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68 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Visited on my way home from Hamburg Airport. 6 beers on tap, and a few more in bottles to take away. 5 x 20 cl flight served for 10€. Quality pretty average, but not bad. Food was good, and filling, your standard German Geusthouse Weinersnitzel etc. Good service and prices.“
Camons 2587 days ago
72 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“This was my first visit here, but I had already tried nine of their beers brought home by friends. In spite of this they had another six new beers for me, which was quite impressive. As I was driving I chose to bring five of them in swing top bottles and just drink the one in house. The service is very friendly and efficient. We didn’t eat.“
Rasmus40 2606 days ago
74 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“We knew this brewery from our tasting society "Bierbasisstammtisch" and i had to check out the brewery pub by my own because the basic beers and also the seasonals were more than great. The pub is quaintly earthly and cozy. Service was good, our needs were taken serious and fulfilled completely. As a beer rater i´d have desired that the personal could have a little bit deeper knowledge about the own brew, but i suppose they were waitress, unfortunately the brewer and his wife were away. Food was traditional, native, plently and good. We had trout filet with white marinade, onions and roasted potatoes. Then i enjoyed a tasting set, containing 5 of their actual beers on tap. Price was more than acceptable. A Must-Be, when you are in the near of Hamburg.“
Dicker_Olaf 2804 days ago
76 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Nice place in a peaceful environment. Good food, beer also available in bottles for takeaway. Flight of tasters possible. Waitress speak little English, but they give it a try just like I try to speak a little German. Quite nice, I enjoyed this place.“
Benzai 2832 days ago
60 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“An ok place in the edge of the forrest. Ok service, seems to have to much to do. Could turn out to a tourist-trap. The beers are ok when fresh.“
Hansen 3250 days ago
70 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“8 brews of outstanding quality. Place itself is very nice.“
Sokolov 3352 days ago
66 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Nice place in the countryside. Great service. 7 taps and 5 bottles. Drink the beers fresh!. Ruhetag monday. (This means they are closed but you could get lucky and get some beers if they are home)“
HenrikSoegaard 3774 days ago
68 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Situated in a the outskirts of the quiet village of Rickling, just off the major Neumünster-Lübeck road, the microbrewery looks like a perfect place to have an unpretentious dinner before hitting the road again. This is what I did then, enjoying the cozy, undisturbed atmosphere of the beer garden and the undivided attention of the waitress (for more than half an hour I was the only guest.) From the selection of 8 beers available at that moment I chose the seasonal bock to accompany my German size portion of schnitzel and stir-fried potatos with onions. On leaving, I bought a mixed six-pack of the local brews to taste at home. Decent beer, acceptable food, and decent service. I hope to come back one day.“
Bamsen78 4050 days ago
72 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“We had Dunkel, Märzen and Winterbock from tap. All excellent beers, some unique in style. Beers are avaible in bottles to take out. You do no go there for food.“
lberges 4248 days ago
58 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“It’s biggest asset is that they are not afraid to try non-German beer styles. I don’t think I’d enjoy staying there for several beers, but it’s fine to stop by for some bottles. The place is somehow creepy in a way, redneck-ish, but I guess that’s just because of the location and the staff, not the building, interior or garden.“
yngwie 4388 days ago
66 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“allways 4 or 5 beers. additionally some specials like rauchbier or porter (with brett-yeast!). the lämmers are a funny family even if the brewmaster has some strange ideas and thoughts. the interior - well...“
jeverszeuge 5507 days ago
72 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Very traditionell home brewing house. Usually you can talk to the brewer in the pub. Often he sits nearby the guests so you can talk about the beer, if you want to. There are often a lot of seasonal beer styles brewed. The food is very cheap, solid and country style. You can go there by train. Rickling has a train station which can be reached from Hamburg mainstation in about an hour.“
Kindl 5631 days ago
60 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Looked much like a sport club cantine. Simple, chaotic and even dirty. Not unfriendly staff but not very friendly as well. The only reason for me returning there some day would be the interesting (for German standards) beerstyles they serve.“
jbrus 6448 days ago
52 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Yikes - what a dingy place. Looks like the guy built it himself in a weekend in the 70s and hasn’t renovated since then. Has the charm of a trailer that is badly decorated. The bright lights didn’t help disguise the shabby interior. Out back there was a biergarten, which might be nice in the summer (we were there in the winter, though). Bunch of old, scarily conservative German people sitting a stammtisch. The beer? Well it was OK, but not thrilling. Luckily they have it to go. Worth a stop if you are in the area - maybe. But don’t go out of your way for this place or for their beer.“
pivo 6666 days ago
54 /100 GRÜNER WEG 1
“Very weird atmosphere - terible German interior, terrible German Schlager music. The brewer himself was behind the bar - weird guy - likes to talk politics with his guests in a loud manner. Shows himself as not very American friendly and loves to let everybody know what he thinks of Neonazis and Muslims. Selection: For a small village in Northern Germany a great selection and somehow very interesting as with all the styles. The beers itself are decent. Better only drink two beers on tap and take the rest bottles with you - it is much nicer to drink those beers with people you like and in a room that is not cheesy and nice.“
YogiBeera 6682 days ago
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