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74 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. They were pretty slow at the time. Located in a more industrial part of the Omaha outskirts, close to Kros Strain and Pint 9. The bartender was friendly and tried to be helpful, but the printed draft list was out of date, and she didn't know until we tried ordering things. Other than that hitch, everything else was pretty good. The beer quality was nice and they offered flights. There were some really nice variants of their Mother of All Betty's beer. Good range of styles. I would visit again.“
JStax 1367 days ago
88 /100 10411 PORTAL ROAD SUITE 102
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Located in a strip mall beside another brewery. This was the favorite stop of the day. Awesome beer here, and maybe the best in Omaha. They cover a large range of styles and do them very well. Service was great. Flights were 5 beers for $15, which is higher than expected, but the quality makes up for it. Awesome place.“
JStax 1373 days ago
74 /100 10411 PORTAL ROAD SUITE 102
“Oddly located in a strip mall right next to another brewery. Strange but okay. Inside felt small but had super tall ceilings. A bit of a hipster/modern vibe I guess. Looked like they are trying to expand. Over 20 beers on tap. Loved the lights hanging above the bar.“
rennat42 1592 days ago
82 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Visited on a slow Thursday night. Located in an industrial area. Plenty of parking out front. Some video games located across from the bar, having Galaga is a big plus. Took the tour, and it was very informative. Service was above average and knowledgeable. Selection consisted of 24 taps, and some bottles. Six packs and single 750’s for purchase to go. Value was on par for the Omaha area. Overall worth a stop if you are in the Omaha area.“
ozzy70 2126 days ago
82 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Visited after work on a Thursday. Light industrial area, newer warehouse type building. Parking is in the lot in front, would imagine this fills up on busier nights. Good crowd for a charity event. The tasting room is two rooms, with a larger bar and many tables around the room. The brewery is visible through windows at the back of the room. Beer selection was 10 or so Nebraska beers, about half of which were the core lineup and the other half were seasonal and specialty offerings. Pints and 8 beer flights available, prices were normal. Reserve bottles and cans are also available to go. I imagine growlers too, but honestly didn’t notice Service was prompt, and with the crowd that was impressive. Friendly folks all around, fun visit.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2416 days ago
68 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“If you had to choose between the taproom and the brewpub, this is the place to go. More out of the way and beer-centric.“
ads135 2498 days ago
36 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Located in a very odd location. Got there shortly after they opened at noon, went in to a jerk who told me they aren’t open or serving. From what little I stayed before I walked out, it had a warehouse vibe to it, and seemed like a chill enough place, but the service here I have no doubt is never at the top of their "things to be good at." I can tell all the other ratings on here are bogus too. Short and perfect scores. Too many other great new breweries in Omaha now to waste time on this place. Way over priced too.“
rennat42 2769 days ago
8 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Not much to be said about this brewery. The best turd amongst many other turds. The beer is subpar, but not bad for Omaha. IPA’s are overly bitter and don’t utilize the right type and amount of aroma hops. The Cardinal Pale Ale is a diacetyl bomb. Every beer sampled from a can is heavily oxidized (they haven’t even been canning long enough to achieve this type of oxidation). Micro analysis was run in our lab, and every beer was tested micro positive. The DO levels were sky high, which explains the oxidation issue. Their "barrel aged" beers are unimpressive and lackluster. One would think that a chardonnay barrel aged Belgian ale would exhibit some sort of mixed fermentation. No brett funk, no lactic sourness, nothing. Just an average Belgian style golden ale put in neutral Chardonnay barrels. Its clear that the low competition in the Omaha market has made this brewery complacent. They do not need to make great beer to stand out. They will have a hard time getting into any competitive beer markets if they do not step their game up and solve some of their quality control issues.“
beerknurd2015 3002 days ago
100 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Great beer! Fun place!“
ayarnell 3002 days ago
100 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Great place, Great people, Great beers.“
bugeater 3002 days ago
92 /100 6950 S 108TH STREET
“Disclaimer - I am the owner / founder. As this is a newly opened location, I add this review to set expectations and welcome you to the State’s largest and most accoladed brewery. 17 beers are made year round by NBC, many are on tap here. (some require barrel aging and come and go) This is likely the only place in the State to find a few of our Reserve Series beers on tap. Limited food selection, some guest taps, wine and mixed drinks and this is a great place to drop in, sample a wide range of our beers or hold a business meeting or party in the event space. All bartenders are Cicerone Beer Server Certified and well educated with our history. Please stop in and leave your own review. Cheers“
pkavulak 3002 days ago