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90 /100 2934 LYNDALE AVE. S.
“I found another brewery I really enjoyed in Minneapolis. This one is in a warehouse on a street that has plenty of eating, drinking, shopping, entertainment, and people. Inside feels like a classic brewery with space, lighting, and plenty of view of the brewhouse. Upstairs is a rooftop patio with another bar. The beer list covers plenty of styles from classics, new trendy options, and unique recipes that are harder to categorize as simply as "pilsner" for instance. Any beer I had was clean with a good mouthfeel and plenty of character. Service was great too. Given its location and quality I'm sure I'll be back here if I'm ever in Minneapolis again.“
NachlamSie 47 days ago
80 /100 3550 E 46TH ST, SUITE 140
“Although they have a parking lot, most of the lot parking is for nearby condos, so you might be better off looking on the street. Inside is a really long serving bar and a bunch of restaurant tables. Outdoor wrap around patio with picnic tables as well. Good variety of beers on tap. Food truck from Northbound Smokehouse, but the Smokehouse itself is just up the road so we went there. Solid stop.“
Travlr 99 days ago
84 /100 3038 MINNEHAHA AVE
“Visited during CBC 2022 with evanlarkin. Medium sized place, serving bar with 16 or so taps, a few scattered restaurant tables on the front end of the brewhouse, fermenters visible in the back. Handul of outdoor tables with some sun shades plus a tent with picnic tables. The tent looked temporary, not sure if it was for Covid or CBC. Mainly traditional German styles on offer plus one kettle sour and a black IPA, plus a couple of barrel aged things. Beers were tasty. Staff was great, and very well organized. Food truck. Great place.“
Travlr 99 days ago
76 /100 701 N WASHINGTON AVE
“I think this place has improved since some of the earlier ratings. Large restaurant interior with an L-shaped bar on one side. View into the brewhouse through glass. View into the kitchen as well, which is elevated, so you can't see details - a good thing in any restaurant. Beers available in flights of four for ten bucks, or individual 4 ounce tasters, or of course full pours. All the beers were tasty but the malty ones really stood out. Food was decent, service was OK. Outdoor patio was 100% sun when I visited, so I sat indoors at the bar. Looks like patio is shaded early in the day and late in the afternoon. Worth a stop for sure.“
Travlr 100 days ago
82 /100 505 N 3RD STREET
“Large place, nice sunny patio. Long bar, fermenters and brewhouse visible on the far side. Couch room. 16 taps, good mix of styles. Small pours possible in any amount. Attrntive staff. Loud music. Food is pretzels. Street parking can be tough use lyft“
Travlr 101 days ago
84 /100 324 6TH AVENUE N
“A pay by the ounce place. Corner location with a medium sized interior made up of a variety of tables surrounding the central tap system. Small patios on either side. Instead of the usual card you get a rubber wristband, and that was easier to use than a card I think. No possibility to rinse your glass, so you just get a clean glass for every beer - and there were plenty of staff to supply you with clean glasses. Manager Darren was friendly and attentive, so where all the staff. It was lager night, so there were solid lager choices plus a variety of other styles. The highlight for me though was the ciders. There was a popup chicken place but sadly I visited after the kitchen was closed so I'll have to return. Great place.“
Travlr 101 days ago
“Visited with jackl, cheers. Long thin taproom with a coolship just for show, the real one is in back. Long bar with just one small area for serving. The only place we went to that keeps your credit card. It was kolsch need, done in the traditional German style - and like in Koeln, only one draft beer was on offer. But I was there to try their spontaneously fermented beers, so I had two bottles. Both were so tart I couldn't finish either - they ended up in the mulch on the patio. Sad.“
Travlr 101 days ago
86 /100 1401 WEST RIVER ROAD N.
“Large place, small parking lot. Outdoor space is the highlight here, a deck and a patio with lots of different tables overlooking the river. Inside is spacious too, and despite being crowded for CBC staff kept things moving and were attentive and efficient. Beers were very tasty. Pizza was decent too. Solid place. Visited with jackl.“
Travlr 101 days ago
78 /100 701 5TH STREET N
“Medium sized space dominated by a long bar with lots of stools and a good view into the adjacent brewhouse. Beers available in small pours, decent variety, tasty enough.“
Travlr 101 days ago
78 /100 414 6TH AVE N
“Fairly large place, serving bar and scattered tables, lots of open space for standing and milling about. Big patio with picnic style tables. Large variety of beer styles, pretty tasty. Good service. Street parking.“
Travlr 101 days ago
66 /100 4135 HIAWATHA AVE
“Unfortunately things have degraded a bit since the last review of 6.5 years ago. I was looking for some MN brews to take down to Wisconsin. They do have a good selection of multi-packs in coolers, but their singles selection is not great, and they have very few bombers or 750's other than a small selection of common Belgian beers. Meh.“
bytemesis 180 days ago
“Decent space, minimal parking; would be an issue at a busy time. I tried two beers, both were OK.“
bytemesis 180 days ago
88 /100 3038 MINNEHAHA AVE
“A year open and nobody has reviewed yet. Sad. Large space on Minnehaha, street parking out front, might be challenging when busy. Open and spatious inside, front and back bars, tables, small outdoor patio. Running about 20 taps with a good mix of styles. Most things avail in three sizes. No flights, but 5oz pours. Service friendly, vaccination rules enforced. Beer quality high. Recommend.“
bytemesis 185 days ago
76 /100 1430 WASHINGTON AVE S
“Old school looking brewpub. Brown bar type interior with a little English pub appeal. Large outside seating area. Didn't try the food, though it looked good, when Jess and I visited during our Minneapolis visit in 2021 on our way to Duluth for Winchell's wedding.“
ads135 206 days ago
50 /100 3500 CEDAR AVE S
“Not a beer bar, but they have a small collection of largely local brews to round out their beer selection. Of course people don't come for the beers, they come from the Jucy Lucy, which is exactly what Jess and I did before our trip to Duluth for Winchell's wedding in 2021.“
ads135 212 days ago
72 /100 2315 18TH AVE NE
“Visited the store before our trip to Duluth for Winchell's wedding in 2021. Pretty good selection of brews, many of which were local. Selection of singles wasn't spectacular, but for what I was looking for, quite good.“
ads135 212 days ago
56 /100 920 E. LAKE STREET SUITE 123
“A brewery inside the Global Market. Not much else was going on surrounding it unfortunately, and I was stunned by the prices (though I would later find that this is a greater Twin Cities phenomenon).“
ads135 212 days ago
72 /100 783 HARDING ST. NE
“Really liked this brewery, probably the best I tried in 2021 during Jess and I's trip to Minneapolis before Winchell's wedding. Large-ish interior space, but I sat in the patio off to the side. Nice selection of solid brews. A must visit.“
ads135 213 days ago
70 /100 1401 WEST RIVER ROAD N.
“Not a huge fan of the brews, but it has a really nice ambiance. Huge outside area, pretty large post-industrial interior - solid food. Visited with Matt, Jess, and Anna on our way up to Duluth for Winchell's wedding in 2021.“
ads135 215 days ago
70 /100 2506A CENTRAL AVE NE
“Rather unatmospheric place in a mixed neighborhood of Minneapolis. At least 14 taps. No flights though. We went out back to the beer garden, also not the prettiest place but functional enough. Dogs welcome. No food served but you are welcome to bring food from outside. Having to drive, we only tried two beers but both were good. Not many dark beers on offer during our summertime visit.“
hauxe 366 days ago
78 /100
Zipp’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“Didn’t have any chance to compare this to any of the other stores in the city, but this was a nice stop. Hundreds of offerings, most of them also available as singles. Good selection of bombers, including limited releases from regional breweries like Bent Paddle and Surly, as well as from further afield, like Deschutes. Friendly and helpful staff. Not in the nicest part of town.“
hauxe 366 days ago
78 /100 414 6TH AVE N
“Walking distance from Target Field. Popular on a game night. Lots of their own seltzers served in cans, great on a hot day, also 14 taps, IPAs and a few stouts. Both beers I had were quite good. Nice clean decor, purposefully plain. I would come here again.“
coachd 366 days ago
64 /100 501 WASHINGTON AVE S
“English pub decor with a great menu and good selection of local beers. Worth a stop.“
coachd 366 days ago
72 /100 505 N 3RD STREET
“If you're going to a Twins game, this is the most convenient brewery for pre-gaming. easy walking distance from Target field. Very dog friendly, lots of exposed brick and stainless steel, murals cover most of the walls. 10 taps, some easy-drinking crowd pleasers, some complicated adjunct IPAs. The beers were pretty good, the service was hard working and nice. Crowded, but I didn't have to wait in line very long.“
coachd 366 days ago
70 /100 701 5TH STREET N
“Smaller type of place, half brewing equipment, half seating. 12 taps, beer was average, service was excellent. Worth a stop, so many breweries in MIN so it's tough competition.“
coachd 366 days ago
78 /100 1401 WEST RIVER ROAD N.
“Very expensive looking new place in Minneapolis right on the riverfront. Tons of seating in and out. Very knowledgeable service. Summery selection of lower ABV offerings. Great food. Very popular place.“
coachd 366 days ago
84 /100 701 N WASHINGTON AVE
“I don't know why the ratings for this place are so low! This looked like the place to be on a Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis. Great restaurant with a good brewery. Beautiful building and interior, excellent service. This is really the type of place you could go for a nice dinner, just for beers, on a date, or take the whole family. They could use some higher ABV offerings, but the 2 beers I had were well made. Give this place a chance.“
coachd 366 days ago
68 /100 1300 2ND ST NE
“On the small side but they make the best of their space with indoor and outdoor seating. Decent amount of taps, several different styles, beers were decent. Their merch and to-go beer is sold in a separate building right next door. Had a neighborhood type of vibe like this is the place all the locals like. Pretty good.“
coachd 366 days ago
“I love it when breweries have taproom only offerings and Surly has more than I have ever seen. Huge well thought out place that lets you see their massive brewing facility through floor to ceiling windows. Good service, excellent experience overall.“
coachd 366 days ago
76 /100 505 N 3RD STREET
“Probably the best brewery in this part of town. Very large industrial interior with a solid outside seating area. Good selection of their own brews, which have a nice selection and many are quite good. Jess visited with her boss and I followed the next day in 2021.“
ads135 387 days ago
74 /100 414 6TH AVE N
“Very large, very busy brewery. Especially if you visit prior to a Twins game like I did in 2021. Good selection of their own brews, which are pretty solid anyway. One of several stops in the Warehouse district worth a visit.“
ads135 387 days ago
80 /100 1300 2ND ST NE
“A pretty solid brewery in a fun part of town. Smallish, which means it was quite packed when Jess and I visited in 2021 before heading to Young Joni, but it had a decent sized area outside for drinking. Nice selection of their own brews.“
ads135 387 days ago
76 /100 1401 WEST RIVER ROAD N.
“Visited after work on a Thursday. Located just north of downtown Minneapolis, close to the river. Large beer garden in front of the brewery as you pull up, with plenty of seating indoors as well. Beer selection is 16 house beers, variety of styles, all tasty and fresh. Full food menu available. They had a very cool ordering system that allowed you to order food and beers and they deliver right to your table. Service was perfectly executed; super fast and efficient. Good beer, great scene. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 402 days ago
70 /100 225 THOMAS AVE NORTH
“Visited on a Wednesday evening. Located in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood, right next to the abandoned Glenwood grain silo. The parking is by the brewery, or on the street up above the brewery. First thing you notice about Utepils is how massive it is. Food truck in the parking lot, a room full of people watching soccer to the right, and a long ramp up to the main beer hall. Just past the beer hall is a massive beer garden, with seats scattered about and a view over a pond. The beer selection was 16 house beers, about half of which are German styles, the rest more traditional American brewpub. Order at the inside bar, or in the beer garden. Place was crowded, service was attentive and quick. Well worth the visit, this was an ambitious project. Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time. I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 403 days ago
74 /100 2500 UNIVERSITY AVE NE
“Stopped by here yesterday with jackl. 4/1/21. Felt like a college bar. Friendly staff. Good beer list. Heavy local representation. Food was tasty. Had a "polish dinner" which was polish sausage, pierogies, and kraut. Tasty. Curds were solid. Prices decent. Overall a nice comfortable place to hang out.“
Drake 496 days ago
72 /100 783 HARDING ST. NE
“Kinda big place. Industrial vibe outside. Cool, relaxed inside. Both staff members I encountered were friendly, and server was helpful and attentive. No sign of food. 4 ounce pours available for everything. I had five, and the price wasn't bad. Beers were solid, but 3 of the 5 were just missing something. Overall, solid place.“
Drake 496 days ago
82 /100 783 HARDING ST. NE
“In a large industrial park but worth going a bit off the beaten path. Space is split into two areas, one which has TVs and pinball the other just a bar and tables. Works well for sporting events as the like. Service is good and bartenders know their beers. 16ish taps with 4oz pours available. No in house food but they have BBQ available Thursday - Saturday. High recommend the burnt ends! Prices are definitely on the high side compared to some other breweries.“
deyholla 935 days ago
78 /100 783 HARDING ST. NE
“New place in Northgate’s old spot. 10 beers on, very good. Tasters available. Pinball machines available. Digging it.“
BVery 1020 days ago
84 /100 614 N 5TH ST.
“Located in the North Loop a bit off the street the place has a great feel with deep wood throughout and two levels of seating plus a private room for events. Large bar hosts a number of taps which they usually have at least 10 ciders on. Service is good and they know the cider. Flights are available and quality is solid. They have a pizza truck out side that I have not tried yet. Another strong spot in the North Loop!“
deyholla 1032 days ago
80 /100 4204 28TH AVE
“Almost a neighborhood bar with street parking available. Kind of old school feel to it, but definitely a solid tap list. Good service. I was one and done at that point in the evening, but I can see hanging out here as a local.“
bytemesis 1053 days ago
84 /100
Town Hall Tap (Restaurant)
“This is pretty much a standard midwest bar feel. Parking is ok, but expect to walk a couple blocks on busy evenings. Town Hall beers featured with some guest taps to round things out. They have pre-set flights on the menu, but you can roll your own as well. Good service. I have a soft spot in my heart for town hall since they have been in their original west bank location since I lived here., but objectively the beer is lets say above average. I ordered the cuban, which was pretty mediocre, unfortunately.“
bytemesis 1053 days ago
82 /100 5300 LYNDALE AVE S
“The selection is pretty solid indeed. A ton of minnesota brews and a solid selection of national and international highly rated beers. Definitely worth a stop if you are in town.“
bytemesis 1053 days ago
82 /100 817 5TH AVE. S
“I wonder how new this place is that there are no ratings. We liked it here so much that we stopped twice. A variety of styles including Belgians. My wife who likes IPAs and sweet darks was happy and I who likes everything, but mostly those other than IPAs and sweet darks was happy. Pizza was available to order from a 3rd party it was good. Friendly place and quite knowlegeable, were able to field my questions about some of the Belgian styles. Big place with board games available, which we played while eating pizza.“
jb 1071 days ago
46 /100 3500 CEDAR AVE S
“Were told by our rental car guy to try this place. Food was great, jucy lucy burgers rock, a few decent beers, but small selection. Lots of rules because of all the people trying to get into this small venue. Worth it for the jucy lucy, not the beer. It is truly a dive. It has a picture of Obama shaking hands with the cook.“
jb 1071 days ago
“Great place, would have loved to have had more time to try more beers, and try pizza upstairs or regular menu downstairs. Only negative for me was some of the rarer stuff only came in full bomber, no draft, and those were 30 or 40 dollar bombers. My wife and I each got a different IPA and headed out. Parking was a zoo, but we managed to find a spot off the road. Uber may be a good route to go if you are close enough.“
jb 1072 days ago
72 /100
Zipp’s Liquors (Beer Store)
“Supposedly it is the best in the city, it was alright, but I checked out 2 other bottle shops earlier in the day that had almost as much. They were quite knowledgeable recommending some good locals, prices were okay, and had quite a bit cold. Not a lot of Surly choices, which is what I was looking for, pretty much same everyone has.“
jb 1072 days ago
78 /100 3624 W. 50TH ST.
“Neighborhood restaurant specializing in gourmet burgers, along with other sandwiches, some salads, etc. Also has a pretty good rotating tap list of beers, along with a wide variety of mixed drinks. Dining room was kind of quiet the night we were there (a Sunday). Also has an attached bar area and outdoor seating. Food was great. The beer choices were interesting. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves.“
bookman10 1088 days ago
“An extra large spectacle could be a destination if you want to see what prestige can bring to a brewery. I didn't have an opportunity to try the food in the beer hall but it looked very appealing. The draft menu covers a wide variety of styles in case you want to sample a few different things. A few are even less uncommon - you'll not get stuck with pints of Furious unless you want them. Overall I would return here for the beer but skip the food and eat elsewhere.“
Brigadier 1177 days ago
78 /100 614 N 5TH ST.
“This is the new place in Minneapolis, not in Buffalo. This place is great. Awesome vibe. Flights available.“
BVery 1198 days ago
74 /100 324 6TH AVENUE N
“A pour your own place with a trendy feel and a TVs throughout the spot. Place can get quite busy before/after Twins games. Service is fine. They have 48 taps and all is self pour so sampling is easy. Food is pretty good and prices are high as it is self pour. A good spot for ticking.“
deyholla 1213 days ago