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64 /100 1631 MISSION DR
“We visited Solvang again on 21.10.2023. Located a few blocks from Solvang brewery. The mother brewery is in Goleta. The Solvang location is a small bar serving their beers and wines and ciders. The Session IPA I had was good. Definitely the better beer place in town.“
Schlenkerla 244 days ago
78 /100
The Good Life (Beer Store)
“Solid beer bar in Solvang (a bit of a surprise to find this place!). A small little place in the downtown area. They have a small tap list, but rather good bottle list with some Danish beers (To Ol Blaeber Milk Shake, Amager/Mikkeller Hr Frederiksens Vaesel Brunch). Of course they have wine as well. They had a pretty good solo guitarist playing while I was there as well. Pretty good beer bar for a wine centric town.“
LilBeerDoctor 885 days ago
68 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“If you need a break from the wine in Solvang, this is a good place to go. A fairly large place, multiple bars and restaurant areas (we initially were seated in a crowded area, then moved to a quieter bar in the back). The beers are pretty basic, nothing really stood out here. They do have a food menu (standard pub fare I believe). Not a particularly exciting place, but it's the only brewpub in Solvang.“
LilBeerDoctor 885 days ago
68 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Dive bar ambiance inside, despite the requisite Danish exterior. The bartender was friendly, knew his beer, and quick. A good spread of styles on tap, which is nice. The prices are hard to beat, in this upscale touristy town. A good little find - worth a stop to get a break in the wine.“
GTAEgeek 2244 days ago
68 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“A dark kind of cave like place to come into off the street in bright sunshine. Carpeted floors, dining area to one side and bar area to the other - probably the lowest bar I’ve ever sat at. Quite swift service, though lacking a bit in their Danish. 11 of their own beers on at my visit + macros that you keep away from“
Ungstrup 2793 days ago
64 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Une brasserie qui se veut touristo-rustique. Les bières étaient insipides à moyennes. Le gérant/propriétaire essaie fort de nous vendre l’idéologie de la place mais c’est peine perdue. Focusons sur le vin.“
Marheb 2994 days ago
84 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“What a treat to find this gem in Solvang. The black IPA was smooth, but not as smooth as Odins Oatmeal Stout.“
want1DIPA 3925 days ago
78 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“27 July 2013. Nice little pub and restraint. Ten of their own beers on tap and one guest tap. Service was friendly and music playing was great 70’s and 80’s.“
Blairgus 3983 days ago
32 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“We like Solvang a lot, so had huge expectations when visiting this place late 2011. From outside the brew pub looks like a wind mill. When entering the pub we could not feel a strong beer enthusiasm. The beers were below average and sadly we took a taxi to the Firestone brewery which is 10 minutes away. We really hope the beers will improve in future.“
Schlenkerla 4151 days ago
70 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Dive bar feel with a live band playing all variety of covers. The beers were pedestrian at best, but a few were good, particularly the pumpkin, julefest, and anniversary rye IPA. They have a restaurant as well, but we didn’t eat. Pretty lively crowd, too. Not really so much a beer place as a bar/restaurant that happens to brew, but a fun place.“
brokensail 4198 days ago
72 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Been here twice now, once a couple years ago shortly after they opened and again last night (12/21/12).

When they first opened they only had 2 house beers on, the wheat and the porter, along with a bunch of guest taps. Yesterday I was surprised to see 11 house taps and you can buy as many individual tastes as you like. Naturally we bought all 11. The standouts were the anniversary IPA, the pumpkin, and the Julefest (with a whole bunch of stuff in it, it’s actually pretty ridiculous but surprisingly good).

There was another live band here, this one playing more popular covers like Santana and Sublime. The crowd was fun too, some Advocating going on but everyone was maintaining fairly well.

Prices were reasonable, service was decent, a little dank and out of the way but a fun place none the less. It was interesting to note that even though the elevation of Solvang is only slightly higher it was considerably colder there than on 101. It was in the mid 30’s according to the thermostat in the car.

They do serve food but I havent eaten there yet.“
t0rin0 4200 days ago
62 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“I really liked this place. The beer was decent, the food was good and everybody there was nice enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and try some different beers and food.“
Theoretical 4207 days ago
62 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Nice place in the "plastic fantastic" version of Denmark called Solvang. You can sample each of their own brews for €1.50 each. They also serve Carlsberg lager and a few others, but who cares about them. Didnt try the food, but the person next to me had it, and it looked really nice.“
saxo 4360 days ago
10 /100 1547 MISSION DR
“Wow, I was so excited that a brewery was coming to Solvang yet walking distance to my house! We went during their first couple weeks of opening hoping for a fantastic experience at a new brewery and found the place to be virtually the same interior as the old Danish Inn. No feel of it being a brewery or pub at all. Oh well, give me a brew and I’ll be happy. It was not extremely busy and it took AT LEAST 20 minutes for us to even be acknowledged! Finally someone came over and we ordered one of "their" beers as they had some guest taps as well. First beer came out and it tasted like soap! I returned it and asked for something different and the next beer tasted even worse! I couldn’t believe they were even pouring this. We left disappointed but wanted to give them some time to work out the kinks. We went back again about a month later and it was the same thing! Waited forever to have someone help us and then the same crap beer. I even went back one more time as friends said they got better a few months later but that was my last time I will ever go back. Had a bunch of drunks in the bar cursing and when I asked them to cool it as I had my 5 yr old sitting at our table the got all in my face. We left! I give this place about 6 months until they close. Either that or they will just be a bar (they sell liquor) with their low life clients and they will get out of the beer business.“
dartman953 4590 days ago
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