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70 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“Visited midday on a Sunday. Easy to find in a strip mall on N Oak Trafficway. Typical liquor store setup, with the beer selection to the left as you enter. Beer is stored in 4 warm racks (by the window) and in 6 cooler doors. Selection is strong (particularly for this side of town), though most of the best beers (including the hoppy ones) are stored warm. Smallish mix a 6 or 3 beer selection. Staff seemed friendly. Certainly worth hitting up if you are on that side of town.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1827 days ago
82 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“Stopped by on a whim and was very impressed. Large selection, organized, friendly, clean, and helpful. Prices were in line. Wish it was much closer to my house. Try it, you won’t be sorry.“
RobertDale 2397 days ago
94 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“One of the best places I’ve been to. I was floored by the selection of available beers and other drinks and the owner is very knowledgeable about his stock. I even asked about a hard to find beer that I had while doing a study abroad and he was able to remember what if he had it in stock from a few years back even though he didn’t have it anymore.“
Shevden 3186 days ago
76 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“Posting rating for a visit I made back in June of 2010. Happening to buy my last car from the dealer directly across the street from Bubbles, I stopped in and was blown away by the amount of beers that I hadn’t seen at either of the usual MO stores I frequent on the South side of town. The vast majority of the stock was room-temperature, and it was hard to believe a storefront like that would be one of the last great obscure beer stores in town, but I was highly impressed by the selection. Friendly staff as well, unfortunately I only had a mere few minutes to spend here and it may be awhile before I return, seeing as its a good 1/2 hr. drive away for me, but if I lived up North, I’d be very happy to stop here regularly.“
Indra 4055 days ago
74 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“One of the better selections in the metro area and it’s North of the river. Typical liquor store layout with about half the building dedicated to beer. Friendly staff. The only real drawback is the small amount of beer that is kept cold.“
topherh 4129 days ago
92 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“A fantastic store for those looking for beers off the beaten path. Has a very large selection of single bottle beers from just about everywhere. For the location and traffic though you have to wonder how often those specialty beers rotate.“
bbrownz 4343 days ago
76 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“Decent beer selction. Ok service. Didn’t know a lot about the beers they had. Average beers on the create your own. Nothing to blow you away. Gomers and Lukas still way ahead of these guys.“
dwaggs2 4453 days ago
78 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“Good selection, employees always willing to help give suggestions.“
JekeaLynn 4476 days ago
74 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“They fit a lot of beer into a fairly small area. The price and selection are easily the best I have seen on the north side of KC. There were a few singled out brews, but most were German and English brews. They had a few random six packs of things I had never seen before. A fair amount of beer in the cooler. The imports aren’t labelled but are set up by country. Whoever brings in their beer obviously cares about quality. I will certainly return.“
heemer77 4635 days ago
82 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“While the other beer stores in KC have dipped in selection (excluding Lukas), this store has only gotten better. Carrying a wider variety of singles than anyone in the city (again, excluding Lukas) and an equal if not better 4-24 pack selection (one more time...). The husband and wife that run this store and pretty knowledgeable and will allow you to return a bad bottle, no questions. I’ve had an issue or two with freshness on a De Dolle and an English ale so I’m not sure how often the stock is rotated. Overall, the best beer store north of Lukas.“
MOboy 4673 days ago
82 /100 7407 N OAK TRAFFICWAY
“After years of living in the Northland, I finally decided to drop into this unassuming storefront to grab a new bottle of scotch. Surprise, the strip mall outside is hiding a gem of a liquor store! Great selection of wine and a strong showing of spirits, but as a I wandered to the beers, I saw plenty of Rochefort 10, Nonge O, and tons other of hard-to-find brews. The best part? The great staff at Bubbles print dozens and dozens of RateBeer labels in case you’re not quite sure what you’d like. Great first impression!“
bblack99 4753 days ago
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