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74 /100 110 STEWART RD
“A dark and wooden bar with a darts area that can get a bit too noisy. Dark, but comfortable. Nice spot with lots of beers and samplers. A great local with decent beers. Worth a stop.“
Ferris 2026 days ago
68 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“A weird warehouse like structure with a nice outdoor area and compartmentalized interior. Service is weird, with the bartender being a bit sloppy, bored, annoyed and not knowing much about beer. Flights and prices were OK. More of a local where everyone seems to know everyone, beer quality was just OK though.“
Ferris 2058 days ago
64 /100 110 STEWART RD
“Conveniently located just a couple of minutes off the I5, this is a darkly lit place that has an old-time tavern feel. 11 house beers on tap when we visited with a good range of styles. Wasn’t a huge fan of the quality, but there were a couple of standouts. Good prices for flights ($6 for 4 beers) and the service is very friendly. Worth a stop to see how these guys progress.“
mcberko 2080 days ago
70 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“Really nice taproom in an industrial area right off the highway. The main part is pretty limited with seating options, but there is a pretty expansive beer garden which is great to sit in during the warmer months. About 10 beers on tap, plus a couple of casks, when I was there. Sampler trays are dirt cheap, at $6.25 (incl. tax) for 4 beers. Beer quality is pretty average, with a couple of standouts. Very friendly service. Worth a stop if you can make it during their rather limited opening hours.“
mcberko 2346 days ago
44 /100
Haggen’s Grocery (Grocery Store)
“Massive place, open 24 hours, with everything a grocery store generally has, plus ready-made food to go and a pharmacy. Beer selection isn’t anything special, with very standard stuff. I wasn’t even inclined to buy anything. Prices seemed decent. If you’re looking for anything new and interesting, you probably won’t find a whole lot else if you’re a seasoned rater, but there are still some good classics. Worth a stop in Mt. Vernon if you’re in need of some bottles.“
mcberko 2496 days ago
64 /100 416 MYRTLE ST.
“Very nice place just a block from The Porterhouse in "downtown" Mt. Vernon. Lovely warm, cozy, darkly lit place with a reasonable beer selection. Half our common imports from Belgium, Germany and Ireland, and the rest are locals, including the specially-brewed-for-Trumpeter Boundary Bay Double Dry-Hopped IPA. Friendly service and very reasonable prices. Worth a stop on a Mt. Vernon beer crawl.“
mcberko 2496 days ago
72 /100 416 GATES
“Lovely place in "downtown" Mt. Vernon, just a block away from Empire Ale House and two blocks from Skagit River. Interior is very warm, darkly lit and cozy. Beer list is average, but quite good for a small city. Service is extremely friendly. I wasn’t looking for big pours of anything, so the server was extremely generous with sample pours. My favourite stop on our Mt. Vernon pub crawl.“
mcberko 2496 days ago
74 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“The brewery is located in a warehouse just on the side of the State road. They worked out a nice taproom here, modern, neat, with about 22 seats indoor, and even more on the patio. Nice service, friendly, and giving details about each beer.
They have 9 taps, and occasionally a cask; growlers available too. North Sound is all about the hops, all their beers are very bitter and PNW hopped, all of them are good and I didn’t get any bad one, but they may serve a couple of them with nitro, which is like murder.
No food (just snacks; wifi available; clean toilets. Check for the metal puzzles on the wall and get busy with them!
I recommend this place.“
fiulijn 2503 days ago
56 /100
Haggen’s Grocery (Grocery Store)
“I tried to hit the Haggen in Burlington, and instead I ened up here. The thing about Haggen is that they try hard to have look-alike branches. I always have helpful service. Yet I had the feeling that the beer selection here was slightly worse, maybe the fridge was a bit empty; and don’t expect much rotation; still, and even more if you buy 6 bottles, prices are very good.“
fiulijn 2521 days ago
72 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“This is a legit local brewery. No food, just beer. They’ve got a nice mix of styles on tap, including a cask option, and enough of a sampler tray option that you can easily try them all. Really solid options, and a couple that I was really excited to drink. The folks working seemed to be interested in and really know their stuff. This spot is way out of the way, but worth a trip.“
maxwelldeux 2554 days ago
92 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“This is probably the best local brewery in the area. Very friendly staff. Excellent selection with two beers usually on nitro. occasionally they have an experimental batch or a barrel aged offering and every Thursday is cask night with something interesting.“
kevobutler 2616 days ago
62 /100 416 GATES
“I hate giving bad reviews, but I hate glossing over the truth even more. Finally made it to this place after hearing about its tap list. Ambiance is great -- comfortable and bright. Beer selection is nice; I forgot to count, but they probably have at least 15 taps. Pretty good stuff, too. They even had Green Flash IPA on, which is one of my favorites. Only problem: They use chilled beer glasses. What kind of craft beer taphouse does this? Not surprisingly, the bartender was dealing with over-foaming issues ... and I had to deal with an excessively cold and watery version of a Green Flash IPA. Fail. Then, even though the place wasn’t very busy during our visit, our service was still horrible. Our server was friendly, but she was so flighty and infrequent that I ended up ordering my beers at the bar. Then, after she delivered our beers to us (with our menus closed in front of us, signaling that we were ready to order), she quickly turned and walked away. I had to stop her to tell her we were ready to order. Our food, when it finally came, was OK, but I expected a little more for $13 entrees. And it’s a steak place, but the "marinated" steak on the salad was completely bland, as if they marinated it in plain water. After eating I wanted to order another beer, but our server never came by to check on us, ever. So when she finally came by, well after I finished my first beer, I just asked for the check. If I decide to go back someday and I have a better experience, I will update this rating.“
Aubrey 3368 days ago
78 /100 17406 STATE ROUTE 536 UNIT A
“If you’re in Mt Vernon you gotta try this place. Friendly staff, customers are all legitimate beer drinkers. No food - just the best beer in town. I think they have between 5 and 10 taps, but my memory was a little fuzzy by the time I left.“
MurfDog 3930 days ago
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