600 years, brewing at the highest standard of German breweries. I recommend walking from the train station instead of taking a car, as its worth the walk. Try the pork knuckel as well.“
matt5mn 4620 days ago
“you can drink one of the best bavarian beers in the brewery, eating typical food while you sit in front of an amazing panorama! to dream!“
TeoSiseez 4629 days ago
“This is a fantastic site, unfortunately mostly turistic.“
crockers 4643 days ago
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