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“A little hard to find, in the corner of a shopping mall area. Tons of parking, which is nice. The decor is elaborate New Orleans themed, including chandeliers and murals. The bartender was friendly and knew his beer lineup. The selection is pretty nice, if a little focused on light and easy styles. Fun place.“
GTAEgeek 877 days ago
“Stopped by on a Wednesday afternoon and got a flight. Wide range of styles, everything decent to good, nothing more than good. Best was either the marzen or the west coast IPA. I was a bit disappointed by the barleywine. Worth noting that the flights here are 4 7-oz pours. I'm a big guy but if you're not, a flight is more something you split. Located in a strip mall, plenty of outdoor seating. Service good. Didn't try the food but they do have food.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1250 days ago
78 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Place was crowded on a COVID Tuesday afternoon. Got a flight - I like that they were light on stouts and sours. I had two pumpkin beers, a chile beer and a festbier. The pumpkin beers were a bit light for me (but are highly rated on UT). Others were cromulent for the style. Impression is a solid place.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1259 days ago
66 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“I’m not sure where the high ratings come from for this store. Of the three I visited on this trip, this one was the least impressive. The selection of 12 oz. singles was pretty limited, but there was a good selection of hard to find German beers, which was not what I was looking for intially, but was glad to find. Ambiance was big a big impersonal liquor store. No staff person came up to ask to help. I would probably drop in again if in the neighborhood, but would not go out of my way for this one.“
Iphonephan 2339 days ago
74 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“(Visited 05/2015): Lone Tree Brewing is located on Park Meadows Drive not too far off 470 in Centennial. Parking is plentiful in the plaza lot.

The interior opens to a tap room with a bar past the entrance and seating beyond. Hanging lights and a cement floor with colorful green, blue and burnt sienna walls (one with their logo). Brewing equipment is visible in the rear.

Lone Tree has 8 beers on tap, and a sampler is available. On my visit the selections included a Helles, IIPA, Peach Pale, a couple Amber Ales, Oatmeal Stout and a Dubbel. The beers were all decent.

Service at the bar on a Saturday afternoon was good. The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about the beers.

Food is not available at Lone Tree aside from snacks.

All in all this is a nice little brewery in Littleton.“
Dogbrick 2846 days ago
76 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“(Visited 05/2015): The Lone Tree location of Lucas Liquor is on South Yosemite not too far off I-470. The plaza has a large parking lot.

The interior is laid out like similar big-box liquor stores, large and spacious and well-lit. Beverages are in aisles by type. The beer is located in the rear of the store, and features the "Bomb Shelter", which is a large walk-in cooler stocked with bombers and rarer offerings.

The beer selection at Lukas numbers in the hundreds, and the "Bomb Shelter’ holds beers from many craft breweries from CO and elsewhere like Avery, Paradox, Eddyline, Northwest, Crooked Stave, Gigantic and Almanac. Service on a Saturday afternoon was fine. We were asked if we were looking for anything in particular, and checkout was friendly. They also have weekly tastings.

Overall this place has the shortcomings of typical warehouse-type store, but is a good spot to visit for a wide variety of beers.“
Dogbrick 2899 days ago
68 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Just another large liquor warehouse style store. The selection was pretty solid, the prices were hit or miss, and the service was below average. Honestly if I was in the area, I would just drive an extra 3 miles to the west and go to Davidson’s. Tenfold better service, better selection, and mostly better prices.“
rennat42 3270 days ago
68 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“It’s big. It’s a gigantic warehouse. Lots of bright coolers with bombers in a back walk-in. Nothing special, but lots of everything.“
theothermatt 3353 days ago
70 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Big warehouse style store. Almost all of the beer is refirgerated. Good variety of craft and macro sixer/4-packs/cases as well as a flat-rate $9.99 mix-a-six. Also a big walk-in cooler with mostly bombers. Good selection of hard-to-find domestic and european sours. Only a few things in stock that you couldn’t expect to find at any other decent bottle shop in the state. But definitely a couple of nice surprises.“
RABinCO 3387 days ago
78 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Visited on a cold Monday evening. Small little crowd at the bar watching football. Good variety of beers on draft. Did a flight. Service was quick and friendly. Slick industrial feel inside overall. Beers aren’t anything special, would be a good place to bring some friends and not feel cramped.“
RABinCO 3387 days ago
74 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Pretty spacious, open brewery with plenty of seating. Good service and a solid selection of about 12 beers on tap. I only had a few but enojyed the coffee stout and black IPA the most. Worth a stop if you’re in this part of town.“
ajnepple 3664 days ago
86 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Lone Tree is in a small business complex and has a pretty large space inside in addition to a fair sized patio. The brewing equipment is in plain sight and there is a long bar and plenty of table seating too. TV’s are available and had NFL on, as predictable for a Monday night. The bartender was great. He was personable, knowledgeable, efficient and happy to converse. Free popcorn is available and chips and bottled non-alcoholic drinks are for sale. The beers I tried were clean and well balanced. But some of them were noticeably watery for the style. Still, I was able to find a couple that I would gladly drink and the ambiance is pretty pleasant. Surely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
NachlamSie 3779 days ago
78 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Was impressed with this brewery. Friendly and willing to talk. Seems like they are developing a loyal following. Only had time for two selections, both were good. Said they have only been open for about 2 years. Think they are on the right track.“
RobertDale 3858 days ago
82 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Visited early evening on a Wednesday. Great big giant warehouse liquor store, setup similar to other Lukas locations with the beer in the back. One nice difference to this spot is the walk beer cooler. Generally walk ins are chock full of macros, but this one had racks of some really nice stuff. Most of the Colorado beers I know of that are packaged were available, and a bunch of other nice stuff as well. Prices and mix a six are decent as well.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3993 days ago
28 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“About 12 full tables, 5 small tables, decent size bar. Place is currently 50% empty and its too loud to enjoy being here. Cement floors, industrial style open ceiling. No music. 3 tv's but can't hear those either. Wait staff will walk by you 3 times without even saying a thing. Highest rated beer is a 72?? I won't be back.“
Denverdiv 4013 days ago
92 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Lots of choices, descent prices (at least on beer), and helpful staff. Out of the places I’ve visited in the Denver Metro area they have a descent selection of harder to find beers. I even found Shorts Brewery stuff and they don’t distribute out of the state of MI currently (they had it bc of GABF). If I’m looking for rarer beers this is where I usually come. Several doors of beer and a whole area devoted to bombers.“
nolimitnsb 4115 days ago
72 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Spacious area open to brew space, friendly staff, good beers, I hope they continue to expand, this location will allow growth.“
UncleKorm 4169 days ago
72 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“This place used to have a better beer selection, including some rare and hard to find Mikkeller’s. For some reason that selection has recently gone away though, and what is left is no different than any other corner liquor store.“
BeerandBlues2 4221 days ago
86 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Being from Kansas this is an amazing place! Huge selection with decent prices. Help was a little hard to find. The hardest part is the decision making. Very much worth the visit.“
RobertDale 4234 days ago
68 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“I wasnt too impressed with this place-seemed a bit under-stocked when i was there. didnt have alot of offerings that davidsons had. lots of empty shelf space and not staff around for help. seemed alot different than the lucas in the st louis area. i didnt buy anything here.“
Terminus 4256 days ago
74 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“cool place. Finally a brewery on the South Side!!!! spacious area. a few flat screen televisions. they were off which was fine with me. big wrap around bar. nice open seating. 6 beers on tap with 4 in the pipeline. they also had a nice schedule of beer releases and live music for craft beer week. beer was solid. we will be back for sure.“
waolsen 4307 days ago
58 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Great place1“
ldrury 4343 days ago
84 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Huge warehouse-type retailer. I was wowed the first time I went here by the walk-in refrigerator that has a large bomber selection. Good service and they will call you if there is a beer you are looking for and they get it in. I don’t frequent often because I live so far away, but if there is a beer I am looking for that I can’t get elsewhere, they usually have it.“
Steve_0 4383 days ago
84 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“really big liquor store with an amazing selection towards the back. This place gets an A just for The Bomb Shelter, a walk in cooler full of rare and seasonal bombers. Needs more selection in the mix-a-6 dept though...“
onceblind 4388 days ago
76 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Seven beers on tap when I visited but I unfortunately missed the Helles. Their beers were mostly quality beers while not being anything spectacular. There was a lot of people when I visited on a Friday at 5pm, but I guess every brewpub in Denver is probably busy at that time. Looking forward to trying more of their beers in the future. Nice, lengthy bar.“
cubs 4407 days ago
74 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Great space that is both cozy yet spacious. Warming homey colors with a lot of tables, but also a really long bar area. Friendly staff and interesting brews. Nothing out of the ordinary offered, but theyre certainly not boring. Lots of space to expand, both brew-wise and on their taplines, some of which were empty when I visited“
onceblind 4412 days ago
64 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“A nice, very open brewery in an industrial area, though conveniently located near a very large mall / auto mall. There were a handful of house brews available, and all were solid, particularly their lighter beers. Instead of pretzels, they served Chex Mix in a pint glass. There is a large, unoccupied area that could hold more tables if they were so inclined.“
BeerandBlues2 4437 days ago
72 /100 8222 PARK MEADOWS DR
“Stopped to check this place out today - in an area that might produce a lot of traffic - an industrial park near a large shopping center and an IKEA - very large brewery tasting room - kind of cavernous inside, but the bar area is cozy, despite the size - bar area alone can probably accommodate 20-25 people, plus that have a lot of tables as well - reminded me a bit of Dry Dock inside, but with quite a bit more space - 12 tap lines, although only 7 beers pouring when I was there - a decent range of styles, from hefe, to Belgian ale, to IIPA - most beers are on the session able side, which is a nice change for this area, where a lot of brewers still seem hung up on big beers (at least three of the beers were below 5% abv) - staff was friendly and attentive - no food, but they provide menus for places that deliver - beers were impressive for a place that just opened - a nice spot - when my wife drags me to IKEA, I will make a point to drag her here afterwards.“
notalush 4441 days ago
80 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Excellent beer selection. Large refrigerated bomber section and 2doors of mix-a-six. Employees where helpful and knowable about beer.“
RSRIZZO 4524 days ago
90 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Wow what a selection! Amazing selection of everything you would ever want to drink!“
daknole 4594 days ago
82 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Drove out to here a few nights ago to test out the place. Definitely a warehouse style liquor store, with the entire back wall stocked with beer. The selection was decent...until you see "The Bomb Shelter." Full of single bottles/larger format bottles with some fairly decent stuff, the prices were decent and even had a few lambics which is pretty damn rare this day and age. Would go back!“
arminjewell 4603 days ago
86 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“I’ve come to realize that this is the go-to beer store in South Denver. Awesome walk-in cooler that gets all the good stuff- Bourbon Old Rasputin, Eclipses, Utopias, all the Crooked Stave, all the Funkwerks, stuff from Rockyard and Dry Dock. The one weakness is German beers... Absolutely no Hacker Pschorr, Franziskaner, Schlenkerla, or anything else interesting German to speak of. Can’t blame them- most German beer sits for years until I buy it and then I’m pissed when it’s six years old. They do have case discounts now, so fuck you Mike.“
cubs 4817 days ago
86 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Maybe my favorite liquor store in the Denver area. Large liquor warehouse. Huge selection back wall of coolers. Walk in cooler has a great selection of bombers, always something new, good seasonals. Friendly staff always willing to help and knowledgeable. Good prices. When I’m in Denver I always make it a point to stop by.“
Atom 4835 days ago
90 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“stopped in here while I was in Denver during GABF... they have a lot of beer, both on the shelf and in the fridge... you can make your own six pack for $8... from a selection of beers... they have a walk in cooler filled with wonderful special bombers and 750’s called the Bomb Shelter... I found glorious beers in here like Mirror Mirror, tons of Lost Abbey, Bruery Papier, and much more.... it was so hard to figure out what to bring home in my suitcase.... wonderful help too. good prices... definitely will return on my next visit.“
HopsChalice8938 5252 days ago
78 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“My intention was to go to Davidson’s, but according to my GPS, Boatworks Drive doesn’t exist, WTF? - anyway, I the address of this place down as a back-up store - as has been said, this place is huge, with a long wall of refrigerators along the back wall - at first, it doesn’t seem that impressive - an extensive selection of local brews, with a decent mix a six, but not nearly as extensive as Total Bev up in Westminster - however, once you enter the walk-in, you realize why others have rated this so highly - a handful of American micros I haven’t seen yet in the area (Alaskan Baltic Porter being the big draw, but s few Left Hand, and some other beers from brewers I’ve never heard of) - comprehensive selection of Boulevard, Russian River, Bruery - reasonable prices, a tad bit lower than many area stores (ex. 8.99 for Damnation, 19.99 for Dark Horizon - not cheap, but a couple bucks less than I’ve ever seen it) - small, but well-selected import shelves - three or four Cantillons, six or seven Mikkeller, four or five Nogne O, etc. - I live in Denver, but I will make a point to come here periodically - quite a nice store.“
notalush 5254 days ago
86 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Massive warehouse type liquor store. Great selection of singles, sixes and bombers. Russian River, Boulevard, Lost Abbey, Stone, Struise, Deschutes and many other beers. Blind Pig, Black Albert and Devotion are some of the notable brews. Picked up a niced mixed sixer for $7.99. Nice selection of glassware. Really great store. Stopped back in again today 6 weeks since my last visit and they had a bunch of new brews they did not have last time. Looks like they update there stock often which is great.“
msante79 5373 days ago
80 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“Good beers for make your on six pack pack. One of the better selections for 12oz and bombers in the Denver metro area. Belgians, Stone, Mikkeler, Nogne, Victory etc. and a great local selection. Make sure you go into the small walk in section. They had the largest amount of of Fat Tire and 2 Below I have ever seen which forms a mountain by the local beer section making it hard to navigate.“
soyorganic 5512 days ago
84 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“I can’t believe that I have not been to this place. I come to Denver about 4 times a year on business and always stay near this area. I usually go to Davidsons, but I will definitely head back to Lukas in the future. Better selection than Davidsons and lots of singles. Make your own sixer for $7.99. Great micro selection, locals and Belgians. I picked up Pliney The Elder and Blind Pig. Lots of Lost Abbey beers as well.“
madcow75 5604 days ago
82 /100 8457 S YOSEMITE ST
“I went to four liquor stores in the area and this was the only bottle shop. They had at least 350 single bottles to choose from in all sizes with ample empty six pack holders to fill. The beer is in the back of what is an immense wine store, warehouse style. There is friendly staff to help you if needed. I joked with them because of all the singles they would not break a six pack of Odell Imperial Stout for me. No biggie. 80% local brew, a few CA’s, modest Belgian’s, some Germans, Victory, all kinds of stuff. The whole back wall is beer. Must be a football fields length from macro to micro. Being from AZ I found this to be a real treat.“
GreatLibations 5788 days ago
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