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82 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“I found this place doing a google search for beer stores in New Jersey, but close to Philadelphia. This place turned out to be very good find. I was specifically looking for NJ craft beer singles and ended up getting a whole case of beers I had never rated. The store also has a nice selection of draft beers available as pint pours, 32 oz crowlers or 64 oz growlers. Prices were very reasonable across the board, and some, but not all, of the staff were knowledgeable about the beers.“
Iphonephan 814 days ago
62 /100 943 KINGS HWY, STE 507
“It’s a small place for locals without a huge selection, but everything on the shelves and in the coolers was fresh and well-organized. No singles, really, except for the bombers and 750s; I think I’ll probably be only be coming back for the occasionally sixer or case. Service was great! Score isn’t meant as a slight; they’ve done a great job with the space allotted.“
ganache 3765 days ago
92 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“A great selection of the majority of brews available in NJ. Well organized, spactious, and Jason and the staff are on point with recommendations and advice. Add to that an amazing growler station and frequent brewery tastings, and this place is a must. Dangerous if you live within walking distance.“
constructicon 4133 days ago
90 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Local place, good service and a growler station to love.“
gdobbs87 4163 days ago
38 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Very Good slection of Mirco Brew beers, but the real plus in the draft Micro Brews that they offer on tap for sampling and to take home in growlers.“
Sloizeaux 4216 days ago
78 /100 943 KINGS HWY, STE 507
“My local liquor store. Always has a good selection of cold craft beers. the service is great and the price matches any other store“
robiannelli 4255 days ago
50 /100 943 KINGS HWY, STE 507
“Small place, mosly some 6 packs chilled small Selection, but they will order something if you want good service, reasonable prices, good 30"s some singels about 40 or so moslty 25 ozers,.“
Billicus 4370 days ago
92 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“My favorite beer place! well light and organized, large open alsies, service is awesome from the manger down to the workers, asked many times about a certain, beer my man just gose in the back, and comes back with the answer if he dosent know off the top of his head, great pricing the best Ive seen, go here on the way home, growler station they have knocks this place out of the park, its woth the drive from alot of areas, come in youll love it and you just might bump into the Sponge!“
Billicus 4399 days ago
94 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“My favorite place for fresh tap beer in South Jersey. A wide and ever changing Growler fill station selection. Also a wide selection of beer form around the world in various forms (six packs, singles, and large bottles). A special section for seasonal beers. I visist this place at least once a week. It has become my staple for my special Sunday football beer, when I like to enjoy a fresh tasty IPA.“
AlephNull3 4847 days ago
80 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Beer on Tap is a very nice touch. Aweosme selection and a very knowldegable crew, including beer and wine experts always around who actually give good suggestions. Other than the pain-in-the-ass parking lot this is the premier place to go“
robiannelli 4993 days ago
96 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Great selection of singles and bombers alike. Talked to the owner/head brew importer who was extremely friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. I spent close to $200 and came home with around 25 bottles of varying sizes and qualities. Overall a rare gem; in the midst of the macro-brew dominated suburbs of South Jersey, this place really stands out. Highly recommended.“
patrickfannon 5174 days ago
92 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Great selection new singles section great prices. What else can we ask for.“
page0901 5648 days ago
70 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“My in-laws live in Wenonah and I used to go over to Monster Beverage when we’d visit, but this is much closer. It is at least as good as Monster selection wise and is better from a cleanliness and layout standpoint. The prices were pretty good. No singles, but a good bomber selection. I easily spent $100 and would have spent much more if they’d had a singles selection. Worth a stop.“
NYHarvey 6244 days ago
72 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“Really happy this opened, easily the best in the immediate vicinity, next closest is a 15-20 min drive away in Pitman/Glassboro. Victory, Stoudt’s, Lancaster, Lagunitas, Smuttynose, Allagash, Southampton, etc., good Euro selection, Belgians are well-represented. Clean and well organized and lit, very helpful service. Food is down to munchies. Tons and tons of parking, right next to a supermarket. No breaking sixers and limited singles. Every once and a while, a nice surprise - last time, stocked with Southern Tier!

Update in March 08 - wow, the craft section has really, really come along. It’s nice to see so many NY/MA/ME brews trickle this far down into Jersey (and they have Captain Lawrence), lots of West Coast bombers, and most of the better Belgians available in the States. [78]

Update in October 2012 - back in town for the first time in a while and the experiment with the growler fill station has proved to be a big hit, good variety and frequent rotation, and good price options ($10 to $30+). Some of the guys on staff really know their stuff, and service has never been anything less than super friendly. [90]

Yikes. Has been a Super Buy Rite for a while now, though I only recently noticed the new sign out front. Noticing the supply of singles has been drying up, down to a trickle now, though the growler station is chugging along. Also notice myself going elsewhere. [Jan 2017: 72]“
ganache 6265 days ago
66 /100 1075 MANTUA PIKE
“For South Jersey, they have an amazing selection. Almost two full aisles of beer. Great Belgian / rare beer selection. The prices are outstanding, but watch the age of some of the IPAs. They just put in a singles section that covers close to everything they have in stock. They also just added a growler fill station with 6 lines. Worth your trip if you’re anywhere semi-close.“
MrBendo 6311 days ago