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72 /100 1725 DOLPHIN DRIVE
“I'd been to the original location several times but today was my first visit to this one. Big place in an industrial park. Retains an industrial but upscale vibe. Big patio outside. Busy right at opening. Seemed like 20-ish beers on tap. I did a flight of new ticks, could have easily done another. Flights are pick any 4 for $11 and full pours seemed to be $5-6. Tried five beers across a variety of styles. They met my high expectations; all well executed. Service was mostly absent and well below average but friendly enough on the rare occasions it came. They lose points because I sat for about 5 minutes with no beer in front of me before they inquired what I needed (and multiple bartenders were present). Overall, recommended stop.“
Drake 1405 days ago
68 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Finally stopped in here. Busy when I came but it's Saturday night with snow in the forecast. A bit bigger than the MKE location, but still feels cramped. Very good selection but not too many rarities. Seems like the selection was a bit smaller than MKE, but just barely if at all. Picked up a limited Surly and two Toppling Goliath bombers for $27. Seemed a bit high for those and others. Like the MKE location, a good number of glassware giveaways. Staff was a bit surly. Tiny dedicated parking lot. Not many small format singles, so this is a place to stock up on beer, but not necessarily ticks. Overall, worth getting off the interstate but don't go too far out of your way.“
Drake 1501 days ago
58 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Typical Woodman's, maybe a touch smaller. Smaller singles selection than your typical Woodman's, with fewer new beers and seasonals. Typical staff and environment. Prices good. Overall worth stocking up here if you are nearby, as is true of all the locations.“
Drake 1619 days ago
100 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“Great beer selection, the sliders are amazing. Big screens for sports games.“
jenny_timmers31 2228 days ago
100 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Great store, always clean.“
jenny_timmers31 2235 days ago
76 /100
Brew & Grow - Waukesha (Homebrew Shop)
“Randomly saw this place while hitting Raised Grain brewing company. Stopped in right before closing. Friendly staff who offered to help. I haven’t brewed in a while, so I’m not 100% sure what prices should be, but it looked like prices were very good. Good selection of grains, hops, decent selection of yeast, good selection of everything else. Nice place.“
Drake 2398 days ago
78 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Huge warehouse-style liquor store. All coolers, with also floor space for volume. Maybe largest selection of stuff in the Milwaukee area.“
AWISLguy 3171 days ago
78 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Good selection. Definitely some gems in the mix- a bit chaotic though. Bombers all kept all over- end caps, shelving, cooler- feels like you could easy miss something amidst the chaos. Good prices. Wish more of the craft beers was kept chilled. Overall, a good place to find some good beers- just expect to stay awhile looking.“
Danyel 3199 days ago
80 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Coolers, coolers, and more coolers. Great selection and had beers Discount did not carry (Epic). A nice little mix a six and bombers even were cold. Definitely worth a stop. Great store.“
Headbanger 3243 days ago
70 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Was expecting more compared to other Discount. A decent selection but not as good as Woodmans in Waukesha. Service great but a little disorganized.“
Headbanger 3243 days ago
80 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“I’ve visited a few times. It’s in a nice location in downtown Waukesha with several other restaurants and bars within a walking distance. The place is an open-concept setup with large bar and quite a few tables, and a modern vibe. The food was fairly good and reasonably priced. The taplist was fairly good with a few limited releases and other local seasonal beers. The service was excellent on my visits. My main complaint is lack of updating their copies of the tap list Also, my visits were separated by several weeks with minimal change in the tap selection. It’s a good option for craft beer in Waukesha.“
coharahawk 3295 days ago
74 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“I have been there a few times and I am always very pleased with their selections of beers on-tap. The beers do tend to rotate nicely and they do offer beer dinners throughout the year. The staff is very knowledgeable and loves to talk beer. Given the population of Waukesha, I’d like see this place offer a more expanded lunch menu as currently they only open at 4pm on weekdays. Hopefully they are work in progress and plan on expanding.“
Lemke10 3318 days ago
76 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Best Woodman’s I’ve been to. Very nicely organized selection. Waukesha is competitive for great beer selection, but no one organizes them and makes them easier to find than Woodman’s. The price on Alesmith Speedway Stout was best in the city too.“
revtork 3385 days ago
74 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Really nice selection and the beers are well organized. Great selection of domestic micros with plenty of singles. Some imports. Preces are really good.“
Cousin_Larry 3428 days ago
90 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Definitely the best Woodmans I’ve been to so far. Almost all of the beer is in coolers with doors and the selection is a little better than the Oak Creek location. Plenty of bombers – some cold, some on an end display, definitely an excellent selection to choose from. The mixer sixer area had a nice variety and I was able to make a mixed six pack of stuff I hadn’t had with a few extras on top of it. Staff was friendly and discounts are available on case purchases. Top notch for a grocery store and a bigger selection than cramped discount down the road. The grocery store itself is worth the trip since you’ll save a ton of money and it has five times the selection of Pick ‘N Spend.“
esjaygee 3428 days ago
70 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Good prices and selection.“
demmbonz 3530 days ago
84 /100 1600 E. MAIN ST.
“Ambiance: Band-spankin’ new. Clean. Outward facing labels, fully stocked. Service: I didnt have any questions..just browsing the new place, but there were people around to ask. Selection: Better than the the other Woodmans locations Ive been too. Many more bombers and singles. Some nice stuff. Build-a-6 was well stocked and has some good options. Value: Woodmans generally has the best prices around. Overall: Hope it stays this well-stocked.“
beerbaaron 3548 days ago
66 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“Not a bad place. Decent beer selection. Nothing mind-blowing. Didn’t have food but friends told us it was good. Only stopped for one. Will visit again someday.“
demmbonz 3572 days ago
96 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“I checked this place out last year and It was pretty good. Beer Selection was very good. Last night I went to one of their monthly beer dinners. Fantastic food and beer selection is fantastic. Quite a bit of Tap Room redecorating - love the new ambiance“
Ironman311 3619 days ago
74 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Has a better than average selection of craft beers. I frequent the Waukesha location. A couple of things that need attention are the disorganization of the beer itself. Disorganized to say the least and I personally passed on items that had no price attached to them.“
OneSickPuppy 3771 days ago
86 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Awesome selection. Some nice finds. Clean, organized.“
beerbaaron 3798 days ago
100 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“The selection of craft beers is unmatched in Waukesha. Extremely happy this place opened. So much space, it’s the only comfortable place you can bring a group of friends. Great addition to downtown Waukesha! The giant pretzel is well worth it!“
zuelke15 3809 days ago
100 /100 351 W MAIN ST
“The only place in Waukesha to try an excellent assortment of craft beers. Food consists of specialty flatbreads and unique sliders.“
aberns 3817 days ago
78 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Not quite as big of a selection as the Oklahoma store, but they really pack a lot in to this little place.“
demmbonz 3924 days ago
78 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“My go to store while in Waukesha. Strong selection of domestic and import craft. Has a typical liquor store feel. Staff helpful but not incredibly knowledgeable. By far the best in Waukesha.“
deyholla 3988 days ago
90 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“The microbrew selection here is quite small, but every time I go they have a specialty beer I have been looking around a while for. Great selection of 3F/Founders/Bells beer. Overall it is a great place.“
davidn17 4263 days ago
64 /100 354 W. MAIN STREET
“Probably as good a bar as you will find in Waukesha. As you can guess, this is an irish bar so have the standard irish/english beers like guinness/boddingtons/harp/bass. They also had some good options like Rogue, Lagunitas and“
HarvesterOfSorrow 4270 days ago
82 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Wow, was like a kid in a candy store here. Picked up 5 100 rated beers basically without having to move from one spot. Place has a warehouse / walmart type feel to it so a little disorganized, but great selection including many singles.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 4276 days ago
68 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Great selection of Wisconsin and foreign beers. Some good "hard-to-finds." National and regional beer selection is okay. Place is often a mess though. Have to look on the floor and around boxes to find some things.“
arkurzynski 4480 days ago
74 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“I prefer the Milwaukee Discount, but this one is still a quality store in the milwaukee metro“
MIBRomeo 4588 days ago
76 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Stopped in here on my way back from the state fair and i like this one better than the one in Milwaukee there was a great selection of local brews and and imports i even picked up a black albert pricey on there singles but a great store none the less“
TheGuy 4600 days ago
82 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“i was really impressed with the selection here. it took a while to figure out how everything was almost organized. lots of singles, which i always love. staff was very helpful.“
SanfordBrewer 4725 days ago
72 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Not nearly the store that Discount Milwaukee is, but not bad either. Good selection of Wisconsin, regional and national brands and many overseas options though not the quantity of the Milwaukee location. A bit cramped, I kept running into people. Prices decent as well.“
esjaygee 4848 days ago
66 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Decent selection, but not as good as the Milwaukee store. Store is old, cramped and dirty. Decent prices. Being located in Waukesha is a disadvantage because the city is a maze“
bonk0076 4888 days ago
56 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“This place is ok no service really prices range from average to high; no bargains here scotch is especially expensive selection is good, but there is nothing special a mn guy can’t find in Hudson except three floyds. I should note that I thought some of the prices were quite high, such as New Glarus six packs for $8.“
JK 5001 days ago
70 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“It is not its sister store, but it is 80% of it, which is quite good. A little cramped. A nice selection for the Milwaukee area.“
AWISLguy 5002 days ago
76 /100 354 W. MAIN STREET
“A neighborhood pub. No TV’s, just good bartenders, good taps, and good conversation. Went smoke-free in 2009. Live music on the weekends. Named as one of the top 100 bars in the US by Nightclub & Bar Magazine in 2008. Good specials, too.“
Gespuccian 5026 days ago
60 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“The place was not very well structured, but I found some goodies that I certainly wont find in the Minnesconsin side of the state. I picked up a Stone 080808 and some DFH I would otherwise not find. Overall, not really worth the trip unless you are actually in the Waskesha area. The service was nowhere to be found. The prices were great though.“
Syd 5202 days ago
72 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“I visited this place driving back from the airport. A little bit off the highway, but not too bad. Lots of American Micros and imports as well, most are warm. I was worried about the age on some of them as there was some dust. The purchases I made, Oscar Blues, Rabbid Rabbit and Chokolat all seemed fine. Very good selection, not much help roaming around, but that was fine by me. I’d go back. Good prices as well.“
madcow75 5537 days ago
72 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“This is my local Discount Liquor, so I’m there more often than the Oklahoma St. location. It’s basically a booze warehouse, but warmer than Sam’s in Chicago and the other Discount. They have an excellent selection of US micros (Wisconsin well-represented), a decent Belgian and German selection, and they recently picked up some Nogne O stuff. The selection of all other booze is great as well. Service is spotty, and it’s sometimes hard to find help (they’re usuallly very helpful when you get ’em). Prices are excellent.“
Ughsmash 5559 days ago
78 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Hit this place up on a holiday vacation (wanted to go to the MKE location, but an extra half hour each way made the decision a bit easier). Beer aisle is pretty good...one section of good domestics, another section of imports, and then another section for locals (which is why I was there)...plenty of BMC stuff as well. Was able to get all recent NG products, some Tyranena, and they had some other fun stuff like older vintages of DFH WWS and 120 min, SA Triple Bock, and some 2003 Old Stock. Good help from one of the beer guys as well. What set this place apart was the prices...they kicked ass! Good help from one of the beer guys as well. Usually shop at Binny’s when in Chicago, and they easily beat Binny’s on literally everything...would definitely stop here again in the future (and if you’re not from Waukesha, make sure you have good directions both coming and going from this place!)“
valpoaj 5564 days ago
66 /100 919 N BARSTOW ST
“Excellent beer selection, although not as strong as the selection of the sister store on Oklahoma Avenue. Small selection of glassware.“
Sombeast 5954 days ago