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82 /100 139 HOYT AVE
“UPDATE: My initial experience with ordering beer from Half Time as a direct shipper was poor. Very poor. However, they have completely turned it around. Order was quickly fulfilled, the stock on the website matched their actual inventory and they still have a great selection. Kudos to them for turning the ship around.“
GregMooreNH 1301 days ago
80 /100 139 HOYT AVE
“This is quite possibly the biggest craft beer store I’ve ever set foot in - a supermarket-sized place in good ol’ southern Westchester. It was fun to check the place out, and of course I left with some beer. There was a lot to choose from, and I could have made a strong case to pick up more than I did. The staff was friendly and helpful. I’ll bring a bigger crate next time.“
Slipstream 2963 days ago
88 /100 139 HOYT AVE
“I almost didn’t stop in this place while in Mamaroneck, NY on business today. This is a world class beer bottle shop with selection like no other. That includes New Beer Distributors on Manhattan’s Lower East side. Are there some IPAs and the such that may be outta date? You bettcha’ but that’ll be particularly the IPA imports. Really wonderful bottle shop that I wish was on my side of the George Washington Bridge.“
Odysseyalien 3253 days ago
76 /100 139 HOYT AVE
“Big warehouse type beer in the back..very good selection..but too many old bottles of IPA’S,Ambers,etc that need to be taken off the shelves.“
mstrcrwly 3316 days ago
86 /100 139 HOYT AVE
“recent visit..real close to the mamaroneck train station..extremely large store..claim to have worlds largest variety of beer is quite large with everything organized by country in the aisles..They have 50 doors worth of coolbox beer that spans the width of the store...22 tap growler filling station..keg room..homebrew stuff and glassware is also available...pretty impresive the sheer volume here..not as many rarities as I was hoping to find..worth a stop for the sheer wow factor that anything can be a single...“
HeadyDE 3619 days ago
84 /100 139 HOYT AVE

Huge. Welcoming. Bright. Well-designed. Areas of the establishment are clearly defined and labeled. Long, spacious rows are not yet filled, but offer a promising glimpse into what this place can be in the future.

They’ve got some fantastic stuff here, not all of it easy to find elsewhere. Craft beer fans can spend at least an hour in hear perusing the aisles before deciding what their budget will get them. Because the place is so new, so are the products. Nothing dusty, nothing damaged, nothing expired (that I saw).

A couple of sales folks were doing the rounds. Folks were available for questions but were not overbearing by any means. Check-out people were friendly. Manager/owner seemed a bit overwhelmed (they opened before scheduled because customers were banging on their doors daily).

Best I’ve seen at a beer store thus far. Craft Beer from the US, South America, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain. The list goes on. Entire sections dedicated to Gluten-Free (not my thing, but this is indicative of their breadth of selection). Their tap wall (for growler fills/refills) features 22 rotating taps.

They also have a home brew supply selection. As a home brewer I’d sooner go to my preferred Local Homebrew Supply shop, but this place could do in a pinch.

The soda and crap beer selection is also plentiful, but rightly segregated towards the rear of the store, clearing the way for their customers to bask in their craft beer selection.

Fair prices that seem aligned with the market. Prices and availability of product are attainable on their website (

Huge. Accommodating. Varied. Easy to access. Knowledgeable staff.
TonyBeerdain 3777 days ago