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76 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Rogue's big harborfront operation is still a brewery/distillery first, but there are noteworthy bells and whistles that make it a good stop. You can get a tap beer while shopping the swag and carryout beer and liquor, have a meal on the backside of the brewery in their restaurant or enjoy a beverage overlooking Yaquinta Bay. I was in just the brewery side of the operation, but there appeared to be a good sized crowd at the other building housing the distillery.“
mrjaxson 143 days ago
86 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Located near the west end of a touristy street, on a Tuesday night in October we could park right in front. There were about 20 ale offerings on tap plus a wide lineup of Rogue's distilled products including three whiskys. Flights were available for both beer and whisky, with the beer flights being a near-ridiculous four 4-oz glasses for $8. There were main courses and reasonably priced appetizers to help cushion the many little beers. A small swag shop with clothes and beverages was there, too. A great stop.“
mrjaxson 143 days ago
74 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Where the Rogue nation started, so a cool piece of beer history. That being said, it is not that impressive to be honest, an old wood building in a fish market on the bay front. A decent amount of space, but the bar front and center when you walk in is flooded with locals that give you a weird eye on a Wednesday night. Food was decent, beer was to see some Rogue beer you can't find in the public. Considering the history, it is worth a stop, but I think the other brewery is town is likely where they spend their money.“
jbruner 1209 days ago
84 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Nice Bar. Very good Restaurant. Great selection of Rogue Beers. Excellent Service. We (as travelling Family) liked it a lot here.“
hawanna 2722 days ago
62 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“So many beers but no character at all. This place has nothing to do with a charming craft brewery. It is a beer factory with too much merchandising around. Disappointing.“
Highlander1811 2751 days ago
84 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“Must stop while in Newport. Both times I have been here it has been very relaxed and decent prices. They have a good selection of bottles and cans. They are becoming a brewery too with about half of the taps being their own.“
boisebeerguy 2798 days ago
70 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Visited here on Memorial Day weekend. Pretty busy, as one might expect. It’s definitely a public house in Newport - there’s not a lot of character and, in fact, it seems rather old and worn. Unfortunately, not in the charming antique kind of way. Service was pretty good, but I was very disappointed by the lack of tasters on this particular weekend, and the beers that I tried were merely OK. Prices suck. Ultimately, this was kind of a tick for me.“
Sarlacc83 2808 days ago
88 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“I went to the Rogue Public House in beautiful Newport, OR about six years ago while driving the PCH with my wife. We actually stayed at the B&B upstairs, which was pretty incredible. Nice big place that has two bombers in your fridge when you arrive. Overall, was a big fan of this place, great selection of Rogue beers on tap, good food, comfy atmosphere, would definitely recommend this place...especially anyone interested in crashing there for the night.“
andyhwcinc 2926 days ago
64 /100
South Beach Fish Market (Grocery Store)
3640 US 101
“An odd place with a seafood shack, a fish monger and convenience store all connected. Beer selection is OK with lots of locals, but nothing you won’t find at any reasonable shop. Unless you need some regular shelf beer, you aren’t missing much.“
Ferris 3112 days ago
80 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Wednesday night around 9 o’clock and it felt like a kindergarten. Kids running around and screaming. The beers were tasty and there were enough to choose from. Not as many as in Rogue Portland though. Good selection of bombers of course but drinking a bomber all by myself in a brewpub is not something I prefer. Service was friendly and prompt although my clam chowder was served warm not hot but it seems that it’s their style. Cosy and warm place... a bit less kids and voilà! I wish I knew about the B&B rooms upstairs.“
rosenbergh 3205 days ago
74 /100
JC Market Thriftway (Grocery Store)
“I have shopped JC for 14 years now ,every time I am at the Coast. They have the best bottled selection in Newport. THey have a large walk in cooler with many PNW beers..some which I cant get in Salem. Prices are a little high ( for Oregon) but I always like it here. The people are very nice, and it beats an extra trip to Freddys to buy camping food.“
Reid 3583 days ago
58 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“I’ve been here a few times over the last 11 years. It went from a really great experience in 2003 to a big disappointment a few years later to a little better this last time a couple days ago. The beers have always been great. The service this last time was just really slow considering how many people were not in the bar and restaurant. The clam chowder came out luke-warm. I don’t understand how difficult it could be to serve chowder hot. Besides that the food is better than average but not good enough to justify the price premium.“
Fatehunter 3599 days ago
78 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“Quite a big bar that is for the locals. Small but good tap list, eager to offer samples. Nice bar and great local pub for the area. I didn’t eat but did get to try the new local brewery which is only at this bar and on tap.“
Ferris 3689 days ago
74 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Quite a unique and unusual brewpub. The signage is a bit dubious as to where to go to actually get in there - you have to walk through several doors, the actual brewery, and then up a flight of stairs to get to the pub / restaurant. Excellent extensive selection of Rogue beers, including some of their rarer and one-off ones. Prices are very reasonable and the service was very good. Definitely worth a stop when passing through Newport, even if you’re not a big fan of Rogue.“
mcberko 3717 days ago
70 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Very bizarre brewpub right in the actual Newport harbor under the massive bridge. Strange parking lot is intermixed with their actual operational brewery so get ready to dance with some semi-trucks. A few oddly pointing signs sent us driving around the area and into the Rogue Distillery house. Surely the kitchen and brewpub are not actually inside the brewery warehouse?? Well, surprise, they are. You walk through the giant red cylinder and follow some makeshift signs to a hidden kitchen and restaurant that has been jerry-rigged into the side of the brewery. Staff was nice, tap list was all Rogue beers with many things you can easily find in bottles. Only a few beers on tap were brewpub only types if any. Food was subpar- very disappointing given how good the menu looked. Kobe beef burger was overcooked and unseasoned. I hope it wasn’t real Kobe beef or I would cry in my sleep. Generic fries and pickles served with everything. Pretty lackluster overall. Food quality was similar to beer quality with a lot of letdowns. One or two of the golden IPAs were actually pretty solid. Overall, I’d scroll past from now on.“
GT 3776 days ago
74 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“I like the Public House in Newport. The decor is definitely Rogue brewpub. You can get a decent selection of to go bottles and shirts, ect... Food is really good and service is great! Close proximity to Old Town location like Ripleys & the Aquarium. Afterwards, head accross the bridge to Brewers On The Bay to see the actual brewery!“
Salmoniform 3777 days ago
86 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Brewers On the Bay has been one of my all-time favorite brewery establishments to attend for quite some time. You walk through a zig-zag of fermenters on your way to the gift shop where you can purchase beer & swag to go. Upstairs is the bar/restuarant, and in my opinion, the best food of any Rogue establishment. Upstairs, you overlook the harbor and marina where people are seen crabbing. It’s all-around a GREAT place! I really love it!!“
Salmoniform 3777 days ago
70 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Nice small Brewery and Brewpub.“
hawanna 3827 days ago
82 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“This is a good place to visit while in Newport. Rogue selection is very good here. Nautical theme with dark woods, low light“
Syzzer 3836 days ago
86 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Very cool spot to enjoy a few sample trays and a brewery tour. Food was pretty good.“
beernovice39 3839 days ago
70 /100
South Beach Fish Market (Grocery Store)
3640 US 101
“Operated as a convenience store on one side with a fish market/restaurant on the other. Beer selection is vast, with about 40-50 different breweries represented and nearly all bottles and cans in coolers. Everything is available as a single. A better selection than other groceries in Newport, though not as expansive as Bier One, but much easier to get in and out of given the parking situation. The fish stand is fantastic and has a lot of clams, oysters, shrimp and crab to eat on premises or take to-go. They will also boil your crabs for a flat fee of $5, and they ship seafood on dry ice overnight via FedEx. Very friendly local folks running the place. Cold beer, good people and fresh seafood. What’s not to like?“
3fourths 3882 days ago
94 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“This place is awesome! My dad and I stayed in the B & B upstairs and it couldn’t be move convenient. Lots of beers to choose from and nice people.“
Vballnbeer 3886 days ago
68 /100
Nana’s Irish Pub (Restaurant)
613 NW 3RD ST
“Nice little place. Nothing out of the ordinary North American Irish pub atmosphere. Friendly staff, good Irish pub fare. Typical Guinness product lineup, Rogue tap(s), and a few craft bottles.“
XaenDovet 3912 days ago
94 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“This bar is in the main brewery and it is located down a winding path thru that brewery which makes getting there half the fun. The food and atmosphere are great. What really sets this apart besides being right in the brewery is that the selection of Rogue beers is so large...many of which are limited releases or seasonals that at times you can only get at this location. Definitely woth a special trip.“
PRBeer 4006 days ago
78 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Stopped in on Saturday of the Wine and Seafood Festival. A crowded mad-house, but the staff handled it just fine. Friendly and attentive service, as it has always been every time I visit. 20 something taps, usually with a new brew for me to try. The bar is comfortable but nothing special. Extra seating is at a long half bar behind it. Over all a nice place to stop in at made even better by the people who work there.“
BK7 4016 days ago
88 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Nice location located in Newport looking over the Bay. Amazing selection of Rogue beers on tap including many that are not available for distribution. Host/Hostess were a little elitest but once you were seated the place felt very homey. Our server was very knowledgable about the beers and friendly all the way around. We had a few sandwiches which were shared and 2.5 samples each which allowed us to try 10 beers. My favorite by far was the dry hopped mogul madness. Bombers in the gift shop were priced higher than I can get them here on the east coast, but hey they are trying to get some tourist dollars from people visiting the coast. Very nice brewery with John giving tours when we were there.“
chicowv 4032 days ago
82 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“I loved this place. Made a special trip.The tour was cool. The food tastey, and the beer was good and plentiful.“
HopTsing 4132 days ago
80 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Visited here in August ’12. A must stop if visiting the Oregon coast. Located on top of the brewery with an excellent view out the window at a harbor full of fishing and sailing boats. Have at least 30 different selections on tap with a few guest taps as well - all are available as samplers. They provide you with a free tasting of the beer of the day. Menu has a lot of local seafood - I had a salmon sandwich which was pretty good. Service was just a tad slow, but friendly nonetheless. Gift shop below the brewpub with plenty of Rogue merchandise and plenty of bombers. The walk through the tanks on the way to the brewpub with the aroma of wort making you thirsty for some some beer.“
PorterPounder 4206 days ago
90 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Smells awful, beer way too expensive but you have to visit! Amazing choice for sampler platter - perfect selection of bottled beer to take home and an interesting tour of the facility. Gotta go, justbring lots of $“
munsemj 4207 days ago
84 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“July 2010. Ate in the restaurant, shared some samplers. Ambiance was beautiful, overlooked the bay. The food (burgers and sandwiches) was decent but didn’t stand out. Beers were served cold and filled to the top. I was surprised to see that they still had a winter seasonal (Yellow Snow) on in July, which made me question freshness. However, that didn’t come through in the flavor. Wanted to buy some merchandise but the wait was just too long. Will stop out again on my next trip.“
AcctError200505 4251 days ago
68 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“A small place in Newport, OR. 10 + taps and two coolers of bottles. The night I was there they had a couple of hard to find beers on tap. Plenty of seating in the main area and a large game room area to the side. Game room included pool tables, fooseball and darts. The game room got so loud that it was impossible to carry on a conservation. Overall good beer in an OK place.“
BK7 4253 days ago
78 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Really had great service yesterday, from te hostess & wiatress both. Food very tasty & fairly price. Ruben is excellent, as is the cheese soup and fries. all out of fish & chips at the time. Have about 20 routes on tap covering the whole reange of styles, & rogue brews fine beer. my only caveat is why do the beers cost more here, at their home, than at any other pub ?“
raphael 4269 days ago
96 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Huge selection of Rogue beers with a handful of them that I can’t get back home. Walking in, I was greeted with that awesome brewery hop and grain smell I really haven’t experienced in awhile. The service was above and beyond great. Walking into the pub part after buying a shirt and a bottle of Voodoo Bacon Maple in the gift shop I was immediately presented with a complimentary sample of Dad’s Little Helper. I ordered a sampler tray and received two more free samples before I left.“
poisoneddwarf 4273 days ago
56 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Big warehouse of a place off of the 101. Entrance was pretty well hidden and although there was plety of signage it was still pretty unclear where you were supposed to go. Once you navigated the maze there was a very small gift shop which also served as the waiting area to get upstairs to the bar/restaurant. There was an average 25-45 minute wait depending on the size of the party and all of those people were in the gift shop. Terrible layout. I kept having to sneak in-between parties of people to look at the selection of beer. Most of which seemed like it was available in abundance at just about any local grocery store. Maybe worth going just to say "I’ve been to Rogue" but pretty low on the rankings of brewery experiences.“
ApisAles 4353 days ago
82 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Review for the bar only. Great beer, Great atmosphere, Great people, decent service and way over priced. I love this place.“
BK7 4400 days ago
82 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Try them all and remember how and why you got into beer. This is the beer that got me into the game and they have something for everyone. More beer here, more food across the bay.“
forlove_ofbeer 4440 days ago
88 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“If you are looking for food first and beer second then stop here. For more beer go over the bridge. Either way commit some time for this stop.“
forlove_ofbeer 4440 days ago
90 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Came with the family after touring the bayfront for a little lunch. There was a lego table for the kiddos which kept them entertained and well behaved. My wife & I actually had a meal just the two of us. The main dining area is attached to a sports bar type room so I could peak in and see how the Ducks were doing. A very extensive beer list and we got a sample of the Crab Porter in honor of Newport’s seafood festival. Food is above average pub fare. The only complaint was that they were out of growlers.“
mjsnaz 4548 days ago
64 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Huge production brewery and restaurant right on the bay. You make your way through the brewery and into a retail area and then on to the restaurant. Everything is kind of dirty and dingy but I think that is the look they are going for. The service getting seated sucked but once we got a table the service got a lot better, we got free samples and prompt service. Selection is large but all the typical Rogue offerings, I think there was one beer we couldn’t get in Alaska at any liquor store. Food was decent and the prices were ok. If your in Newport I guess this place is worth stopping by but kind of the same old boring beer IMO.“
savnac 4581 days ago
96 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“This is a beer mecca high high up on the short list of places you certainly must visit if you even pretend to enjoy west coast ales. Brilliant. Wonderful. Amazing.“
nicksixsix 4595 days ago
100 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“The brief year I lived in newport was spent mostly drinking here. I miss this place so much! Huge selection of beers on tap, lots of locals and lots of attitude. Ice in the urinals! Smoking indoors was still permitted when i was there which was hip... being from california and a smoker i dug it. I even got a free half yard and t-shirt for my birthday! what a great great place i hope to return to someday!“
nicksixsix 4595 days ago
68 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“Long wait and iffy service on the restaurant side. Food was seriously decent though, if simple and overpriced. The beers, you know ’em. Here I began coming around to the idea that I’m a stout man. When I want to be. In Newport, I wanted to be. Next day we went crabbing on the pier. I snuck away to try a few more at the bar. Funny people there,“
JoeinDahlem 4614 days ago
74 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Plain room full of squalling kids on the left as you walk in, which was awesome because we had a squalling kid too. No, it does not offend me to be sequestered from the adults, but bring me a stout, young lady. I don’t know, the chocolate one. And some fries for the whippersnapper. Bring us some crayons too while you’re at it. And some shellfish of some kind. Ah yes. Life could be worse.“
JoeinDahlem 4614 days ago
80 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“Looking back, this was one of my favorite spots we visited in all of Oregon. Second only to Brewers Union, I think. It’s part homebrew shop, part bottle shop, part beer bar. I mean, that’s enough for me right there. Drop your cares, have a glass of beer, and geek out among the like-minded. Decent selection with a couple that were new to us. Growlers to take away to our beachside retreat. Only knock was that my son wasn’t allowed in... Oregon laws are weird that way.“
JoeinDahlem 4614 days ago
74 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“(Visited 02/2010): Rogue’s Public House in Newport is located right along the bay on Bay Blvd. Parking on the street was not an option on our visit as the whole place was torn up. We did park farther down at Ripley’s with no problems. There is a bed and breakfast above and a "museum" next door which turned out to be more restaurant seating. Inside the bar area is in the rear with table seating everywhere else. There is a small gift shop right in the entrance and there are bottles stocked all over. The requisite surfboard is present, and a lot of the decor includes awards received by the brewery, as well as a good collection of tap handles. The beer selection is pretty good. Many brews from Rogue, Eugene City and Issaquah are available. In addition there were some XS, Chatoe and Tracktown beers too. The beers are listed on a white board in the seating area. There are over 25 total and they offer a 4-beer sampler paddle where you write which beers you want on a piece of paper, costing $5.75. The beers were generally good, although the John John was noticeably less flavorful than it was in Portland just a day or 2 before, to the point where I suspected it was the Amber. The bartender verified it was the John John, so maybe that keg simply lacked something. Service was decent on a weekend afternoon. The server wasn’t overly knowledgeable about beer but was reasonably prompt and friendly. Our pub food was pretty good. We went with old fashioned hot dogs and sandwiches. Overall I liked the Brewery better but this place is worth a stop, especially on a nice day and the sea lions are out.“
Dogbrick 4709 days ago
76 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“(Visited 02/2010): Full disclosure: This is the kind of place you get increasingly giddy about as you get closer and closer. Situated across the bridge from the Public House, the Brewery and tap room is on OSU drive right off the 101 near the Marine Science Center. They have a large parking lot out front. Rogue trucks, a giant warehouse and silo that you walk through add to the anticipation, then you get a self-guided tour of the brewery of sorts as you make your way to the gift shop and bar. As I mentioned, the beer-giddy level just keeps going up. The tap room is upstairs from the gift shop and is cozy (and very warm) and offers a view down into the brewery. There are boards on either end listing the beers that are available. One interesting piece of decor above the bar was artwork done on the backs of coasters that were tacked to the underside. The beer list is pretty impressive, with around 50 taps. A paddle with 4 beer samples is available and is ordered by filling out a piece of paper and costs $5.75. The beers include the XS line, Chatoe, John John, Issaquah, Track Town, Mogul madness etc etc. All of the beers we tried were good. The brewery is stocked with a ton of bottles too, including the brand new Double Mocha Porter which I was happy to take home. Service was pretty good considering the place was packed. The bartender found time to chat about the beers and the surrounding area. A daily (I think) guided tour is available at 3PM. We did not try any food on this visit. Overall a trip to the Rogue Brewery should be near the top of any beer lover’s visit to Portland or the Oregon coast.“
Dogbrick 4709 days ago
56 /100 2320 OSU DRIVE
“On a west coast trip, this was my most disappointing stop. I LOVE Rogue brews and seek them out whenever I can, being an east coaster, that isn’t as often as I would have wanted. Detoured out of my way, my expectations here set too high. Clearly I was there on a bad service day. We were at the table for over 30 minutes before I got my first beer. The food came out at one hour and cold, and I wasn’t able to order a second beer. After "lunch", we retired to the bar on the other side and fared a bit better, but not much. I so very much wanted to love this location. I will just stick to the beers though.“
ericschoon 4753 days ago
70 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“small but quality selection of bottles. decent prices. 4-6 drafts focus on the non-standard. comfortable interior but not really a location I would want to spend time in (they would kill if down by the harbor). knowledgeable and helpful staff.“
3fourths 4918 days ago
76 /100 748 SW BAY BLVD
“Went there on my Oregon trip. Great place in a great town. Good selection of really good beer. Went there two nights in a row, to taste different types of beer.“
bjakk 4926 days ago
96 /100 424 SW COAST HWY
“Great beer selection both on tap and in bottles to go. There were many Oregon breweries represented. Also a large selection of meads. The homebrew supply part of the store was fairly impressive and much improved from last summer.“
ChestyLaRue 4965 days ago
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