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64 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
“Külön tetszett a főzőüstnek kialakított kis sarok, kár hogy nem minden sör volt csapra verve. De a végén a pincér még magyarul is bepróbálkozott, miután kiderült hogy nem hollandusok vagyunk.“
rozsoma 607 days ago
74 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
“Located in a huge diocesan building that was among other things a school for the deaf and dumb, a faculty of theology and is now among other things a ho(s)tel, it has a nice little front garden, and a tactfully designed, cosy interior. With 90s music somehow not entirely fitting in (but not that I minded it), it was pleasant to be inside on a snowy day. Modern enough, coppery enough, woody enough, with "menus" drawn nicely in clay around the bar. Non-tacky Christmas decorations. Pro service, quick and friendly. 5 beers on tap + their fruited n/a which I skipped. I'd had an excellent Kazbek-hopped 10° lager (Vikář) from them before, but the name and the °P now belonged to a generic Czech-style light golden ale, a relatively new development apparently as the waiters were explaining it was an ale now to the customers. The 11° and 12° pale lagers were still there, but I went for the 13° polotmavý speciál, which was very nice, with woody touches in the taste. The 15° Christmas lager was similar in appearance, but with simpler malty notes, Christmas spices and the honey giving it a nice smooth, slick body. The 13° was the star of the day really. The prices were quite okay if I remember correctly. The pašerácký řízek (smuggler's steak, a cordon-bleu twist with different filling and with tartar sauce and cheese on top of it) and the fries were okay, didn't thrill, wasn't bad. 199 kč is not "cheap" but I'm okay with the price. I'd consider going for something sweet next time, they seem to do those things themselves. All in all, this place seems to have gotten better over time and it was the best experience in Litoměřice for me, though with the Labuť closing at the end of the month, it wasn't a fair comparison. Whatever the case, a must-visit when in town.“
Marko 819 days ago
74 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
“Modern restaurant/brewpub. Beers average, but in good conditions, only exception being the Vánoční Speciál 15°, a Polotmavy with vanilla and cinnamon. For lunch I took a Caesar Salad so it's probably not representative of the food offer, which looked quite good. English speaking staff, payment with card available.“
rauchbierlover 897 days ago
70 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
“Dobre piwo, choć bez jakiś fajerwerków. Można tu także smacznie zjeść i w dobrej cenie (piwo także w umiarkowanych cenach).“
Pudelek 1235 days ago
64 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
Sometimes visited
Nice, a bit noble brewpub. Three to four taps, average Czech lagers, sometimes an ale as special brew. Fine service. Quite pleasant place.“
Rotin 2684 days ago
62 /100 KOMENSKÉHO 748/4
“Really nice pub/restaurant in pilgrim hostel. Modern interieur and cleaness. They have 2-3 own beers on tap, but unfortunately only czech pilsener (11° and 12°) in time of our visit. It’s possible to bring it in glass (0.75l) or PET (1.5l). Friendly service. Pleasant place for spend time, but for beers is better Labuť brewery.“
Ascelja 2907 days ago
52 /100 ČESKOLIPSKÁ 2100/12
“At the first "this place is a hotel with homemade beers, not a brewpub", as said receptionist. Very strange opening hours (they said 5-8p.m. exception sundays as closing day, but on saturday was open until 3). One large room and small garden. On tap was 2 beers (světlé výčepní, polotmavý ležák), 2 another was aviable in plastic bottles.
Koliba is located on end of city, direction Česká Lípa, near of exhibition ground "Zahrada Čech" (it’s possible in time of exhibitions are opening hours better). Food is aviable, staff friendly.“
Ascelja 3071 days ago
72 /100 ČESKOLIPSKÁ 2100/12
“Large single-room brewpub/restaurant. At time of visit had 4 of their own beers on draught inc stout and ale. Glasses and labels for sale in adjacent reception area ( for hotel part ). Surprisingly good beer for the size of the operation. Single barman/receptionist slightly flustered. Hotel rooms a little forlorn, but the restaurant is pretty good if slightly out of town. Check opening times because first night they were closed shortly after 8pm, second night still going after 10pm.“
1980olympics 4057 days ago
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