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88 /100 4410 SEPULVEDA BLVD
“Visited early evening on a Wednesday prior to a flight at LAX (which is nearby). Located along busy Sepulveda Blvd, near the 405. Older building redesigned with a clean internal design. Tables located in the front room, with limited seating at the bar. Open air front to the sidewalk patio. Immediately service was very welcoming and very engaged. You could tell everyone really was into this place. The beer selection is 10 regular Baird house beers, 7 Baird seasonals and 2 guest drafts. Beers are available as full and half pours plus flights. Nice Sake selection (tasters available for Sake as well). Baird is one of my favorite Brewers and I was very excited to see this had opened. Great Happy Hour food specials too!

88 = **** (best in area, a must for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1564 days ago
62 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Went here on a Saturday night with two friends. 21 and over only and we lucked out finding three seats at the bar as we walked in. Place was busy but not overly crowded. Pros: Respectable taplist and the food is tasty. Has the ambiance of an upper mid scale restaurant. Cons: this place was a real let down. Even with 70 taps and a page full of bottles on the menu, nothing was really that unique or extraordinary. These are the same beers you can find all over town just priced higher. And major points lost for not having a taplist online. Their website sucks and it would have been helpful to see what they were pouring before we showed up. As indicated,the food tasted good but they’ve got an arrogant policy of no substitutions/modifications of any kind. The food comes out as it is prepared so the side dishes arrived 20 and 15 minutes before the entres. This wouldn’t be acceptable at a Denny’s. You have to go to the bar to order food, no table service. Even sitting at the bar the service was inattentive. Empty water and beer glasses sat in front of us until we just asked for the check and left. Highly overrated.“
HighWine 2986 days ago
52 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“I guess I’m the "mayor" of this place? I find that odd, because this place kinda sucks. Went here on a Friday night and couldn’t find a table while hanging out with my cousin, who moved out to LA about two years ago. There is no "waiting line" for tables, and it’s a free-for-all. Couple that with the general "me first" mentality of your typical LA resident, and the end result is us never getting a table with randoms lurching on open seats, then stealing without any hesitation / care for others who may have waited for a longer time. But the selection is I can’t fault them on that.“
andyhwcinc 3081 days ago
76 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Nice looking place, Nice beer list, and good burger. Ok, very good burger. Found them a bit too cool for school, but I was there on short time. *** Non beer related disclaimer** For instance, they don’t serve ketchup, I asked why? Was initially told that they make all that they serve. Really? Did they make the beer that they served me? Or the bun that the burger was on. Just because you have never seen me before don’t treat me like I am not deserving of a reasonable answer, or a polite one. Finally the same bartender returned and explained that they don’t serve high fructose corn syrup (good policy) and that they would need so much ketchup that they wouldn’t be able to obtain enough. Fair enough, I guess“
TeamTrappist 3334 days ago
80 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Larger location than Santa Monica with friendly staff and a seemingly more interested and knowledgeable bartender. Strange setup that you will figure out- it is only 21 and up, it is a bar foremost that allows you to order gastropub type food from the bartender and someone brings it to your table. No server per se, but the bartender we had was top notch. Food quality is very high with a simple menu that makes it easy to survey. Our food was excellent all around: FO burger, Hanger Steak, mushroom sides, Butterfish, fries. All were fantastic. Beer list was impressive, nothing too crazy but lots of choose from with almost all local CA beers. Hard to get half pours here- only available if it’s a beer they are serving in pint glasses, which is probably not the case for special stuff. Found Ballast Point, Alesmith, Golden Road, Ladyface, Craftsman, and more. Will be back. Eat here, don’t be scared of other reviews about the snotty air here, it was exaggerated. Best of all, this place is not expensive at all. Entrees were $11-15. Most expensive thing is the Hanger steak at $21.“
GT 3347 days ago
74 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Better than Santa Monica because bigger and easier to find a table. Awesome burgers and beers indeed.“
DedicatedToFun 3359 days ago
92 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Burgers and beer! No need to say any more.“
casualcolors 3837 days ago
76 /100 9739 CULVER BLVD
“Stopped by for lunch. Street parking. Elegant interior, lots of tables, a long bar. Good selection. Taps appear to be all Californian. Full bar and a good wine selection as well. Food is good (the head chef is also a beer person, specifically a sourhead). Prices for food are decent, but for beer they are really pushing it ($9 pints...even one that was $9.50 for a 6% abv Imperial Red!). Overall a good stop (great selection of beer with some unique local drafts), but also extremely pricey.“
BMan1113VR 3971 days ago
94 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“An improvement on the great original. Best beer bar food in LA. Fantastic beer selection. Knowledgeable and helpful staff - when not too busy with other. Great outdoor area and a lot more room than SM FO.“
gd4evr 4183 days ago
62 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Nothing special about this place, at least not super crowded like santa monica“
CantillonKing 4220 days ago
80 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Great place in culver city. Super food friendly staff. Burger was unreal“
mnurda 4357 days ago
88 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Some say it’s snobby, I say its very good despite any preconceived notions. Best burger I’ve ever had, except maybe the FO in Santa Monica. Was there a couple of weeks ago and had an Alesmith Nautical nutbrown followed by a Pliny the Elder and left a very happy man.“
berad54 4394 days ago
82 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“This place has really good tap selection. Wide range of craft beer and bottles. Service is pretty quick depending on the crowd, beer knowlege sounds rehearsed and impersonal. This place can get crowded so you may have to stand and drink until you can get a seat. Nice looking crowd, outside warmers if you wanna drink in the cold. Overall good place for beer. Will definetly go back.“
B33rSnob 4573 days ago
66 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“It’s like a love and hate relationship with this place that i have.I have never gotten to sit down at this place, or eat,but the food looks really good .The beers selection is very good.Always busy and i hate this factor.“
Getbetter 4608 days ago
64 /100
Regal Fine Spirits (Beer Store)
“Store is under new ownership. Looking to expand their craft beer selection. To date they have built a nice selection of craft beer. Worth a visit if you live in the area.“
angelo 4632 days ago
88 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Wonderful selection of West Coast beers and some Belgium gems. Pliny the Elder is almost always here. They are a little pricey and can get pretty crowded, but overall a great place for the craft beer lover. Also their Office burger and sweet potato fries are amazing.“
beorn7676 4638 days ago
72 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Mucho better than the cramped and cranky folks in trendy North Santa Monica. Nice outdoor patio. Food menu is limited for me. Nothing strikes me except the burger. Beer selection is good but not outstanding. Other places have passed it by.“
beersearcher 4732 days ago
84 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Arrive ready to fight for a table and then to hold it as absolutely long as possible so you can sample the excellent tap selection of regional California beers and standout Belgians. Food is outstanding -- this is a restaurant first in my book and not a beer bar per se. The quality of the offerings across the board makes FO2 well worthwhile. As for the crowd, I guess I just don’t totally get Californians, bro.“
jefcon 4770 days ago
84 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Went here for a friends birthday surprise. Showed up on a Saturday at around 4:30. Everything is opened seating (first come first serve). The outside area was fully packed but inside I had no problem. The bartender was really cool, she was into sours and I found out she attended the Stone Sour Fest as well. I enjoyed Alesmith Speedway Stout, Russian River Perdition, St. Bernardus Abt 12, Stone 13th Anniversary. Good beer selection. For food I just got the sweet potato fries which were amazing. I heard that they have the best burger but I had a burger a few hours before showing up so can’t say yet. The food seemed a little to fancy and over the top though in general. Really cool atmosphere though. I would definitely go back.“
JoeTheYounger 4817 days ago
80 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Packed! The only thing that really sucks about this place is you have to battle to get a seat. No waiting list means if you turn up late, you’re standing around forever trying to battle everyone else to get seats. Beer selection is great. Parking not too bad if you’re willing to walk a block or so. The burger was pretty good, but not as good as 8oz. Bartenders were on top of things and very knowledgeable about the beers. Highly recommend it if you like crowds.“
aussie 4838 days ago
80 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Crazy busy, and their seat yourself process means you can spend quite a bit of time waiting for a place to sit, or just end up standing. The burger was possibly the best I’ve had in LA, and the beer selection was a welcome change from what you find around here. But all of these wonderful things come at a price - the burger and fries was over $14, and the Pliny the Elder I had was $8. Ouch. But in spite of the price, and the crowds, this still ranks as one of my favorite LA establishments.“
can8ianben 4918 days ago
84 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Ive been to some great beer bars, and maybe I am biased because I am from th east coast, but this place is unbelievable. Most of its beers are on tap -- just a few of the offerings when I was there: La Folie (tap), Green Flash IPA (tap), RR Depuration (tap), RR pliny the elder (tap), Alaskan smoked porter (tap), and many other greats (tap and bottle). I had a burger that kicked ass. The sweet potato fries were awesome too. The wait was a bit long, and the crowd a bit trendy and indie and douchy, BUTt so worth it anyways. VISIT THIS PLACE!!!“
502Che 5003 days ago
82 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Wow, I didn’t think this place could be more crowded than the Santa Monica location, but I was wrong. A more upscale theme to this larger location, but still a line waiting outside. The burger as always was amazing. I thought the tap lineup might have been different from the Santa Monica location, but it wasn’t (which is fine cause me and the older Pliny get along quite well). Overall a good place, but I might be sticking to the Santa Monica one if it is always that crowded.“
BMan1113VR 5200 days ago
52 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“my wife and i decided to make a trip there last sunday based on yet another recommendation from a co-worker. it’s part of the old helm’s bakery site and parking availability is at a premium. kind of bizarre that the father’s office outside seating area is right up along side a parking thoroughfare. so if you don’t mind the auto fumes... we sat inside based on that. no waiter or waitress will appraoch so you have to order (food and drink) from the bar. just a decent tap selection so i agree with oakes. started out with a pliney the elder and finished with old rasputin. a crappy pour on the old rasputin. temps, freshness and glassware were good, though. the fact that NO substitutions, alterations or changes to menu items can be made is preposterous. since i have this weird thing about cheese on my burger, i didn’t order the office burger (yeah, i know). so i ordered the seared albacore which was good but a measly serving and typically west l.a., over-priced. would i go there again? yes but i wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.“
sbybeerguy 5201 days ago
78 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Oakes is right about the beer not only pretty common (again, no rotation) but noticeably less distinguished than in Santa Monica. Not to say I don’t go there all the time, not to say that I am not glad they built it... just sayin’.“
ajm 5208 days ago
62 /100 3229 HELMS AVE
“Spit-polished yupped-up place to be sure (yeah, not my thing). Not to say we didn’t have fun there - mostly tasting all the different food. Their menu concept fits in with the sorts of things I like. The beer list was underwhelming, 60 taps and only two I’ve never had. They could have thrown a few more obscure ones in there. For a first night, when they were unexpectedly slammed, they didn’t seem to have any major issues, at least not with our party.“
Oakes 5256 days ago
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