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“Lots of dishes prepared with beers and nice pairings are offered. Nice and friendly staff and a decent beer list to choose out of. One to take up on your bucket list for all beer enthousiasts đź‘Ś“
beertripper73 813 days ago
“Excellent bottle list, friendly staff, good suggestions on beer pairings. Lots of plates prepared with beer. Super location with a huge selection of new and aged beers“
BarrelSampler74 935 days ago
“Visited this place several times, through the years .. and what a awesome place .. beer and food is just so good.“
fonefan 1055 days ago
“Food and beers are amazing. But there were many people and they were slow to serve.“
danty 1419 days ago
72 /100 KAAISTRAAT 2
“Name doesn't exist any more. New owners and new name. New name : 't sas Good place in summer, great terras, many cyclists when the time is good. Many good beers.“
joskevermeulen 1562 days ago
“Second stop on our wonderful Sunday after Dorst for lunch. Large space inside and outside (we had no reservation) and easily accommodated our group of 6. Not much parking on site but easy enough to find a spot nearby. Large outdoor patio and room for lawn games (it appears) and great for family / kids. We started in the basement and then moved upstairs. Great atmosphere with plenty of beer paraphernalia that is worth some time to look around. We started with some option on tap and Matt who was showing us around and is fairly local knew enough to ask for the vintage menu. We still stuck to more normal stuff to start and enjoyed some great food with different vintages of Orval which was great to compare side by side. Ended things off with my personal white whale (Blauw) served by the man himself and getting an explanation of the modelling from his wife who was enjoying lunch beside it. So obviously a little biased based on all of that, but even without a crazy one off beer, or even without the vintage menu, this would be a must stop for the normal beer list and amazing Belgium cuisine - we couldn't agree amongst us who had the better food. And of course they also have a fairly extensive list of scotch and other spirits including some local gin I highly recommend trying.“
pushkinwow 1640 days ago
“Love this place. Nice cosy ambience. You need to invest some time if you plan to come here, they wont sell you Zenne if you just drop in for a quick one. They have a few different bottle menus, it might be a good idea to start with some of the more basic things and drink your way up. Food was very good, although some more veggie options would be great. They probably have the most extensive lambic selection from any pub or brewery that I have seen so far. Overall great and recommended place“
Werckmeister 1730 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Easy to get to from Brussels; a 20 minute train ride and then a 15 minute walk or bus. The guests were locals except for a couple of other Danish beer geeks, and everything was relaxed and peaceful. It is a pretty large place with plenty of seating inside and outside and it was fairly busy on a Sunday afternoon with people coming in for lunch and beer.

The beer list is impressive with many different vintages of various beers, some of them with a real heavy price tag. They also had three different lambics on tap which was very nice.
Large food menu and the lasagna was pretty good, vegetarian options are available. The service was slow, not very attentive but mostly friendly. Quite a change in pace from the lively Brussels, but easy to spend most of the day here just hanging around and drinking beer.“
SlackerMads 2025 days ago
“Visited in beginning of February 2018. It quite a walk from the closest train station. Taking the train takes appr 30 minutes and add to that there is a 20-30 minutes walk. Is it a place worth the detour. Well if you're a lambic enthusiast definately! Huge list of vintage lambics plus your average very good belgians. Very nice food to pair with the lambics!“
kryon 2030 days ago
“Like most people I went here a few times years ago, tried the special bottles and raved all about the place. Truth is once you did that this place seems less awesome. Beer selection has good but once you do the specials it is not god-tier level but very good still all the same. Food was good but don’t remember it being astonishing or anything plus their vegetarian option was Quorn fillet with garnish that is just sad really for a place claiming to have a world-class kitchen. Some of their pricing is exorbitant and rightfully controversial. First two times if you want to spend a lot of money this place is wonderful but after that just a solid restaurant, good beer place and very chill with some lambiek price nonsense attached.“
77ships 2103 days ago
“Visited several times over the past 2 years, for a drink or for dinner, thanks to my girlfriend living only a town away. The interior is brownish, old-fashioned, cosy, perhaps a bit too small to have dinner if you're sitting on one of the benches.
Beer selection is big with some lesser known local beers and a separate 'Geuze' list. You'll definitely get your ticks every time you visit, and they have an eye for new stuff (Homo Beerectus, Dok's, ...). Food menu is quite huge too, and they pair every dish with a beer suggestion.
As for the food: they advertise their spaghetti bolognese as 'the best', but I was rather disappointed with it. I would suggest the 'house spaghetti' (more like a carbonara), the meatballs or anything typically Flemish/Belgian (steak, stew, mashed potatoes...). The desserts and the home-made ice cream deserve to be mentioned here, however.
You get value for money, although some beers aren't that cheap, whilst the 'whales' (Vintage Geuzes and what have you) are completely off-limits for any regular visitor. Besides, you might easily find them in De Verzekering Tegen De Grote Dorst too.
Lastly, the owners and waiters are friendly and knowledgeable, but HvL has been notorious for its waiting times. This hasn't changed. You might have to wait half an hour for dessert and another half an hour for the bill. Maybe they are understaffed, and it's not the end of the world, but there's definitely room for improvement. All in all, I will gladly visit again and again to try all the beers and dishes.“
nathanvc 2103 days ago
“moze nie porwalo, ale w sumie fajne miejsce, tylko dziwne. taka bardziej chyba obiadownia dla lokalesow lubiacych piwo. niewatpliwie kilka atrakcji lambikowych podnosi odbior miejsca, ale tez generalnie to hmmmm... kapke przehajp jak dla mnie“
rami_pl 2121 days ago
“The food is very good and so is their beer selection. The staff is always friendly and can give you some info about their beers. Would recommend it!“
BitterTapper5 2165 days ago
“The legendary DHVL. The place was full when we arrived, so we had to go in the basement. Food was excelent and the atmosphere really good. Service was slow but friendly. The variety of beers available, especially the lambic is amazing, BUT, you only get the rare ones , like Blauw or Roze, only if they decide you re good enough? or worthy ? It would be better if they removed these beers from the menu, and just share them with friends or in special events or whatever. We managed to get a Heerengeuze which we had to pay in cash only (you can imagine why) for 175 euros. A bit disappointed“
AntonFred 2338 days ago
“Finally blauw“
interman 2394 days ago
“Visited during TdG 2017. Nice restaurant with very extensive bottles menu. Tried hard to get Goedele’s Bloesem which was amazing. Food was quite good. Unfortunately need a car to get there. A bit pricey. Ok service, though we waited quite a long time for our meals to be served. Recommended.“
zvsn 2430 days ago
“We stopped in on our way back to NL from the Tour de Geuze and had a rare Gueze followed by an aged oak barrel Le Trappe quad. The beer list is spectular. The rare stuff is really pricey, but what else would you expect. Only had french fries, so cannot comment on the food, but it looked good and the environment is welcoming. Among the greats!“
Iphonephan 2481 days ago
“Visited this for my birthday, while my lady was driving. So there wasn’t a problem with the location for me. Outside is screaming yellow, almost eyehurting but once inside that uglyness is forgotten. Interior has more looks of a classic belgian pub. There seemed to be a different spot for them drinking and those who were sitting in to eat. The tables were too close together to enjoy your dinner without being distracted by the conversations of the neighbouring tables. So that was a pity. Service was good. Friendly, helpful, and with knowledge of their servings. I did not take the time to check the whole list, because we had our menu with selected beers. But these selected beers were nice, and I saw some nice beers coming to the neighboring tables. The dinner itself was not what I expected. Not that I did not like the food, but in my opinion they tried to show of too much. Some combinations didn’t work out that much (mostly in our main dish) but ok, you’re not in a Michelin-restaurant. The biggest mistake, for me, was the amount of served beers. With almost every dish, I got 2 beers (mostly a blond and a dark one). This was a complete overkill. They’d better focus on one beer per dish and if the guest is an easy drinker, they can refill. But now it was an overkill of tastes and a too high volume for the stomach to deal with. I did not have to pay so I didn’t actually look at the prices, but with this portions, I don’t doubt that the price-volume ratio is ok. I’d love to come back once to enjoy some drinks, but before i retry the menu with selected beers, some things have to change.“
MrW 2493 days ago
“A bit far off without a car (and with a car even more frustrating, since you shouldn’t get wasted). Inside you’ll get overwhelmed by the beer selection. However you might want to get a reservation, otherwise you’ll be asked to leave at a certain point. If you’re looking for old lambics you should take the detour. If not, get drunk somewhere closer to your bed.“
King_Alex_II 2554 days ago
“Located a not-so-quick, but easily doable walk from the Liedekercke train station, this place has the looks of a Ronald McDonald kids birthday paradise - from the outside, that is, and only if you ignore the barrels stacked in the garden. In the inside, you’ll find a small and very sympathetic restaurant with an extensive list of Belgian beers, and some specials you’re only going to get here. The whales are outside anyone’s price range unless you have a huge group of tickers with you (which we didn’t). They cook beery food which sounds amazing, but you’ll have to get a reservation for that, at least on weekends. Overall this place really is a gem, and even without the lambic whales, you’re gonna have a lot of fun, for instance with an extensive selection of Vintage Orvals for very nice prices.“
SinH4 2572 days ago
“Scoring based on latest visit, November 2016. Visited on a Saturday night for dinner plus accommodation. The place is a fairly large, cozy old style restaurant with wooden interiors and hop vines on the ceiling alongside plenty of beery paraphernalia. The food menu is interesting, mainly in the starters and meat mains section, while the pasta and salads looked uninviting to an Italian eye. We opted for some Orval cheese for a starter and some meat mains: baked potatoes with sausage, Orval cheese, bacon and some spicy meat stew, both delicious. The drink list is nice, but very expensive: I understand this is a restaurant but e.g. 40 euros for a 2016 bottle of Fou Foune, recently released and available for 12 euros at the brewery 20m drive away, looks high. Bottom line, list of "regulars" is good if you stay clear of lambics, rest of Belgian line up is priced more decently. The "vintage" list is where the fun starts though, with 10-15 pages worth of old trappists, lambics and more. Some noticeable examples in this list, but prices are accordingly very high once again. Finally, there’s all the special lambics brewed exclusively for this place. While the Cantillons and 3F are otherwordly, they have now reached a ridiculous price point, so do yourself a favour and settle for the excellent Lindemans bottlings, truly phenomenal. Aside from the rant on prices, which are relatvely high on food, too, the place is world class, great atmosphere, very attentive service. We experienced no delays in service at all, contrarily to some other RBians experiences. All in all, I will certainly be back when have the chance, and settle on some less rare vintage bottle.“
teorn88 2663 days ago
“Um dos locais com a mais alta certificação do Orval. Boa comida e uma carta de cervejas muita boa. Uma excelente opção para quem estiver na regiĂŁo.“
claumaroli 2684 days ago

Ambiance - Tavern located in a small village outside Brussels. Plenty of beer-related decor. We visited at opening so there weren’t too many people there except some locals enjoyed lunch. Calm and relaxed. Big patio outside.
Service - Friendly.
Selection - plenty of great beers of tap and in bottles. Plenty of older vintages. All special lambics made for them were there but some priced over $150 a bottle. We tried their own elderflower lambic from Lindemans which was really good. Also had some Orval with my food.
Food - lots of stuff on the menu but I couldn’t avoid the complete Orval experience consisting of a potatoe and mice meat casserole made with Orval cheese with orval beer poured over it. Of course served with a glass of one year old Orval to drink.
Value - Fair. The expensive bottles are very expensive but then again they’re not the whole experience and they would be out in seconds if cheap since you can buy them for takeaway.
Additional comments - Great place! relaxed and cozy. donät go there if you’re in a hurry.
_angst_ 2788 days ago
“Cool place in a smaller city not that far from Brussels. Cosy interior and with a nice patio. Beer list was very impressive, especially the bottles. Loads of rare ones, some of them rather expensive though. We nada great time, and the Heeren van Liederecke-pasta I had was amazing. Definitely a place you should go to.“
rlgk 2796 days ago
“Iedere levensgenieter zou de gelegenheid moeten krijgen om hier eens te komen eten! Hier neem je ook tijd om te genieten. Bierliefhebbers komen hier zeker aan hun trekken, whiskyliefhebbers trouwens ook. Vriendelijke mensen, goede bediening, lekker eten, goeie foodparing, gezellig kader, groot terras, wat wenst een mens nog meer?“
Hopverdju 2831 days ago
“С одной стороны тут крутейший выбор винтажного пива, с другой - ну очень дорого. Еду принесли через 1ч15мин, кроме нас было еще ~10 человек. Подозреваю, что место рассчитано на туристов“
tolstopuz 2893 days ago
“Been here loads of times but never got around to writing a review until now. There’s not really much that can be said that hasn’t been said already but for me this is an absolute favorite. Some people have criticized it for being slow, and yes, it is. It’s not a place to come and tick or expect to work through the whales at a quick pace. It’s a place to sit back and relax, take your time, enjoy a slow pace and enjoy some great beers and food. Wether it’s the big crazy bottles at a high price that can be found nowhere else in the world, the normal tap beers and basic bottles or the multitude of amazing stuff in the menu inbetween. The selection is amazing, the food is good and it’s a lovely place to be. Worth travelling from another continent for, though thankfully I don’t have to!“
kermis 2907 days ago
“Visited with 2 friends. Nice place with a great selection of bottled beers some vintage beers. Tap selection was mostly Belgian and their own beer. This place is where you need to sit back and relax. Great service and excellent food. Highly recommended“
deanso 2911 days ago
“place to visit! friendly staff“
Baramba 2947 days ago
“Superstek! Echte aanrader (met mooie single malt collectie naast de unieke Vintagelijst!)“
Boxereddy 2959 days ago
“Lots of fun. Did the beer and food matched 7 course deal. Was totally stuffed afterwards. It’s a special experience. Bottle list looked very good. Wish I had more time to explore it. Would love to go back if I can.“
shoulderbroken 2964 days ago
“Nice classic style Belgian bar/restaurant. The vintage bottle list is amazing and the best I’ve ever seen anywhere. Friendly service, but they take their time so if you’r in a real hurry don’t go here. Prices are very fair for the standard stuff, very very high for the rare stuff, but yeah, whales. Plus if they were cheap they wouldn’t have any left. Food seemed nice for the meat eaters. They have some vegetarian things on the menu, which didn’t seem too interesting. I had some ’vegan’ vegetable dish that was decent enough but nothing that I would recommend. All in all a great place though.“
Maakun 3092 days ago
“Amazing place, great selection and friendly staff. Well worth a visit.“
RasmusAberg 3112 days ago
“Stopped by on the way into Brussels from Watou on our recent trip. Place was busy, but we were able to get a table fairly quickly sitting outside on the patio. Service was very good, but a bit not the slower side, and the food was excellent. Great choice of taps and bottles.“
larryLSB 3129 days ago
“Went here twice. First time was amazing, very nice pairings, pretty good service and stayed for like 6hours in total! Bartender (owner) and his wife (who serves) are very very friendly people. Service is a bit slow though... I’m a fast drinker and sometimes i had to wait 15min to get my next drink... Visited again a few months ago... Pretty awefull experience! Food was again very good, beers paired were quite ok, but there was a mixup with the dishes and beers, so we paired wrong beers with wrong dish.. Ended up having 4 glasses of beer for one dish, and the next dish nothing to drink.... Service was extremely slow that evening!! HAd to wait, no shit, for 45min to have a bottle from the cellar that i had to finish in 15 because of our last train departing... Fast drinker, but not when ordering a 50euro bottle.. Anyways. First experience was ace, became less good second time, might try a third time just to see how it goes“
zinneke 3130 days ago
“Visited the 26th July 2015 with Dark, happyhoppy and some other beer buddies. The place is really nice and clear. Very pleasant to stay inside and also outside. People are friendly and service is clean, just you have to take your time and be patient ! Enjoy the place ! :) The menu is nice and you have beer pairing for your meal and that point is just amazing. Many meals are made with beer, also some desserts! About the food, that was totally excellent. I recommend the Speculoos Sabayon with Westmalle ! Amazing ! About the beer menu is really nice and because you are on the gueuze area, the selection is great. You have also a vintage menu. All beer are belgium but you have some very nice beers as vintage gueuze from De Cam or Cantillon and some vintage trappist ! I definitely reccommend this place ! I advice you to make a reservation because the place can be really quickly full.“
sir__v 3131 days ago
“Cozy place with excellent food and great selection of accompanying beers. Some of the beers are quite pricey (and that’s excluding the vintages) but food is certainly good value for money. Some of the staff are knowledgeable and helpful but service overall was brought down by half the staff being extremely slow (20+ minutes waiting for a beer, similar waiting time for an appetizer, ...) Only go there if you have sufficient time on your hands, count on 3+ hours for a 3-course meal due to the slow service.“
Noctilucus 3191 days ago
“I should probably rate it higher but it was a quick stop by for a few drinks and a waffle. The restaurant had a nice cozy feel. The food look good. The waffle we had was excellent. Bottle selection was extensive. Some of the vintage bottles were a tad too much for my liking but you can easily find something in your price range.“
biggsbowler 3215 days ago
“A charming restaurant/beer bar outside of Brussels. Incredible bottle selection. If you make the trek over, you definitely have to swing out to De Heeren. Joost has done a fantastic job.“
50belair 3217 days ago
“Visited several times during trips to Belgium over the past few years. Stayed in the guest rooms once, which was a fun experience. Flipping through the guest book I recognized quite a few names! DHVL has a nice neighborhood restaurant vibe and seems to be packed with locals every night. The food is very tasty and pairs well with the beers. The beer selection is absolutely outstanding. Lots of rarities at reasonable prices. Numerous one-off lambics that were made just for the restaurant though Blauw, Roze, and Crianza are very expensive. A fantastic place that one could easily drink for several hours in.“
deeblo 3266 days ago