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60 /100 155 MAIN ST
“Stopped in for a bite to eat after Goods from the Woods at Oxbow. Two levels of seating with a bar in a corner of the second floor. 5 or 6 beers on tap nothing shocking but something other than bud miller coors. The food was good and somewhat reasonably priced for the area. Service at the bar was attentive. I would go back if in the area, but there’s really nothing that stands out enough to make a trip here.“
johnnnniee 3515 days ago
58 /100
Rising Tide Co-op (Grocery Store)
“The beer selection here is fairly small, but I reckon it’s one of the better options in the area. They have a range of national brands in addition to a handful of Maine breweries, including some fairly obscure offerings. The prices are fair. Aside from that, this place is a crunchy co-op grocery store. Certainly not a destination but if you’re passing through town it’s worth a quick stop to see what local beers they have.“
Leighton 3562 days ago
52 /100 155 MAIN ST
“The food was good but not great, service was good not great. Great location and nicely decorated. No written beer list and the waiter mumbled. I ended up getting a Smithwick’s "Stout" that I’m sure was an Irish red. It was served with no head at all. Not a very enjoyable beer experience.“
boats1021 4472 days ago
74 /100
King Eider’s Pub (Restaurant)
“Great beer selection. The one that really stands out in my memory was the Delirium Tremens. The ambiance is really quite neat, with a downstairs bar area and upstairs dining area done up in the old English Pub setting. Damariscotta is also a fun little town with the New England style of main street with tiny shops and restaurants along it. I recommend King Eider’s for lunch or dinner with its good food and great beer selection.“
Chaseman 5223 days ago
56 /100
Yellowfront Grocery (Grocery Store)
“Nothing about Yellowfront will knock your socks off but I stop in here every so often just to see if there’s anything new or interesting available. They have a little rack of stuff outside the cooler where you’ll find some things by entities like Samuel Smith, Rogue and Ommegang. Inside the cooler are most of the local standards and some stuff from the bigger US craft brewers (Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, maybe some DFH). Yellowfront is right across from Rising Tide so you can check out the selection at both. Yellowfront is a little more "mainstream". UPDATE (1/10/11) Things are picking up at Yellowfront, possibly as a result of a little competition from Rising Tide Co-op across the road. They’ve added more bombers and 750s with labels like North Coast, Stone, Rogue, Rising Tide and Maine Beer Co. Not bad.“
porterhouse 5251 days ago
52 /100 469 MAIN ST
“Much larger, newly-upgraded Hannaford in Damariscotta has a fairly big beer dept. but it’s not particularly adventurous. If you’re looking for bombers or 750s you’ll have to look elsewhere. This is all about plenty of cold 6- and 12-packs, as most area supermarkets are. You can have alot of beer but still not really have anything. Has most of the standards from the larger American craft brewers (eg., Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada, some DFH) and most of the standards from ME breweries that are well-distributed (eg., Grittys, Shipyard, Gearys). But if you’re looking for something from, for example, Stone, Brooklyn or Victory, or Sheepscot Valley or Andrews, you’re much better off at a good beer store or even an independent grocer or general store. Heck there are gas stations around here with more interesting selections. This is one of the quirks of beer distribution in ME I suppose. Hannaford also lacks many quality imports, and I didn’t spot any sakes or meads in the wine dept. UPDATE 4/21/10 Saw that Hannaford has a small rack with some bombers and 750s - Allagash, Blue Moon, maybe one or two others. It’s near the wine dept.“
porterhouse 5254 days ago
58 /100
Rising Tide Co-op (Grocery Store)
“The beer selection is fairly small but pretty well thought out. Nice organic store atmosphere. Worth checking out once in a while to see what’s new.“
porterhouse 5294 days ago
34 /100 469 MAIN ST
“Along with a massive amount of Budweiser and Miller-Coors beers this supermarket has a decent selection of the larger Maine craft breweries: Geary’s, Shipyard, Gritty McDuff’s, Sea Dog, etc. but they don’t seem to stock Allagash, Bar Harbor, Maine Beer Co. Spring Peeper Ale or Sheepscot. For out-of-state craft beers they carry Sam Adams, Harpoon, Long Trail and few others. The Rising Tide Co-op, about a half mile down the road, offers a smaller but apparently much more carefully chosen selection and has become my go-to.“
ShaneMacGowan 5335 days ago
68 /100
Rising Tide Co-op (Grocery Store)
“This small organic/natural foods co-op has been a fixture in Damariscotta for many years. In July 2009 they expanded into a much larger building across the road from their prior location. Since the move their beer selection has been greatly enlarged and has been continually improving. They stock Sheepscot growlers, the Peak Organic beers, Spring Peeper Ale, DFH and have very recently (November 2009) started to include some North Coast, Smuttynose, Brooklyn, Thomas Hooker, Ommegang, Duvel and several other, not so easy to find in this area, offerings. Prices seem to be slightly better than Hannaford’s or McKean & Charles. They also carry wine, cheese and wide selection of fresh produce and packaged organic food. The staff seem cheerful and friendly. August 2010 update The beer section has expanded slightly but seems less interesting with fewer quality seasonal offering and special bottlings. Prices continue to be good. It remains the best place in Damariscotta but the 1828 Vintage House in Boothbay and Rockland Foodservice both have better selections.“
ShaneMacGowan 5335 days ago
32 /100 469 MAIN ST
“I am starting here with Hanaford because those coming to the area need to know what they can and can not get around here. I will explore more and hopefully rate more in the Damariscotta area soon. Hanaford has a good selection for a grocery store. It has all the macros but has just about every local micor-brew too outside of a couple from Bar Harbor and sadly not Allagash. They had Dogfish, Shipyard, Gritty’s. Not bad if you are looking for a variety 12 pack from a local brewer. Next store at the Puffin Stop they have growlers of Sheepscott Brewing.“
Bungalo22 5838 days ago
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