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“Excellent must visit for beer pilgrims Lovely brewery and a fine service Also a quite solid bottle/can selection at the brewery shop 50 euro with a taxi from Ypres. “
Cunningham 10 days ago
“Excellent must visit for beer pilgrims Lovely brewery and a fine service Also a quite solid bottle/can selection at the brewery shop 50 euro with a taxi from Ypres. “
Cunningham 10 days ago
“Seems this place has had a proper make-over since my last visit a few years ago, and now stands as an impressive, shiny, modern brewhouse in the Poperinge countryside. The older building is still adjacent to the right, though this is also undergoing a make-over. When I last visited the modest shop was effectively managed by people from the office during the week, who'd run over when someone walked in. Now, it's given the attention it deserves, staffed by two dedicated girls with a nice range of stuff. Not quite on a level of Chouffe in terms of merchandise, but who really needs that stuff anyway? Didn't venture upwards into the bar, as was too early in the morning, but photos suggest a feel of a swanky rooftop hotel cocktail bar. But with St Bernardus beers. I think it's only right to stop here if passing through, good prices on the beer too. Only £8 for a 75cl limited Abt 12 sour aged.“
minutemat 1605 days ago
“had a perfect stay end of may - beginning of june. The B&B and the brewery give you a warm and nice welcome. Our host Jacky and her team made our stay perfect. superb beer. definitely coming back. Full score.“
Dirk_T 1694 days ago
78 /100
Het Ovenhuis (Restaurant)
“A good place to spend a summer evening with outside tasty good quality eating on the village square & a excellent selection of the Sint-Bernardus & Van Eecke bottled beers.“
Jerseyislandbeer 1729 days ago
58 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“A real working class place, worth visiting for tasting of the Van Eecke beers.“
Jerseyislandbeer 1729 days ago
“Outstanding.. both the Brewery & partically the B & B next door. Only 1km from the centre of the small village of Watou. I did the brewery tour with tasting of the excellent beers at the end. The B & B has modern comfortable rooms in a extension with the main house dating from 100's of years ago. A very comfortable lounge with stocked beer fridge from the region.“
Jerseyislandbeer 1729 days ago
“Astonishing modern complex in the middle of the Belgian countryside - they have really poured a lot of cash into this new set up. The top floor cafe/bar is great, modern feel with panoramic views and a terrace which I’m sure is great when the weather is a little less inclement! Full range of the house brews with just one or two you won’t find elsewhere; will be interesting to see if more ‘specials’ appear given the commercial focus. Didn’t eat on this occasion. I just want to see how they get a few hundred people down those country roads to fill up the conference centre...“
JorgeLee 1814 days ago
“Visited the 24th November 2018 - brewery tour with friends. Really nice and modern brewery. Tour is really nice and interesting. Very recommended. Available in english and in flemish. After the tour you can have taster at the roof top, where there is a nice restaurant. Very nice architecture and super service. Shop at the entrance for a 6-pack with glass (included on the tour). Highly recommended.“
sir__v 1879 days ago
68 /100
Het Wethuys (Restaurant)
“One of a number of cafes on the square which do beer from the two local breweries. Perfectly pleasant and worth a look, especially on a Sunday afternoon when the horse-drawn carriages turn up and the square comes alive.“
baxterfish 1946 days ago
“This is the new café complex next to the St Bernardus Brewery which includes an underground car park, shop, offices and rooftop bar. The views of the surrounding countryside are wonderful and people will visit for that reason alone. The café itself feels a bit corporate and soulless and the beer menu is limited to their own beers and associated Kazematten (weirdly the latter's Saison Tremist is available here but not in their own café). This is a massive and, presumably risky, investment for this great brewery and I hope it works out for them.“
baxterfish 1946 days ago
“Beautiful new bar on the 4th floor of the brewery, with outside terrace overlooking the hop fields. Beers are typical St. B, with nothing that is particularly hard to find. Went after the tour and enjoyed myself, but the feel is a bit corporate. Wish they had some special beers here.“
KyotoLefty 2006 days ago
“Great place to stay if you are in the area. Lovely living room and sun room downstairs to relax in, with 3 small fridges full of SB beers to enjoy. Had a great time.“
KyotoLefty 2006 days ago
“Located just in the french-belgian border. Actually, driving from Belgium, you enter France, but the place seems to be located in Belgium. Still under some ampliation works, and renamed to "Palais de la Biere", is a big storehouse with lots of the usual belgian suspects at very good prices (though i think Noel Cuveliers few kilometers away is even cheaper). Nothing too exciting, you still might find a few interesting bottles.“
Lowenbrau 2390 days ago
74 /100
Het Ovenhuis (Restaurant)
“Quick stop off here after visiting the St Bernardus brewery, and by chance spotted the Het Ovenhuis beer brewed exclusively for this bar. Nice, quiet (on our visit) little cafe overlooking the square in Watou, with all the Van Eecke and St Bernardus beers available. (p) Visited again a year later instead of Van Eecke’s Het Brouwershof which was closed for a holiday. Seemed the only place in the square catching the late evening sun so, unsurprisingly, was the busiest outside. Essentially an estaminet restaurant, with busy decor and a focus on teas and coffee as well as the full range of St Bernardus beers on tap. Perhaps 8 bottled beers, managed to find a new one in the line-up. Food looked great, though some items bizarrely expensive. One of the best options in the square.“
minutemat 2505 days ago
“Tiffany’s is located right the border between France & Belgium, just off the A25 (Steenvoorde exit), and has been a local favourite for huge tubs of tobacco and Belgian beer for a LONG time. In fact, it’s currently undergoing a much-needed overhaul with a larger, brand new warehouse being built on my last visit. It’s just before the official border into Belgium, although geographically you enter Belgium as you pull into the car park.

It’s a relatively small, basic, but well-stocked warehouse stocking familiar Belgian staples, plus many smaller indie brewers and quite a few gift packs. Prices are amongst the lowest I’ve ever seen, I think lower than Noel Cuvelier further down the road. Not too many rarities but one or two new releases. There’s a fair amount of snacks, cheese (spotted a Leffe cheese there) and chocolate to appease your family as you peruse the shelves. There’s also an excellent Estaminet called the Terminus further towards the border which I recommend as a nicer alternative to petrol station sandwiches if you’re breaking up a journey.“
minutemat 2505 days ago
“This review is for the B & B, as we were unable to get a tour due to other plans. Spent two nights there, what a lovely charming spot, with the brewery buildings, hop fields, and landscaping. The room we had was very spacious and the breakfasts were excellent. Jackie, the woman who ran the operation seemed to do it all and was very helpful and friendly. Got in late the first night, so the refer was low in stock, but the following night we made up for it, trying a variety out on the deck by the pond. Worth the time and a good price.“
larryLSB 3151 days ago
“Visited the B&B for a night, and did a tour of the brewery. B&B rooms are nice and relatively modern. The guest house is a lot older in style, even a bit damp and hot. Fridges inside stock the complete St. Bernardus line-up, but stock runs out fairly quickly. Managed to taste a Watou Triple after we arrived, and a Christmas beer as a night cap, after we had arrived back from Ieper (15 minute drive, lovely town). Next day we visited the brewery. Tour was quite disappointing with lots of uninteresting facts and figures (I think our guide discussed St Bernardus packaging material for about 15 minutes, and the bottle cleaning line for another 10). Very modest talk about the actual brewing process, although the guide was quite informative about the new kettles that were being installed. The gift-pack at the end was a nice gesture that made the experience worthwhile from a financial perspective. Also visited the small shop, but did not buy any beers. All in all, nice to actually visit this iconic brewery, but I can imagine it is not very exciting for people not familiar with St Bernardus.“
rdb84 3153 days ago
“Staying at this B&B was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! I highly recommend it for all St. Bernardus fans. The Brouwershuis is a Bed & Breakfast next to the brewery - the beautiful manor used to be the home of the head brewer. The grounds are absolutely charming, yet the amenities are still modern due to a recent renovation.The staff was friendly and helpful, and arranged a tour of the brewery for us. The icing on the cake was the refrigerator stocked with St. Bernardus beers in the living room. It’s on a honor system, so just leave a few coins in the jar and enjoy some of the best beer in the world! We spent the evening out on the stunning veranda, sipping brews and chatting with the other guests. Wonderful memories!“
ATL_HopFiend 3447 days ago
80 /100
Het Ovenhuis (Restaurant)
“Drinking and eating at this fine place 14.06.’14. Good beers, good food ! “
Jerre 3465 days ago
“Small bottle shop / gift shop infront of the brewery. Selection is the Bernardus beers, that easily can be found else. Had to be noted, that if will be hard to find them at prices to match this place. Loads of swag aswell, glasses, shirts, etc. Okies service. Didnt tour the brewery or visit the B and B, that is said to be excellent.“
Camons 3483 days ago
“Bit disappointing. Little corner shop at modern brewery. Did not sell single bottles, only pre-packed assortments or by crate. Still managed to buy a beer not yet on the list. Service is very pleasant, which made it still a nice visit.“
vipinvelp 3517 days ago
64 /100
Het Ovenhuis (Restaurant)
“Had lunch here and because of being designated driver NO beer. Just a decent Belgian restaurant with extensive card of decent quality.“
vipinvelp 3517 days ago
“Gorgeous country pub near the French border. Good selection of beers, although my Oerbier was very odd - should have complained, but being British, I didn’t.“
baxterfish 3632 days ago
66 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“Visited October 2012.

We stopped in late in the evening looking for beer places open during the week. Turns out the people of Belgium don’t believe in working, at least not after tourist season. Nothing is ever open, except for an hour here or there when they feel like it. At least this place was open late catering to the local farmers that were bitter about something. What ever it was provided for an interesting experience. There were three or four of them at the bar debating something drunkenly and loudly. Eventually some punches were thrown but these guys were so drunk that they hugged it out moments later. The owners/bartenders were friendly enough through this experience but we didn’t feel much like sticking around after that experience. We did however finish most of our beers which were most of the Kapittel line from Van Eecke and they were pretty decent. Prices weren’t terrible for Belgium. Take away the angry drunks and this would be a worthy stop. Maybe just stop in for a quick tick or five and walk across the street to any of the other bars that probably won’t be open and take a quick look at the church and the statues.“
t0rin0 3742 days ago
“Visited October 2012 with chinoskillzian and womencantsail.

Not sure if this place listing is only for the gift shop or also the hotel but the gift shop isn’t much to see. You can probably talk your way into a tour but the gift shop is really just for visitors at the hotel next door since, like many places in Belgium, people don’t like to work and there is only someone at the desk when they feel like it. They have plenty of stuff to take home as souvenirs like glasses, bottle openers, shirts, aprons, a flag (I got one), and beer. The price of the beer almost made me cry. A case of 24 330ml Abt 12’s costs, wait for it, 25 euro (plus deposit). If I had access to some free space in a shipping container… They also have magnums of the 12 that they produce once a year as it turns out. Very cool but my suitcase was already full (and I mean full) of beer so I scrolled past. Now, the hotel next door is pretty awesome. This is probably the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. They’ve taken the old brewers mansion and turned it into a bed and breakfast. There is a fridge in the lobby/library with a lot of St Bernardus bottles along with some glassware and bottle openers and a tip jar. “
t0rin0 3802 days ago
“This place is fantastic! B&B connected to the brewery with fine amenities and reefers filled with St Bernardus product in the common area. Beers that are certainly world class. Staff went above and beyond in helping select and load a fairly large order from the brewery. Located in a beautiful rural area rich in World War I history and also very near other world class breweries. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire experience. We are already planning our return trip.“
User278283 3822 days ago
“Very interesting place, we passed by driving to Watou from a nearby hotel. Reataurant/bar is in middle of fields and pretty far off the beaten path but was very welcoming and had a great selection of beers. I drank several de Struise beers that were fantastic includiung a pretty Tejesus reserva that wasn’t on the beer list but the bartender recommended. He let me buy a few to take away. We didn’t eat there but the menu and food we saw looked like very good, authentic and hearty belgian fare. They also have a horse drawn wagon that brings people to the bar.“
timmckee03 3938 days ago
“Pre booked and did the brewery tour.Cost 12.50 euros but excellent value film about the brewery in English, walk around and tastings of all the beers. Best of all include in the price was a gift pack of the four beers and a glass. Rating as given but almost unfair to rate this as a pub.“
Hertfordboy 3986 days ago
70 /100
Het Ovenhuis (Restaurant)
“very good food, and it’s own beer, brewed by St Bernardus“
sneeuwwatje 4125 days ago
“Stayed here last week with my family while travelling through Belgium. Excellent B&B and very accomodating. Our room was top notch especially with 2 children, ages 8 and 10. It was cool to be right next to the brewery and made a great location to visit other places in the area like St. Sixtus, Poperinge, and Ipers.“
bheffner 4163 days ago
64 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“Kind of an interesting place...walked in to the bar next door to the brewery and found what seemed more like a local dive. A fight between a couple local farm workers broke out, so that livened things up. Tried the house beers and left. Not sure about this place...“
brokensail 4166 days ago
“Beautiful accommodations in this small, rural town. Right next door to the brewery and beer shop. Price is pretty good, the service is top notch, and it’s just a very nice place to be. You can also arrange for brewery tours, which I think cost 12.50.“
brokensail 4167 days ago
64 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“Under new management and has lost it’s record collection, bric - a brac and much of it’s charm.Still worth a look.“
baxterfish 4196 days ago
64 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“Stopped in here on one of my trips to Poperinge in ’07. I was actually surprised that this was part of the brewery, even though my Belgium beer guide directed me here. I was able to try a few offerings. If in this region and trying to stop at breweries I would venture here.“
SHIG 4256 days ago
“About the hotel, common space and lobby is very high quality but the room is a little sleazy. Though Sint Bernardus fan will have the satisfaction of visiting here.“
BriSava 4456 days ago
“La brasserie St Bernardus fait parti du patrimoine brassicole belge! Leur ABT 12 est un produit exceptionnel. Le lieu est magique.“
Pelik59 4567 days ago
70 /100 DOUVIEWEG 4
“A nice pub right next to the Van Eecke Brewery, renowned for its Hommelbier. Great interior decoration, quite kitsch, reminds me of another pub in Wevelgem called Avenue De Polka. Small selection of beers but the setting and atmosphere make up for that.“
Kunstemaecker 4575 days ago
“On the Abele road 2.5km from Watou. Basic but friendly pub selling most of the beers from the St Bernard Brewery up the road (this is the nearest pub).Worth a look if passing.“
baxterfish 4595 days ago