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56 /100 260 14TH AVE NE
“Because North Carolina breweries can self distribute within the state, most grocery stores end up with a decent selection of local beers from breweries that aren't far from the store, and from larger NC craft breweries that can send beer to their distribution centers. This Lowe's is no exception. The range of beers from the rest of the country and international is mostly limited to the usual (larger) suspects. There are now enough real beer stores in the area, though, that they are a better bet.“
Travlr 1361 days ago
80 /100 109 GOVERNMENT AVE. SW
“Large modern place. Street parking, plenty on a Sunday. Left hand side is all coolers and there are three rows of shelves. Small bar towards the back. Sixteen beers on tap, a decent variety, available as flights of four for eight buck or full pours. Solid bottle selection with decent prices and some good beers on mark-down. Helpful staff. Worth a stop while passing through.“
Travlr 1365 days ago
76 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“In the old train station, as others have noted. Lots of parking, but most of it was closed for a beer festival when I stopped by (no problem there!). First thing you see when you step inside is a wine store, then a small section for bottled beers and a bakery. Keep going and you’ll see the two-room restaurant, first room with a long bar, 50 taps. First dozen or so are Olde Hickory, the rest are basic/flagship craft. Food was tasty, and service was great. Worth a stop if passing by.“
Travlr 1857 days ago
80 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Second place I wanted to try on the way to Asheville. In a long strip mall, but not really corporate in feel. Standard brewpub look to it, however. Plenty of parking. Make sure you don’t go to the brewery, which is not far (walkable), but also not open to the public. Decently busy mid-afternoon. I asked about samples and he ran me a full list of everything with prices, which was a nice touch. I thought prices were for samples, which would have made them expensive, but they were full pours, thus cheap. I ended up having only three to conserve myself, but they were all solid. They had Event Horizon on when I was therre, making it two for two on BA RIS whales from NC.“
bytemesis 2186 days ago
74 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Taproom with food - Friday’s corporate feel. In a strip mall. Great beers including most of their stouts.“
jtclockwork 2212 days ago
52 /100 2828 US HWY 70 SW
“Not sure if this place should be reclassified as another outpost of Olde Hickory. All their taps are Olde Hickory, and there’s not much mention of the name Amos Howards at all, though I think the name was still on the building and maybe the menu? Anyway, I thought the beers I tried were okay, but nothing special. Sort of a depressing place, very dark and dingy. The food was okay at best as well. Nothing I would go out of my way for. Quite a few guest beers as well, and a bunch of bottles. Nothing too crazy though. Fonta Flora isn’t more than 20 minutes away, and has far superior beer (but no food).“
ben4321 2685 days ago
100 /100 1423 29TH AVE DR NE
“Great place and on Thursdays its great fun awith a DJ great beer and music!“
Arield411 2869 days ago
72 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Been here a few times when in the area for work. Lots of dark wood and long and narrow. Usually somewhat busy but I’ve never seen it crowded. Good selection of OH beers and they also hae macro’s as well. Food menu is pretty standards, but very affordable. A nice stop to grab a few beers and a bite.“
Cliff 2888 days ago
100 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“Absolutely gorgeous remodel of the classic train station. 50 beers on tap, killer food. Nice little bottle shop and deli in front. Found some cool OHB bottles and a few bottles of vino for my lady. Honestly after years of mediocre food at the OH taproom this stop is a greatly welcomed addition to Hickory.“
LionsMaine 2892 days ago
“Nice place to stop if in the area. More craftbeers than many other Mellow Mushroom’s (except the one in Asheville of course). The food is decent...although coming from the NYC area...it’s hard for me to rank any pizza at a chain outside the northeast as something to recommend...but compared to other places in the area...not bad. Great place to try flights...and have snacks or watch the TV with friends.“
PRBeer 2901 days ago
88 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“We came by here for dinner after Hickory Hops 2014. They were pretty busy, but we were seated immediately (on their awesome patio - highly recommended...). Service was friendly and efficient, and pretty knowledgeable of their beers, as well. Food was really good, especially the cauliflower fritters. We really enjoyed our dinner here!“
Suttree 2945 days ago
76 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“The old railway station has been sympathetically restored and converted into an attractive bar with 40 or 50 taps, including a couple of cask beers. There’s also a dining room, a small café and a shop with a nice selection of deli food and a good range of bottled beers so it has everything you need, all in one place!
(Visited 11 February 2014).“
Boudicca 2947 days ago
70 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Downtown Hickory has a typical row of buildings in the main street, which has been made into a pedestrian area. It was deserted when we arrived late morning but it turned out that everyone was in the Olde Hickory Tap Room! There are two rooms with plenty of seating at tables but it was so busy and bustling that we were lucky to find a place at the bar. Fortunately the bar chairs were very comfortable and we spent a while there as there’s a very long list of beers - perhaps around 20 taps, mainly their own brews plus a few guests. There are 900 pewter mugs belonging to mug club members over the bar and on the wall beyond and the very hardworking and efficient barmaid told us there are 70 still waiting to be put up. It’s a popular place, and deservedly so. (Visited 11 February 2014).“
Boudicca 2953 days ago
78 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Solid brewpub. They had a least a dozen of their own beers on in addition to another eight or so from other brewers. Unfortunately, the quality of the Olde Hickory beers varied widely. Some were world class (e.g. The Event Horizon) while many were mediocre to average (most of the IPAs). Still, fun to be able to try so many in one place. The value was great and the staff was friendly. I did not eat here during this visit. Certainly worth stopping by if you’re in the area.“
Leighton 3005 days ago
76 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Visited on a Thursday afternoon. Approximately 12 Olde Hickory beers on tap as well as 5-10 guest beers (sampler flights offered). Wood panel, dive bar / brewpub atmosphere. Most beers were pretty mediocre, but there were a couple that were really quite good. Worth checking out, there are a good amount of beers on tap and Event Horizon is very good if it is around.“
jcnielsen 3009 days ago
74 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“We went here over Christmas. A gourmet deli and bottle shop up front and a bar in the other part. 40 or so eclectic taps with plenty of interesting locals and the Olde Hickory line. It was a pain to figure out what was what though. The bartender didn’t know which line was where and knew little about beer in general. There is one rating I have down that I still can’t identify. He was nice though and it was comfortable at the bar. Only ordered some wings and they were good. The beer prices were very respectable overall. Would definitely check in next time I’m in town.“
DialSquare 3015 days ago
70 /100 403 HIGHWAY 70 SW
“Not really a beer destination, but a really good German restaurant strangely placed in Hickory, NC. They had a couple brews new to me -- got a Weissenohe Monks Fest -- but the food is great and the reason to go. The people that run it are clearly German (or are wonderful actors). I got a schnitzel covered with sardines that I may have to go back for the next time I’m in town. Highly recommended as a restaurant.“
DialSquare 3038 days ago
86 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“I was doing business in Hickory recently or I wouldn’t have found this place (thank you RateBeer!)...especially since I’d just spent the previous weekend in Asheville hitting up the great beer scene there. The beer selection here is quite large for a brewpub...the quality varies quite a bit though...ranging from good to pretty good...up to a few very good beers. I tried them all via multiple flights. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere is very enjoyable...dark though...which I’m fine with. There was a very good live band playing when I arrived so that only added to my enjoyment. Definitely the place to go in Hickory (the Mellow Mushroom has a good beer selection...but none of this place’s character). Check out the huge mug collection hangng behind the bar and on the ceiling!“
PRBeer 3044 days ago
64 /100 260 14TH AVE NE
“This used to be a Harris Teeter I believe. My folks said there was some territorial deal between the two grocery chains that had the HT’s in Hickory switched to Lowes. Anywho... There were two main beer sections. The typical macro/micro beer isle with dogfish, etc. and a local section up front. The local area was quite nice. There was a wide selection of carolina brew and I picked up 3 mixed six packs of new to me locals. It was nice that the mixed sixes are a set $9.99. There were also growlers of Olde Hickory on the shelves, but no apparent growler station. So, not sure how fresh those were. Overall a great stop if you’re looking for local ticks.“
DialSquare 3060 days ago
86 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“visited here back in august. was told about it by the good people at olde hickory brewery. since this building was refurbished by the employees i had to see for myself what they did. hopped across the tracks into the old train station. inside were some coolers with beers and wines and a deli type counter serving lots of yummy looking meats and cheese and other gourmet foods. since we had just eaten at the pub we passed on the food but it looked great. the bar with their marble counter top and wood shelving was impressive as was the dining area. they had 50 taps running with all of the old hickory beers plus many others from around the area and country. the bartender and manager were both very nice and knowledgeable about the building proper and the beers and food. had a couple of tasters and a couple of pints and lots of conversation. relativiely inexpensive to eat and drink. but i (we) will be back there for more.“
tmongoose 3096 days ago
82 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“started the day off with lunch and beer. downtown on a pedestrian walkway no cars allowed. lots of old wood and decent sized bar. our waitress/bartender Adrienne was awesome totally recommened everything. sampler was 12 beer strong plus an extra on 21st amendment watermelon. beers all solid and the food was very good. twenty beers on tap. my Rueben was off the hook good. friends turkey wrap and salad both big and enough to bring home. overall very enjoyable experience. now across the train track is the old hickory station 1907 train station totally rehabbed by olde hickory employees its a deli beer and wine and bar and restaurant. 50 taps strong...don’t miss the visit.“
tmongoose 3188 days ago
86 /100 232 SW GOVT BLVD
“51 drafts ranging across beer styles, from cider to RIS. 13-15 taps featuring all available Olde Hickory Brewery drafts. A full service bar and restaurant, focusing on fresh locally available sourced items, as well as a mercantile area featuring fine wines and bottled beers as well as cheeses, deli meats and other gourmet items.“
Beercrafter 3219 days ago
74 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Nice wide open bar area, big dining area as well. Standard offerings from them with an ok guest tap list. Good food choices and quality. Service good but not great.“
decaturstevo 3222 days ago
76 /100 2828 US HWY 70 SW
“Had a little trouble finding the place, but it was well worth the effort. The huge barrels added a feeling of intimacy to the table seating, but took up a lot of space. Prices were fantastic and the beers are solid.“
magsinva 3268 days ago
78 /100 2828 US HWY 70 SW
“This one is hard to find if you’re. It looking for it. Its located in a small shopping strip that’s seen better days which means theres plenty of parking. It’s not a huge space especially since a number of the tables are made of of large barrels. It’s not an efficient use of space but it adds to the ambience they had 15 Olde Hickory on tap as well as over 100 local and regional craft in bottles. The service was friendly and engaging even if they didn’t know a ton about beer. The beer’s we had were solid and the was flavorful as well. Prices here are fantastic. 20-30% cheaper than Charlotte, The Triad, or the Triangle. I’m glad we visited.“
DiarmaidBHK 3269 days ago
76 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Great atmosphere, and a nice selection of beer and other booze. Food is what you would expect at a ber, but nicely done. I was very satisfied with everything at Olde Hickory.“
HourGlass13 3427 days ago
82 /100 256 1ST AVE NW
“Cool place. We were browsing about downtown area one afternoon and ended up hanging out here for a couple hours. Decent selection (particularly for Hickory I’d think) - 30 or so taps. We mainly stuck to the local breweries we don’t get back home - a green man and duck rabbit - also had a 3 year old dogfish old school. The place itself is open and comfortable with one long bar. We ordered a cheese plate and flat bread and they were both quite good. Everyone was nice and helpful. Would definitely visit again.“
DialSquare 3470 days ago
84 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“This place is a full bar and a local favorite apparently. There was an older crowd (like 60+) at most of the bar but definitely some younger people around too. Decent food, and 12 beers on tap plus bottles of Lindley Park while we were there. They are doing the Imperial Stouts right.“
MlhopeTC 3497 days ago
88 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Stopped in here for lunch on the way home from a road trip. Glad I did. You can build your own flight for $1/brew ($1.50 for high grav). I’ve liked this brewery for a while, so I was excited to try it and wasn’t disappointed. Good selection of their own stuff on tap. Food was great - definitely pub food, but really high quality pub food. I was impressed.“
maxwelldeux 3570 days ago
82 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“This is basically a two room saloon style bar set in the middle of an artsy square across from a train station. The square had a farmers market goin on when we visited. Service at the bar was excellent. We did a flight of a crazy amount of their beers, fourteen or so. Didn’t try the food, but it looked like standard pub fare. Worth visiting just to check out the neat little area around the brewpub.“
Travlr 3598 days ago
80 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“On our way back from the Asheville area last week, this place was a must-stop. Came here for dinner with the family. The establishment sits in a cool little area filled with coffee shops, wine bars, and art studios. Neat little area to walk. The place was pretty dark inside, and the interior didn’t flow really well. It was like there were 2 rooms. We were place on the non-bar side. Tap handles completely cover the walls. Service was decent. Waitress was prompt and efficient. The beer selection was really good, as expected. Most all of the OHB brews were available, even some of the special releases. They had a smattering of offerings from other local breweries as well, which was nice. But I was here solely for some fresh OHB. The food was fantastic! I got a burger and my wife got a pizza, and both were excellent. This place will become a regular stop on my way down the 40. Recommend.“
Onenote81 3602 days ago
70 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“I think DiarmaidBHK summed it up well. While the OHB brews aren’t exciting, they are solid efforts, and the prices are excellent!“
magsinva 3605 days ago
72 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Located in the heart of downtown Hickory, Olde Hickory Tap room is a massive place fronted by lots of free street parking. Te room is divided into a large restaurant area and the bar area. Lots of dark wood and brewers metro ilia on the wall. We went on a Saturday night and even with the loud music, no cover charge though, the service was efficient. They had 7 of their own on tap as well as 12-14 guest taps of local and regional craft. The bottles were mainly BMC. The beers were solid but not spectacular. The wings were fantastic. The best part is the price with OHB pints starting at $3.50. I’m not usually into the loud bar thing but the singer was incredible, I’ve never heard a soul version of Shine on you crazy diamond before, and I had a good time.“
DiarmaidBHK 3605 days ago
“Stopped by here with the family for lunch. Not many people there right at noon, but it slowly filled up as we ate. Because of this though, the service was fantastic. Never did we have an empty glass. Food came out promptly, and as always, was fantastic. We always seem to go with their "House" pie, and why fix what isn’t broken? As for the beer, I’ve seen better rotations at other MMs, but I’ve also seen worse. Lots of locals represented - Highland, Duck-Rabbit, Foothills, Olde Hickory, Catawba. And the usual suspects as well - Rogue, DFH, New Belgium, SN, etc. They have quite a bottle-selection as well. One would be hard-pressed to not find something tasty on this menu...drink as well as food. Recommend.“
Onenote81 3611 days ago
94 /100 256 1ST AVE NW
“The best rotating selection of craft beer available in Hickory. The food is amazing and one of the owners is always there usually behind the bar. I think some of the beers are a little overpriced for Hickory, but your paying for the variety and rarity of the beers that you will only find here. Every Wednesday is pint night featuring multiple beers from the select brewery of the night. Often times a brewery rep is present and free shwag is given away. Occasionally when it gets really busy service will suffer.“
Nuwandam 3617 days ago
82 /100 2828 US HWY 70 SW
“came here on the way out of town and after leaving the downtown location on 7/12/11. i liked this place a lot more than their other spot... great atmosphere. it is kinda divey but comfortable. the beers taste better, the service is better and more congenial and there are a lot more bottles to choose from. i should sat and drank here all day instead...“
hellbilly 3688 days ago
68 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“stopped in 7/12/11. lots of junk and beer related stuff everywhere.... even had a four peaks sign by the bar! bartender seemed like she didn’t want to be there. decent food menu of standard stuff but it is just that....only decent. dozen or so of their brews on tap.“
hellbilly 3688 days ago
54 /100 260 14TH AVE NE
“Nice big clean open grocery store. Different design than you find in most grocery store leads to good visibility but it can get a little disorienting.The staff is what you expect, prices are OK, parking is aplenty. There is a HUGE beer selection here. At least half of it is macros but there is a good selection of NC and American micros with a smattering of foreign beers. Pretty large singles selection in a build your own 6 pack. Not too many bottle shops in Hickory, so this is a good place to stock up if you don’t expect to find any rarities.“
Drake 3736 days ago
50 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“October 2011. In the heart of what seems like a good old fashioned American town, OHB offers a wide array of house and guest taps alongside the standard pub fare lineup of food. The place is cavernous and adorned with breweriana. We didn’t eat, but instead sampled a handful of beers, all of which were fairly average. A previous rater described the service as "lazy and uninterested" -- I wouldn’t go that far, but the whole vibe here was somewhat apathetic, and I think that comes across in the food and beer as well. (#548)“
Braudog 3882 days ago
90 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“real cool place, got food and beer and lots of it. always try to swing by when i’m in town“
hectorG 3960 days ago
“great place to get a pizza and a beer. decent value, extra good pizza “
hectorG 3960 days ago
82 /100 403 HIGHWAY 70 SW
“Nice German restaurant. Might be the best German food I’ve ever had. Located on a big highway, the parking lot seems sparse but I didn’t see what’s behind the building. Large, open place adorned with all manner of German beer and other decor. Customer service is excellent. Prices are high but you get what you pay for. Three beers on tap including one seasonal. A fairly large bottle list has all the usual German suspects, but also some more unusual stuff, including two Schlenkerla beers. Overall, this is an excellent place. I wish I didn’t live 5 hours away.“
Drake 4063 days ago
“I guess this a newer location. Big open feel... lots of natural light. Nice. Large bar in the middle. Good tap selection, lots of micros with a good selection of locals. Good bottle list as well. Parking is ample. Did not try the food. Staff wasn’t that helpful. Nice stop.“
Drake 4063 days ago
68 /100 2828 US HWY 70 SW
“I came here after the downtown OHB location, and I liked this one better. Definitely a low key atmosphere, think country dive bar. Seating options are innovative as you can sit inside converted barrels. Customer service was nice. The taps are all OHB brews, but there are a lot of other bottles behind the bar, though I never saw a bottle list. The one beer I had at both locations was better here. They were out of one beer I wanted to try. Samples are cheap. Did not try the food. Parking is ample. I had a good time.“
Drake 4063 days ago
50 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Located downtown. Parking was easy around 2PM on a Thursday. Big restaurant with two sides and lots of beer stuff on the walls. Customer service was lazy and disinterested. The food was average. Prices are reasonable. About half of the taps are OHB and half were guest taps, with some good stuff and some mediocre stuff. There are bottles to go, but they are more expensive than the bottle shop, which is lame. Not a bad stop, but not a good one and I enjoyed Amos Howards more.“
Drake 4063 days ago
68 /100
Hops and Grapes (Beer Store)
“Nice little bottle shop. More geared towards wine, but there is a long cooler of craft beer on the left, as well as a smattering elsewhere. Good selection of foreign, US and micro. I got a Hoppin Frog DORIS which was cool. Prices seemed to be a bit on the high side, but not unreasonable. Staff was nice enough. Parking is fine, as its in a strip mall.“
Drake 4063 days ago
66 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Visited here on a Tuesday late afternoon to a fairly full bar and slightly less filled restaurant. There were a number of beers on tap (can’t quite recall the #) - a few interesting styles although most were your basic IPA, pale, lager, etc. They did have some guest taps although nothing exciting (Spaten Lager, Victory Prima, Guinness, Harpoon UFO Raspberry, SN Celebration) and nothing local. The crowd seemed like mostly locals and there were a fair few just ordering hard liquor (there seemed to be an extensive liquor collection). The bartender was talking to some local patrons about shooting people with marshmallows with one of those toy guns. So the atmosphere was a little off-putting. We just split some chicken tenders (which were actually surprisingly good...other stuff I saw people order did NOT look very good esp. the personal pizza). Overall I suppose it’s worth a visit because most of the beer is decent, but beyond that not so much.“
LilBeerDoctor 4159 days ago
78 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Roughly 20 beers on tap, including some guest beers. I would have given a 5 for ambiance if not for the cigarette smoke. Maybe I’m spoiled by living in a state that bans smoking from all restaurants (GA). The smoke was not noticable on the restaurant side but the men’s room was on the bar side so you pretty much couldn’t avoid it. Good beer selection, good food, mediocre service (on a Saturday night). Food was better than most beers. Oak aged Table Rock Pale Ale was the lone shining star on the beer menu but I onlly tried about half of them...“
beernoevil 4678 days ago
82 /100 222 UNION SQUARE
“Visited here after the 09 Hickory Hops. We were planning on going here before the festival, but their booth at the festival sinched it for me. They have some excellent creative offerings. Barrel aged Schwarz and Irish red were two I had not seen done before and the barrel aged barlewine was also excellent. They had 18 crafts on tap, with a Guiness and something else larger. I assumed that the Old Hickory Brewery did all these, but maybe I’m mistaken. It was not apparent which were theirs. The food menu looks like it has taken a step up from the previous reviews. Ahi tuna steak and jerk chicken sandwich were very good. Burger was a burger, but fine. Pub chips with the pub cheese was the best however. Service was good even though they were very busy. Probably one of the few days they are that busy. Would visit again if in Hickory. Not quite sure what to make of Hickory...probably will not return unless I go to the next Hickory Hops or am in need of some furniture. If this was near me I would be in here all“
timsilvia32 4781 days ago
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