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50 /100 120 E. 4TH STREET
“Inside wings-a-blazin in the wine town of Hermann. Dive bar feel with a small bar with booths for seating. Surly bartender as well. Had about 8 of their own beers on tap and all were sub par and the Missouri Light was down right water. I got a sampler of 4 and that was enough for me. We ate here and I can say the shrimp po-boy I had was enough to feed 2 people and was delish. I think it was all of $12 for a monster sandwich. Maybe come here for the guest taps and to eat but leave their house beers in the keg.“
thegreenrooster 157 days ago
70 /100 120 E. 4TH STREET
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. Brewery is inside the Wings A Blazin restaurant. Didn't realize they were brewing their own beers, walked past a cooler full of 4 packs, with their label on them. Asked our server and was told they started brewing summer of 2020. There were 12 of their beers on tap, plus a few guest taps. We tried a couple, they were good. There is two floors, so plenty of room, food is always good. Worth a stop if in Hermann.“
jandd1983 845 days ago
82 /100
Wings A-Blazin' (Restaurant)
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon, was surprised to see all the taps. Hopslam and Bourbon County on tap, plus many other great choices and several bottle options. Food was really good, service was too. Two story building with plenty of seating. Lots of cool decor, a former pilot owns the restaurant, well worth the stop to try some locals and some bigger name brews.“
jandd1983 1560 days ago
72 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Neat place housed in an old mill, located in a small town on the Missouri River. Nice stop in the middle of the local wine region.. The beers have a German flair to them. There are currently 20 taps, with a couple set aside for ciders. Nice selection which included fall seasonal offerings. Service was good even though they were quite busy on the weekend. Worth checking out if you are in the area.“
Bif 2839 days ago
76 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Great place for large groups. Check it out: https://ynda.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/tin-mill-brewing-co/“
YNDA 2938 days ago
72 /100
Hermann Wurst Haus (Beer Store)
“Stopped in on a Friday afternoon. More of a meat market, lots of brats, wurst, hot dogs and some bulk items. The beers are on tap and by the 12 ounce bottle. Beers are ok, service was ok, they mainly are trying to sell their meat products. Ok for a cold one, other places close by have more variety.“
jandd1983 2969 days ago
76 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“I’ve visited a few times while staying in Hermann. Nice small town brewery. Their focus is on german style beers. Usually around 5-6 beers on tap at the brewery. Worth checking out if you are passing through Hermann, especially if you are a fan of german styles.“
jcnielsen 4202 days ago
78 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Very nice atmosphere. Visited a few times during the Hermann Oktoberfests. Beers are slightly better than average but avoid the Hefe!“
ads135 4274 days ago
68 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Our second trip, a small town atmosphere. It was a nice Sunday, and it was busy, but the wait staff was very friendly. The seasonals for fall were out, and very delicious. The pomegranate wheat was the only beverage not bottled. Otherwise, we had a great day. This is wine country, so kudos for having a brewery near the wineries.“
jandd1983 4672 days ago
72 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“The Skyscraper is fantastic on tap as it is in bottles, if you can get it fresh. I like that this seems to be an exclusive lager brewer. The location is clean and they provide peanuts on the tables. You can walk around and look through glass at the brewing equipment. The other beers were decent, but the Skyscraper is the stand out in the crowd. I thought it was lame that you can’t get a glass of water with your beer! They only had hot water on tap or you could buy a bottle. You need to be a pils fan or like other lagers, otherwise their beer won’t do much for you.“
heemer77 4840 days ago
34 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Overall crappy brewery--not worth the trip. Hermann is a beautiful area, lots of wineries surrounding. The brewery is housed in an old mill, nice building. Taking a tour of the brewery is cool and you’d think they should be able to turn out good beer... it all tastes pretty much the same. No food except carboard tasting pizza nuked so hot you can hardly eat it. If visiting Hermann, check out the wineries and leave this place alone...“
Tomfoolery 4841 days ago
62 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“First, Hermann, Mo. is such a beautiful little town! This brewery, like the rest of the town, was neat as a pin and it had a nice countrified ambiance to it that is an 1800s Midwest frontier feel. The building used to be a mill and it retains some of the original equipment. Their beer is available in bottles and mix a six option is available for $10 (but less for a case). I had an Oktoberfest on draft in the dimpled liter mug I bought there. No beers from other places were noticed. This brewery is well worth a stop while doing the wine thing.“
Strykzone 5036 days ago
68 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“If you want a lesson in old style German brewing, look no further. My wife and I were actually in town for the spring wine trail - but I took a detour back into town and found this place. If you show up on a day when they’re not too busy, there’s a good chance the brewmaster will give you a quick tour. I’d suggest showing up when you don’t have a Norton on your palate. I’ll be back.“
rakarlo 5204 days ago
78 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Small place in the mosty wine heavy town of hermann. Up front is the bar area and with a hallway in the back with the brewing equipment. They serve 6 German lager styles and i must admit all 6 are pretty decent to excellent. Servings come in a $3 pint or a 5oz sample for a buck. I went ahead and just got all 6 in the sample size and took a few bottles home with me. The guy working there said that they are going to open a resturant across the street but that is at least a year away. Overall a nice place in Hermann to go for decent beer.“
thegreenrooster 5693 days ago
70 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“We went on a quiet afternoon when only the brewer’s mom was around. Nice lady, and we were happy with the beers, especially the pilsner. I like to see a dedication to serious, traditional German-style lagers. Kind of refreshing in this age of imperial barrel-aged sour whatehaveyas. Really nice brewing kit in an old feed store. We bought some bottled pilsners to last us a few days and they held up well. Fits right in. As an aside, I got married right across the street from this place.“
JoeinDahlem 5782 days ago
82 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“So out of all the places that I have been to on this trip, this is one of the places that I have had the most fun. Elijah was very gracious in showing us around and telling us the history and future plans for the property. They have a self-guided tour into the brewing area which is amazing, no corners cut and no expense spared turning this into quite the brewery experience. Gift shop at the end of the hallway with bottles and glassware and other niceties for sale. A few tables in the bar area and this particular day they had 5 beers on tap that you could sample for 5 bucks. They also had pizza for sale which I did not try. A simple small production brew and sell facility. Very nice people, very knowledgeable and happy to have you there. A must stop off of I-70.“
BlackDonald 5799 days ago
62 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“Bottles are now available. Each of their brews are solid example of their style. Great location next to Hermannoff Winery. The Dierberg family is doing some great construction work in the are to improve the small town feel. Great historic building set up to provide an educational experience of the brewing process.“
BrewCzar 5821 days ago
76 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“October 2007. Braudog review is spot on. This place spared no expense, very interesting place to sample a few beers. Only knock I had was that the Octoberfest I was served came in a plastic cup. Granted, they were deluged with 500 people the day previous, but would have preferred glass. Most certainly worth a stop. However, if you are looking for spots to hit in Hermann for beer on ratebeer.com, you probably would have stopped here anyway.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 6085 days ago
56 /100 114 GUTENBERG ST
“July 2007 - This is an ambitious brewing project in the heart of historic Hermann, Missouri, a place known more for its wines, but where the German down-home feeling is a perfect fit for this brewer in the German style. I understand these are the folks who had previously operated the Bayernhof Brewery on the outskirts of town. They’ve now done an excellent job in restoring an old grain elevator and mill building into a gorgeous little brewery. They’ve set it up so you can take a look a the brewhouse, the lagering tanks and even their just-starting bottling operation. They offered four beers on tap in a tasting room -- Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Maibock and Doppelbock. A sampler of all four will set you back $4, or you can have a 16oz draft for $3. If you’re hungry, they do have frozen pizzas, but that’s it for now. There’s also some nice schwag for sale, if at a bit high price, including $20 filled growlers to go. They weren’t bottling yet, but seem poised to do so, so future visitors may be able to take a nice variety to go. The staffer (owner? or brewer’s mom?) was an old-school lager lover, even differentiating in her mind to ales versus "beer" and proclaiming their richly malty pilsner as hoppy (it was still good). Friendly enough place that has a lot invested in a nice location -- hope they can generate enough income to stay open!“
Braudog 6182 days ago
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