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After making my bones on Keystone Light, Bud, and a certain brew we call the Golden Nectar in my neck of the woods (The Utica Club), I have since begun to explore the wide world of beer. A four-month Wanderlust through Europe accounts for the thirst to try more beers.

I live in London and run a website called The London Beer Guide. Check it out at If you have any questions about the beer scene in town, feel free to drop me a BeerMail or give a shout ...
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Beavertown Brewery (Heineken), Tottenham HaleBrew By Numbers, BermondseyCantillon, BrusselsHill Farmstead Brewery, GreensboroPressure Drop Brewing, Tottenham HaleSt. John at Hackney Brewery, HackneyThe Kernel Brewery, BermondseyThe Referend Bier Blendery, Pennington