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“Mini strip mall location. Parking a pain. Large space with a big bar and table of all sizes. Busy on a Tuesday, perhaps due to trivia night. 11 taps plus a kombucha. Food trucks on some nights; calendar online. Flights of five available for $10. Rather pedestrian styles and average quality.“
bytemesis 6 days ago
78 /100 4151 E COUNTY LINE RD, UNIT G
“In a strip mall, limited outdoor seating but lots of room indoors. Interesting selection of beers - generally decently well done and the strong Belgian blonde was quite tasty. Would repeat this place although not sure I'd go far out of the way to get here.“
WestCoastHawkeye 415 days ago
68 /100 5150 E. ARAPAHOE ROAD UNIT D-1B
“In a strip mall during COVID times. Good outdoor seating. I thought the beer was fine but definitely a step below Resolute by local brewery standards. Nice pricing though.“
WestCoastHawkeye 425 days ago
74 /100 7286 S. YOSEMITE ST, SUITE 110
“Nice outdoor drinking space but the beer was just cromulent. Decent black IPA, decent IPL. About half of their taplist was hoppy and most of the rest was lager-based, with a few sours thrown in. Fine, wouldn't turn away from this place but better out there.“
WestCoastHawkeye 428 days ago
86 /100 4151 E COUNTY LINE RD, UNIT G
“Blue Spruce is an absolute gem. It's kind of tucked away from County Line Road (you have to weave your way back behind the series of stores to get to it), but well worth a visit or three. Excellent food (try their pretzel appetizer), and beer to match. The service is top notch - the waiters are continually zipping around at top speed, and stop by your table to ask how you're doing every couple minutes. VERY friendly wait staff. Only drawback is that if there is a live band playing, you won't be able to hold a conversation with anyone at your table, as it's extremely LOUD when they're playing.“
o_Merlin_o 934 days ago
80 /100 7286 S. YOSEMITE ST, SUITE 110
“Third stop of the evening. Not a large place, but open, with a central bar. A good number of taps with a broad range of styles. All available as individually priced sample pours. Excellent service. I got there maybe 30 minutes before posted closing time, but he was happy to serve after that if people were still buying. I basically enjoyed everything I tried here, although the two IPA's were my least favorite selections. I guess I would say "hopheads beware" but everybody else should have an enjoyable time.“
bytemesis 1360 days ago
“Pleasant ambiance and good service here, located way out there in east Centennial. 12 beers on tap, with a mean score slightly below my overall average. Worth checking out, but not going too far out of your way.“
ajnepple 1396 days ago
76 /100 5150 E. ARAPAHOE ROAD UNIT D-1B
“Strip mall location with a spacious interior and plenty of barstools and tables. Pleasant ambiance and good service at the bar. Nice selection of about 14 beers encompassing a wide variety of styles. Four 4-oz pours for $6 is nice. The overall quality of the beer is fairly average (myAverage = 3.28). In Centennial, I guess I would prefer Resolute, but this would be my #2.“
ajnepple 1667 days ago
78 /100 7286 S. YOSEMITE ST, SUITE 110
“Bright, moderately sized taproom in Centennial. Good, friendly service at the bar. 9 beers on tap with a solid selection of styles (Amber, Amber Lager, Hefe, Doppelbock, Weizenbock, SIPA, BIPA, Porter and Irish Red). The quality was slightly above average. Worth checking out.“
ajnepple 1675 days ago
76 /100 5150 E. ARAPAHOE ROAD UNIT D-1B
“Depressing strip mall on the outside, but this is an open, vibrant, and inviting bar on the inside. Simple, clean, dark, and well laid out. The bartenders were busy, but friendly and excited about their beer. 14 taps, with a wide range of creative and interesting beers, all made in house and a couple collaborations. $6 for a flight of four 4 oz. pours is hard to beat, and the pint prices are very fair. This is a hopping local place, and for good reason. I only stopped in because I was driving right by, but I’d recommend going out of your way.“
GTAEgeek 1694 days ago
“Visited around 5 on a Tuesday. Wasn’t terribly busy. Food truck parked outside. Service was excellent. Had no complaints with the beer quality. Believe about a dozen of their beers on tap. Had an outdoor area. I enjoyed my visit.“
RobertDale 2317 days ago
“We went out of our way to try this new upstart but found it not something to go out of your way for. Suburban shopping center location with a modern and sterile interior. About a half-dozen taps representing a basic survey of Anglo-American styles: Pale, Blonde, Brown, Weizen, Coffee Porter, Milk Stout, Saison (which is really a 8.4% Golden Strong ale), and a couple of flavored beers. The "Saison" was respectable, and the others I tried were decent, no major flaws, just lacking in character.“
3fourths 2346 days ago
82 /100 4151 E COUNTY LINE RD, UNIT G
“Highlands Ranch is a pulp of suburban luxuries and amenities. Pools? Generously watered lawns? A somewhat skewed balance of chain restaurants slinging butter-food and health conscious food boutiques? It has it all, which is to say, it almost has nothing. But there are treats here and there that give the neighborhood some vitality, and a little character. Occupying the old space for El Parral is one of these - Blue Spruce Brewing. The space is new, brand new, and gives off the sense of being an embryo of something bigger and more established. The walls are sparse, adorned only with televisions which were mostly and blessedly turned off during the afternoon. The gentleman behind the counter navigated us through the history of the place, and the taps available, and even offered me a sample of an ale that wasn’t quite where they wanted to be, but with enough maturity to give to a curious drinker. There’s food here too, though I can’t speak to it. The couple next to us devoured their appetizers with alacrity; a good sign that the food might pair well with the beer. Their flavor profile, based on a limited sample of six, appears to specialize in lighter, citrus based flavors. Like tangerines, mikan or clementines? Sit and savor the Kölsch, Apricot Blonde, the not-apricot Blonde, India Pale Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, and revel in the depth and complexity of what are simple, light styles. This is a heady start for a brand new brewery, and I am eager to see where they go. There are events too, which feel more tailored to a younger crowd from a denser neighborhood, but likely a good excuse to make a visit. And make sure to check out Firkin Tuesdays, where wilder brews are sampled. I’m especially looking forward to this upcoming Tuesday’s potion: Raspberry Truffle. This is the sort of business that should be rewarded handsomely for talent and effort. Whether that can happen in the fallow cultural field is an open question. If you’re in the neighborhood, make a visit, and be prepared for good beer.“
GarrettB 2658 days ago
82 /100 4151 E COUNTY LINE RD, UNIT G
“This brewpub is in the end unit in a shopping plaza. Very typical and stark bar ambiance with a couple TVs showing baseball. The empty space and high ceilings make for a noisy, resonant experience. They do have a pretty rad enclosed patio to the side. The beer list was solid with a handful of guest taps to round out things. Beers were from $4 to $6 a pint with high alcohol offerings being a little more than that. I had the chili beer which was pretty good. The food menu has a lot of Mexican dishes with classic American bar food sprinkled throughout. It was Wednesday and they offer a pint of beer with a burger and fries for $11.95. Figured I’d go that route since I have consumed a lot of Mexican food lately. The burger was decent, but not up to snuff for the high bar that the Denver area has set for the classic beef dish. I feel like Blue Spruce is most proud of the Mexican dishes. The service was on point for my visit. So, this is not a bad stop to come try some new beer and have a bite to eat. Especially in this area.“
NachlamSie 2707 days ago
70 /100 4151 E COUNTY LINE RD, UNIT G
“New spot in Centennial / Highlands Ranch just off of 470. Pretty big interior, nice oak bar, about 15 tables and 15-20 barstools plus an enclosed patio area. They had 6 beers on tap and about 12 guest taps, all from CO. Their beers were a little below average for a new brewery, they could use some work. Although, the honey kölsch was solid. 6 of their tasters for $10. They do have food (pretzels, wings, salads, burgers, sandwiches, sausages) but I didn’t eat. The ambiance was nice and the service was great.“
ajnepple 2755 days ago
70 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Visited on a Wednesday. Most of the beers in the store are cold in the fridge along the side wall. There is also a small shelf of large format warm bottles. The selection is solid, though nothing that I would consider out of the ordinary for a Colorado beer store of this size. There is a decent selection of singles, which may be a draw for an out of town buyer. Worth hitting if you are in the immediate area, though I prefer Lukas or Davidson’s which are each within 10 minutes of this store.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2937 days ago
78 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Lone Tree brewing, dry dock brewing, many other local breweries here. Nothing fancy or special, decent pricing, well stocked.“
Denverdiv 3223 days ago
62 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Like many Colorado lbooze emporiums its liquor 1st, wine 2nd, beer 33rd. It’s all on the left side with the BMC in the back. Most of their good stuff is in the coolers and they have a couple of doors of singles. But as others have stated this iOS not the place for the super rare stuff.“
DiarmaidBHK 3364 days ago
60 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Typical beer selection for the metro area with a few harder to find beers, but nothing mind blowing or special. Yawn.“
BeerandBlues2 3410 days ago
70 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“I like the layout of this RB better than others. They do produce some beers that can’t be found at the downtown location, so it’s worth an occasional stop. The staff was very friendly last time I dropped in.“
cubs 3682 days ago
84 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Nice place. Good food. Very knowledgable bar staff and CASK ALE!!! Amazing :)“
garthicus 3683 days ago
58 /100
Dry Creek Liquors (Beer Store)
“Apparently this was Centennial’s liquor store of the year for 2003 or was it 2009. they have most of the beer by the entrance but they also shield the windows so the light doesn’t get in. They have, even by Colorado standards, a ton of Colorado craft beer. They also have sense and civic pride enough to put the BMC in the back far corner of the store. They have a limited number of bombers but a couple of those were from Russian River so this place counts. It has the ambiance of a liquor store but if you need an emergency sixer of Odell’s this place will do.“
DiarmaidBHK 3702 days ago
72 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“All Rock Bottoms are basically the same--urban down home cozy feel, slightly above average food at a fair cost, and slightly below average beer at a fair cost. The staff know their stuff and are very polite and helpful. Yet still a good place for a beer nerd to visit.“
onceblind 3739 days ago
66 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“I stopped by here because they supposedly had AleSmith which was mistakenly tagged for this location I believe- figured they must have been the first to get AleSmith in CO. Their "beer expert" said he didn’t think AleSmith distributes to CO, which I believe is correct. After perusing their website, I also saw they supposedly had Dogfish Head Sahtea and Pangea which seemed to disappear incredibly quickly and my guess this is due to the new Discovery Channel show. Anyways, the website said they had a dozen of Pangea but it turned out that they had none. Both of these mistakes could have been avoided by a phone call, but I wanted to check out the place anyways. I did pick up a Lucky Bastard but there was really only one special beer that I saw there. It was a 750 of Gonzo Imperial Porter signed by Steadman. I was tempted to get to since I’m a huge HST/RS fan but I wasn’t feeling like paying $80 for it. Anyways, if you use the website, be sure to call first. Besides that, the selection is mediocre and mostly uninteresting.“
cubs 3977 days ago
84 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Great selection of beers of all kinds. Has several hard-to-find rare and seasonals, although it is missing other easier to find crafts, like most of Unibrouwe and North Coast. Staff is friendly and very very knowledgeable. The dude who helped me claimed to have had pretty much one of everything on the shelf. Not a bad joint“
onceblind 4082 days ago
60 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“limited import selection. zero traditional lambic, only lindeman’s products, and they didn’t seem to know of any others. if your interest it most of the more popular micros then this is your store, along with 300 others in the area.“
3fourths 4125 days ago
78 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Decent selection of regular and specialty brews. Prices are about average for good Denver beer stores. A few days ago they had the 15th Anniversary Tommyknocker, the big, specialty Samual Adams (e.g. Tripel), Affligem Noel for $6.99 a 750. They are not as complete as nearby Davidsons, but a good store if you’re around DTC or Centennial.“
DenverLogan 4342 days ago
74 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“The ambiance...it’s a liquor store, does ambiance really matter? The service is decent. I’ve requested help only once and the guy who helped me actually knew about the various beers they carry and he described some of them to a tee for me. This is a decent liquor store. The beer selection isn’t huge but it is very decent. Yhey have some of the more harder to find beers, ones that not even Davidson’s carries. The trick with this place is to go all the way to the back and look on the shelves...that’s usually where their more rare or harder to come by stock is at. This really isn’t a place I would go out of my way to get to, however, I would be very happy if this place was just down the road and was my local liquor store.“
beerchugger 4458 days ago
68 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Stopped in for dinner and some brews on my last trip to Denver. Was dead on Tuesday night at 9PM. However they have a very nice patio. Had 6 standard brews on and only 1 or 2 brewmaster specials. Food was standard for a Rock Bottom. Would go back again if in the area.“
msante79 4469 days ago
98 /100 7475 E ARAPAHOE RD
“Heritage Wine and Liquor is a wonderful place to shop. Knowledgable sales people are always on hand to help you in your selections. They have a wide array of specialty brews from all around the world. If you live in Denver you must shop here!“
WhatNewinBooze 4501 days ago
54 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Nicely located oasis in the midst of urban sprawl and shopping. They had about 9 beers on tap, with one on cask. The food was the same as all other Rock Bottom’s. Service was pretty good.“
BeerandBlues2 5128 days ago
66 /100 9627 E COUNTY LINE RD
“hard to find the first time i went. on the northwest corner of countyline right before you run into 25. bartenders are friendly and the service is good. get varying degrees of knowledge about the beer. i’ve found that the evening bartenders don’t always know what the specific name of a beer is, just the style, but the lunchtime people are on the stick. an average selection, the usual standard 6 taps, a pale lager, a pale ale, an amber, etc. rotating "dark" beer and wheat beer. 80% of the time there is something on cask. haven’t had the food yet. had the food, a bit better than the average bar fare, and price was not bad.“
Kevin 5583 days ago
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