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72 /100 HAUS NR.6
“First of all, a very hard place to get to, especially during school holidays when busses are fewer. Had to take a taxi from Pegnitz (about 18 Euros each way). Very humble place, and not at all pretty. Beers are as everyone said. Two great ones. It was very hot when I went, and the piulsner went down better than the dunkel, but both are great. Visit if you can.“
KyotoLefty 1003 days ago
74 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Beers from Gravity - amazing dunekl. As other stated quite hard to reach but worth it“
MrOrla 1071 days ago
74 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Lovely little old time place with outstanding beer. You can really tell the advantage of the gravity pour, when tasting the Gradl Dunkel.“
Christian 1143 days ago
76 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Visited with MoritzF and jonas on a late autumn weekend, and we met Sebastian Sauer there - I suppose the beer world is small. The place is tiny and packed with locals enjoying their beer and talking life. Their Dunkles is one of the prime examples of rustic Dunkel in the world, they also have one or two more beers from the bottle, depending on the season. Hard to reach, but I am happy we visited.“
SinH4 1270 days ago
86 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Visited 8.10.17 - Sorry, this is the winner of the Creepiest Bar Award of this trip! Kinda got my beer pics mixed up but the reviews and the diary entry make helped me remember. Yup - gravity, hostile Sonntag Stammtisch, oldest man in the world tilts the barrel, heats beer to whoever needs that. Beer was so good though that we overcame our fear and politely asked for another round before heading to Nuremberg. Totally worth the visit.“
kerenmk 1293 days ago
78 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Visited inter festas XII-2016. - (With thanks to 3fourths for the detailed entry below and matching biertravel page, inspiring this detour from Berlin to Nürnberg.) - Herr Wolfring walks, talks and hears like a question mark shuffling back and forth between the grumpy edges of his Sunday Stammtisch and the gravity cask. What he pours forth from that tilted barrel, with almost no CO2, but rich creamy foam, must be the best Franconian Keller/Dunkel I’ve come across so far - well worth the detour and the time lapse. The Bock was in season, only freshly out and available in 5L and upward kegs. No-can-do-attitude can be written large and ultimate when it is the lay of the land. Food smelled good, delved forth from the flavourful local depths of Pork Country, but alas our route beckoned, hitting my Sunday morning stride 3 instant Seidlas down.“
bartlebier 1962 days ago
80 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Small and grumpy smelly pub in Leups close to the Czech border. However the Dunkel from Gravity is heaven. A 4 plusser. The old owner smelled badly of BO. The locals played cards and had no problems with us pounding their beer. 3 Seidla’s were enjoyed. Difficult to reach if not by car.“
Dedollewaitor 2139 days ago
80 /100 HAUS NR.6
“In November 2014 I visited Brauerei Gradl in the tiny Upper Franconian village of Leups, to drink their superb unfiltered 4.9% Dunkel from gravity barrel. This beer, or something like it, has been in production for 331 years since the brewery opened in 1683. Today, beer making is in the hands of Stefan Wolfring, son of brewery owner Hans Wolfring. 20 hectoliters per batch on a modern system, this is old world beer made with new world precision.

Served naturally, poured by force of gravity from cask, this is lager’s answer to Real Ale. Creamy natural carbonation, soft malt and vibrant mineral-strong carbonic acid gives this malty Dunkel near-perfect balance.

I managed to sneak a photo of the elder Herr Wolfring pouring himself a mug of beer. Who knows how long he will be around to oversee the brewery, but from the quality of the beer I can tell that the business is in good hands with Stefan. The folks at the Stammtisch were friendly and welcoming, and the barkeep had no hesitation to walk me in to the back room for bottles to go, for 1 euro each. The Pilsner is still being made but not always available. Bockbier is available for a short time in the winter.“
3fourths 2308 days ago
84 /100 HAUS NR.6
“La quintessence de la Franconie rurale se trouve chez Gradl. Elle réside principalement dans l’endroit même, où la faune locale nous a amicalement prise à partie dès le départ. Nous étions la curiosité et avons probablement quitter avec une place assurée dans le journal local du lendemain matin. Chaque expérience risque d’être très différente et c’est ce qui rend ce lieu spécial. La dunkel sortie du cask a été toute une révélation, les saveurs et le savoir faire sont chez Gradl depuis plusieurs générations. Je leur en souhaite encore plusieurs.“
Marheb 2384 days ago
52 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Small rural brewpub not far from Pegnitz. The Bierquellenroute Pivnizub mentioned gives a lovely walk! Tap was empty, but the grumpy elderly lady poured me a glass straight from the bottle. Lovely small Biergarten. A nice place to rest during a walk at the route mentioned. The pils wasn’t brewed any more and the bock was listed, but sold out. “
bierkoning 4707 days ago
46 /100 HAUS NR.6
“Small rural brewpub, located on the Bierquellenweg (a path, leading You from Buechenbach to Weiglathal, with breaks in Leups and Lindenhardt) on the premises of a farm. The Dunkel comes straight from the cask. In summer You can enjoy Your beers on the ample patio.“
pivnizub 4752 days ago
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