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76 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Visited for dinner on a Wednesday. Located in the corner of a nicer strip mall, parking is in the very busy lot. Building is a big room with a long bar and table seating, as well as a nice outdoor patio. Beer selection is 12 house beers, available as full pours and corwlers to go. They also had a couple of guest taps and guest beers in the bottle. Food menu was bar food, the sausage platter I hca was tasty. Prompt, friendly service, busy with a fun local crowd. The brewery is visible behind the bar. Good food, good beers. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 157 days ago
84 /100 12932 NEWPORT AVE, STE 1
“Great service, great domestic craft brews and international treasures. Always cool music on. You can buy single cans from the fridge. Fantastic shop!“
Cristobal37 275 days ago
88 /100 15501 RED HILL AVE,
“What a cracking place, visited on Monday 6th December 2021, at 15:45 for an hour and a half. Modern set up with a choice of seating areas and a lovely 'Barrel Aging Room' for functions or private 'sessions'. Brewing gear on show through huge windows to the right as you enter the place. Very friendly staff and owner (Devon), 14 of their own taps, two of which were ciders plus a huge can list. They brew for Zombie and Mason, so don't expect to see TAPS mentioned on the beer list. Beer quality was good, 4oz tasters allowing you to sample as many as you wish (I had all 12 beers on offer), and was given some cans to take away by the top man (Devon). Promised to return and will do. Good start to my 2021 OC drinking trip.“
BlackHaddock 304 days ago
74 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Large booze shop with 3/4 aisles dedicated to beer. Occasionally can find really exciting beers. Mostly good for buying singles or stocking up. Prices are good, staff is friendly. The only thing you need to watch out for are the expiration dates. It's a shame that they can leave 6 packs that are nearly a year over bb dates on the shelf. Ultra convenient place otherwise.“
Cristobal37 994 days ago
78 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Busy brewpub in a funny little shopping center. They had 5 house beers that were all decent and a good selection of styles on tap. Nice bottle selection as well. Pub food, diverse crowd. Nice local brewpub.“
Cristobal37 1015 days ago
100 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Great Prices, selection, service. My go to store.“
badpuppy69 1119 days ago
76 /100 15501 RED HILL AVE,
“Visited after dinner on a Monday evening. Located on the corner of a mostly commercial and office park area. The tasting room is in the corner of the production brewery, and is L shaped with an outdoor patio to match. Interior is a long L shaped bar, with seating at the windows, and tables around the corner. In addition to seating, the back corner also has air hockey, a pool tables and space for a group to hang out. Up front there is also pinball and golden tee. Beer selection is 16 house beers, most available as pint, half pint, 4 oz taster and 32 oz crowler. They also had a gravity version of a Zwickel going, which was cool. Merch and 6 pack bottles to go also on offer. Service was super friendly. Food truck has wide range of food options. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1169 days ago
82 /100 1332 BELL AVE
“30 Dec 2016. Really cool spot. Beer and comic books collide. about 5 regular taps and about 5 RnD taps that constantly change. Staff is friendly and owner is frequently there and happy to talk. very Nice.“
Blairgus 2106 days ago
72 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Visited on an overcast afternoon on Tuesday 17th May 2016. Neat looking place on the outside. Located on a small Mall with most of the parking for 30 mins, some at 1 hour and only a few unlimited. On entering the bar is to your left, the whole length of the place, brewing equipment behind it and visible. Stools and standing area along the bar, partition wall separates from the main tables and chairs area. Small patio area, which is where we sat. Service was fine, beer was poor: My son and I had an eight beer ’Tustin Brewing Flight’ and we struggled to find a single beer we wanted a pint of. The guest beers we tried were a lot better in our opinion. Food was OK to good. Liked the place but not the beer. Not cheap either.“
BlackHaddock 2333 days ago
78 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“Huge selection spanning local breweries and beyond. Pretty much guaranteed to find something new.“
Iphonephan 2393 days ago
68 /100 140 E MAIN ST
“Visited February 27, 2016.

This place is a little confusing in that they have at least three different names: Archaic Brewing, Centro (the restaurant), and Pozzuoli Winery. It looks like the winery has been around for a while since they had bottles of their house wine back to 2011, but I cant find any mentions of the restaurant before April of 2015. Anyway, they’ve crammed a 3 bbl brew house and some 7 bbl fermenters behind the counter and walk in fridge. They have a beer list up front that’s more up to date than the one in the back on patio, so check up front. Since it’s kind of hard to squeeze through the hallway to get to the patio make sure to order up front and let the help carry your beer to the back. Or else sit at one of the tables up front.

During my visit there were six house beers and three guest beers on tap. For whatever reason four of the six house beers were variants on the same porter. The coconut was the best, the chai was alright, and the sour blueberry was just weird. The IPA wasn’t great. Over all the beers are drinkable but not really worth ordering pints of. Also, for some reason it took 10-15 minutes for the server to bring our flight back. They were nice enough but it was a little irritating. That and tasters are really expensive ($2+)

This is in a part of Tustin that I never visit so I don’t know when I’ll be be back but then again I only ever went to Tustin Brewing and the Whole Foods anyway, so it’s not like I explore much of the area. That is to say that I probably wont be back. The food looked really good though.“
t0rin0 2413 days ago
74 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“First stop with my found time. This is an interesting place in a mall area. Parking and getting into and out of the lot can be a pain in the butt - beware of that. The brewpub itself was not all that busy, but it was 4PM on a Monday, after all. Decor is pretty much old-school brew pub. Lots of wood. A million TV’s on the walls, ranging from large to giant. Taplist is displayed on monitors, and the taps are split between guest beers and their own. About an even split when I was there. As stated, guest taps were CA breweries, good beers, but also pretty accessible (Sierra Nevada, Ballast Point, etc.). I was surprised they didn’t have more super-locals. Most everything is available as tasters, but they sure as hell don’t cut you a deal on them. Pints were usually $5-6, while tasters started at $2.50 and went up from there. Also, they did not allow for a taster on the one barrel aged beer they had on tap, although the bartender poured me an ounce to try for free and get the Danish tick. Service was decent, perhaps a bit slow, but the bartender was friendly. Beers as stated ranged widely. They do seem to do hops well (Lemmy Have It was stellar), but the "hef" is a nightmare, and the BA beer I tried was a sweet mess. Overall an interesting place, worth a stop if you are nearby.“
bytemesis 2460 days ago
92 /100 12932 NEWPORT AVE, STE 1
“This is among my favorite beer places of all time. Great selection, exceptional service. I invested in a relationship with the manager (Mike) which pays off every time I go to Bradleys. I ask questions, I get answers. I ask for recommendations, Mike is almost as excited as I am to hear what I like and share his thoughts. He posts new arrivals on Facebook every week and it is a mad rush to get there before he is sold out. It is not often I get to patronize a Socal version of a bottle shop with such a committed manager. I don’t need any more competition for limited quantities but this is such an great place that it would be selfish not to share.“
User277626 2775 days ago
80 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Old-school craft brewing + food place. Super mix of 8-9 of their own beers (which are excellent), and 7-8 guest taps of mostly California breweries. Thoughtful mix of styles. Good-enough level food. Lots of TVs. Big, open seating area. Seems like it should get loud but nope. Real gem: Super-beer-smart servers, both at the bar and at the tables. Mine gave me tips on other OC breweries to visit, stat. Could hardly have enjoyed myself more!“
TylerGreenDC 2881 days ago
40 /100 13612 NEWPORT BLVD
“Another one that slipped through the cracks. I only came here once, with womencantsail after a tick trip to Tustin Brewing. They had some IPA that was just plain foul. The Scottish ale and a couple of the others had some buttery flavors and a few of the beers tasted metallic. This was only my second visit to an Oggis so I assumed that they were all brewing all the house beers. Certainly by the taste of it (here vs other locations) I could believe that, but knowing now that the main lineup is brewed at Left Coast in San Clemente and the occasional small batch beer is brewed on site, I’m just confused. How can everything taste so bad? Tap lines I assume. Obviously I wouldn’t return here as I haven’t in 3 or 4 years.“
t0rin0 2891 days ago
70 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Nice venue. Beers good, but not to die for. Until they put on their BA and sours! Pretty good service.“
bhensonb 2961 days ago
90 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“The second store I have been to from this up market chain and again I am very impressed with what I saw, so much so I revisited three days later for more beers. A fantastic selection of beers, well laid out and all good quality stuff. Jimmy is the beer man at this store and he loves his job, check out Jimmy’s Bomber Barge for his special selection. I did not need any help, so after enquiring if I needed assistance he just left me alone to stare at his beer display and chose a couple of bottles. The little bar area called the Hanger Bar is a great place to pass an hour or two while the world shops around you, some interesting taps too, 18 in total although only 14 were in use on my visits. Cask beer available on ’Firkin Friday’ but not on my midweek trips.“
BlackHaddock 3010 days ago
86 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited on 7th July 2014. Very helpful staff, they searched their database looking for my list of beers and ’unrated States’ I took in with me. The shelves are arranged in style order rather than breweries and this led to a lot of leg miles as we tried to find the beers I wanted. Huge selection of beers but they did not have many on my two want lists. I still managed to spend over $100 on beer though. I have no idea if the prices are keen or not, but as a visiting Brit it seemed OK. Two new States for me, South Carolina and New Mexico, will be up to 31 once I drink those two. Overall a good experience and the sort of store I hoped to find during my Orange County holiday.“
BlackHaddock 3013 days ago
76 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“Huge Whole Foods in Orange County. Produce and fish counter are better than many of the others in the area. Decent wine selection. Good beer selection, although I wish they had more cold shelves. A few locals on tap as well. Not really a place to travel out of your way, but a pretty good whole foods.“
BMan1113VR 3054 days ago
70 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Visited on a weekday evening. Relatively cheap flight was available to try the 8 or so house beers. The pale ale and ipa were great, the rest, average. Average service. The guest tap selection was well chosen, though in California it’s kind of hard to mess that up. Pretty standard brewpub, overall.“
blipp 3327 days ago
80 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“an awesome shop that you would never know was there unless you were looking for it. it looks like an old cvs or something and has more beer than any store i have seen. however there isnt a great sense of organization and you easily are lost. The do have some of the best breweries available dogfish, sierra nevada, cigar city etc. friendly staff as well.“
Gregman12 3356 days ago
72 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Nice Orange County brewpub with a good combination of house beers and guest taps. The house beers I find pleasant, of course there is a clunker every now and then but it happens. I always wonder how they squeezed the brewhouse behind the bar the way it is, pretty crazy. The best thing I’ve had food-wise is the chili. Usually have Pliny or Blind Pig which is always a bonus. My only service complaint is that regulars get way preferential treatment at the bar, to the point of sometimes ignoring other customers.“
wutangfinancial 3369 days ago
80 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited 1/28/2011 with lardassescantsail.

Located in a clean upscale shopping center in Orange County. Lots of beers to pick from including some interesting selections and some popular selections. They’re learning the ropes and are cashing in on beer nerd’s craze and stupidity.

Finding an employee wandering the aisles here can be difficult and while they arent the most knowledgeable about beer they seem to be willing to learn and will have a conversation with you.

My only real complaint is that they put all their IPAs out on the shelf under the lights.

Low prices as always. Will return if I need something and I’m in the area but the one in Brea is closer to me.“
t0rin0 3385 days ago
80 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“Stopped in with kentuckyfriedchickencantsail January 2011.

While they dont have the largest beer selection in the world the have some quality beer as well as some obscure ticks. I saw a couple beers that arent available anywhere else anymore. They also have a large selection of cheap beer for a buck a piece including a good portion of the bottom 100 for the die hard tickers.

Didnt interact with the help much but someone did come up to me promptly and ask if I needed help.

I guess there are some taps but I didnt pay attention.

Good place, will return.“
t0rin0 3385 days ago
64 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Visited maybe a dozen times over the years. I was going to copy over the rant that I went on when I reviewed this on another site where I complained about the awful service (slow, rude, and padding the bill) but since then things have gotten better. Still not great but much better.

The beers range from bad to good with most falling in decent territory. They do hops well, they’ve made one or two good sours and saisons, but I dont like their stouts for the most part and the casks are usually pretty bad. They also do a lot of experimental stuff.

Food is just alright, the prices are high, but over all it’s a fun place to be with some good beers on the menu.“
t0rin0 3387 days ago
68 /100
Trader Joe’s - Tustin (Grocery Store)
“In the same shopping center as Bradley’s, right across the street from Tustin Brewing. Had some Alesmith (Speedway) and Stone beers, some Belgian imports, and a few other Southern California beers. Plenty of the house brands from Firestone and Gordon Biersch. Singles available of everything and pricing is excellent. Very friendly service, too.“
brokensail 3447 days ago
74 /100 12932 NEWPORT AVE, STE 1
“Across the street from Tustin Brewing. All the beer is in coolers, which is nice. Some somewhat obscure bottles like Aztec Brewing (didn’t even know they bottled) and a few other San Diego breweries. Mostly southern California stuff, but a few of the standard Belgian imports. Mostly 22s/750s and six packs, I don’t think I saw any single 12 oz bottles. Pretty decent pricing, too.“
brokensail 3447 days ago
78 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Nice looking store with a pretty darn good selection. They must use a chain based distributor, because they have stuff I haven’t seen elsewhere on the west coast - RJ Rockers, etc. Prices are good, not great, and don’t expect to land a whale here, but its a good place to shop.“
bytemesis 3457 days ago
70 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Cool place with beer garden, friendly waitress that gave me free tasters of RR Pliny the Elder, Daymen IPA, and Stones’ Barleywine 2012. Coffee Porter was the best, then Irish Stout, Pale, Saison and Hefe but no IPA. Guest Taps are super. Needs more Taps for own brews. Chili was spicey goodness.“
Wittales 3483 days ago
44 /100 13612 NEWPORT BLVD
“Just down the street from Tustin Brewing. Small little bar area just inside the entrance. Depressing atmosphere, honestly. The beers don’t help. They are simply awful. I really can’t recommend this place. Just stick to Tustin.“
brokensail 3718 days ago
70 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Visited during RBSG. GT2 keeps beating me to the adjectives I was going to use! This place is, indeed, QUAINT. A chill local haunt that I would frequent if I lived in the area, but the beers have a ways to go. Kind service.“
nbutler11 3725 days ago
66 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Very quaint brewpub with a Pizza Port like feel although the bar area felt very cramped. Did not eat here. Beer selection was small, but focused on their house beers. House beer quality was decent. Some were not so great. Ambiance is very inviting, kid friendly, relaxing, casual. Patio seating available. Staff was friendly.“
GT 3727 days ago
74 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Pretty decent place to hang out and have a beer. Beers were ok and service was good.“
daknole 3727 days ago
66 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Nice ambiance. Had a nice cask in top condition ale, though a few of their beer were not so great. Some of the guests looked better, though I wanted to try their beers. Pretty nice brewpub that’s worth a stop.“
KyotoLefty 3728 days ago
78 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Stopped in here for a beer sampler while down in SoCal in March. Pretty nice brewpub that seems a cut above average in terms of ambiance. The server was attentive and friendly. All the beers were very good with the hoppy ones standing out as excellent. The porter was really nice as well. They had some kind of vanilla impy stout that was disappointing, but overall I was impressed with this under the radar brewpub. Worth a stop.“
joeneugs 3744 days ago
80 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“21 may 2012. Came in at 3pm. It was pretty empty. 14 keg beers and one cask. Maybe 10-15 bottles. Taps were mostly Tustin brewing beers.“
Blairgus 3791 days ago
82 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Nice, local brewery. Really coming around on their house beers. Always have some other nice craft options besides their own and nothing is horribly overpriced. The food is also good and the service nice. Drink local. (or trade for good local stuff)“
thome50 3884 days ago
82 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Looks just like a Total Wine elsewhere with the great selection and singles they all normally have. I was really suprised to see some of the beers that get out here now. Lots of east coast and midwest stuff you dont expect. Prices are decent“
blutt59 4137 days ago
80 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Great little sportsbar/brewpub combo in OC. Compared to your standard chain restaurants in the nieghborhood, a WAY better choice. House beers are good, if a little outclassed by the Pliny/Blind Pig/Consecration/Mongo on guest, but all in all a fantastic place to kill a Sunday afternoon watching football with friends while waiting on a flight from SNA. Will return.“
alagnak 4296 days ago
80 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“It was packed inside, so we chose to sit out on the patio. The inside is your fairly typical brewpub type setup with lots of TVs, a long bar, and a pretty decent sized seating area. The decor is fairly classy, I guess, for what you’d expect from a brewpub. That said, it is Tustin. The house beer list is not huge, but they do have some very nice guest taps, including Pliny, Blind Pig, Racer X, Hop 15, and some others that I can’t recall. They also had a handful of their own beers on tap. The food is, for the most part, your typical bar food, but pretty tasty. I enjoyed the Teryaki burger and was quite pleased with it. The service was very good, especially considering how packed the place was. The only bummer was that their house beers are not the greatest, but still decent beers to sit down and enjoy with some friends. And, I’d much rather come here than go to BJ’s, for example. It’s not necessarily a destination, but a nice little spot to pop into.“
brokensail 4314 days ago
80 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“I went to Whole Foods so I figured I would stop here as well as it’s just back on the other side of the 5. Large warehouse type store, tons of liquor and wine to go along with two aisles of beer. Pretty good selection of six-packs on one aisle, but the singles aisle is where this place really shines. I ended up getting way more than I anticipated buying, Black Butte XXI, Consecration, Lips of Faith Biere De Mars, Ten Fidy, Victory Storm King, and another Old Rasputin XII. Besides having a pretty impressive selection, the prices here are great. The Consecration was $19 and the OR XII was $18.50, for example. They also had Mirror Mirror for $10. While they do have a great selection and good prices, the service was definitely lacking. I do not really need much when it comes to buying beer, but the only human interaction I had in the store was answering a question of a family that was also in the beer aisle and then when paying for my items.“
brokensail 4314 days ago
84 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“I had heard this was a great place to pick up bottles, so I decided to drive the rest of the way down yesterday after I went to drop some stuff off with my girlfriend in Fullerton. Only a few moments after arriving in the beer aisle, Chris came over to ask if I had any questions and if I was looking for anything in particular. He let me know he had some other stuff in the back and ran through a pretty impressive list. Amazing service and very friendly guy. Definitely talk to him if you’re there and even thinking about beer. The selection was quite good, I ended up walking out with a HotD Blue Dot, HotD Adam, Lagunitas 13th, and a Duchesse De Bourgogne, but there were plenty of other beers I cold have picked up. Plenty of Blind Pig and Pliny, and apparently a decent stock of Consecration kept in the back. Lots of Lost Abbey, Stone, Lagunitas, Moylans, HotD, and many more from CA breweries. A good selection of Belgians too, Rochefort, Chimay, Achel, and a bunch of others that I can’t remember off-hand. Prices are what you would expect to find anywhere, so I have no complaints there.“
brokensail 4314 days ago
66 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Another mall like location. Big place, sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Sampled just the beers - 8 different were on tap of good quality. Swift service.“
Ungstrup 4354 days ago
76 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“A nice big bar that sits facing the tanks, plenty of seating in the restaurant. I was there on a Sat, so it was plenty noisy with different college football games playing. Above average beers, solid and easy drinking. 10 house beers and 6 guest taps ( 3 were RR). A small fridge with a small selection of bottles.“
Sledutah 4358 days ago
84 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Awesome bottle shop. Much better than Brea location. Tons and tons of single. Plenty of Russian River, Deschutes, Marin, Stone, and other regional brews. Must stop if in the area.“
msante79 4371 days ago
70 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Large brewpub with nice restaurant/sports bar feel. Only 7 house beers on tap and 3 average guest beers. Food was decent bar food. Worth a stop but there are plenty of other options in OC I would go to first.“
msante79 4371 days ago
72 /100 2847 PARK AVE
“Good selection compare to other ones, guy in charge of the beer knew his stuff.“
JK81 4461 days ago
80 /100 13011 NEWPORT AVE, STE 100
“Lots of wood and brass. Kind of LOUD, both the music and the customers. Food is slightly better than average brewpub standard. They have a good selection of their own beers as well as a interesting and diverse guest tap selection.“
beerguy101 4465 days ago
84 /100 2952 EL CAMINO REAL
“Best selection that I have found in the area. Pretty good value. Build your own six packs. I like that I can try singles of beers that are sold in 4-6 packs usually. They also do beer tasting classes but I have never gone to one. Staff is helpful and friendly. Set up nicer and with more selection than BevMo.“
RichieMac3 4547 days ago