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92 /100 3447 W 95TH ST
“Your typical Binny’s... clean, large, well-lit, well-attended, well-stocked, large parking lot, noticeable security guard up-front. You come here for beer and you are not disappointed. A few days ago I came here for a SPECIFIC beer and I was a day late to get it. My fault... they sold out. I spoke with a nice gent on the floor (could have been a manager, a general employee or even an owner). I told him what I was searching for and he said the beer sold out two days earlier. I was bummed. But he looked around, pulled me aside and said, "You know, I was just at store X and they had a TON of it over there." Sure enough, I drove over to the location he suggested and the beer was there. I did not name names in this review because I don’t want to get anyone in hot water. But it is above-and-beyond service that makes Binny’s EP an easy choice for a return visit. The action of ONE person punctuated the camaraderie of beer-lovers. He basically sacrificed a sale to make a customer happy. Well done. Owners and Managers be advised: Despite this negligible loss, one employee’s insight to recommend an off-site retailer for a beer you did not have in stock ended with you having a satisfied return customer.“
frankenkitty 2658 days ago
86 /100 3447 W 95TH ST
“This is very convenient location compared to most Binny’s, it’s free standing, not in a mall or in a congested area. Was looking for Green Bullet and they had it, after going to several other stores in the suburbs that claimed to have it and didn’t. The next trip found 7 different beers I hadn’t tried previously, that’s getting harder to do especially in one visit, will make it a regular stop.“
TattooJack 2661 days ago
76 /100 3447 W 95TH ST
“Just like most Binnys, good selection and prices. This store had some gems on the shelf being in the suburbs people dont notice or want to pay the price for them I guess. Worth a stop in if in the area“
charule 3083 days ago