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“Visited January 2022. This was a bit of a sad place. Its a narrow space at the end of Vail Village. Clean enough but doesn't seem well taken care of. It seemed more like a bar that happened to be a taproom for a brewery. My wife got some canned hard seltzer. I got 3 flight-size pours and repeated the pepper beer for a fourth. The beer wasn't something I needed to repeat, not bad but very dull. Except for the pepper beer, it wasn't great but the pepper aspect was to my liking. I think they had food, crepes maybe? The closed at 8pm and my wife and I were the only people there at 7pm. When we walked in a bartender was nowhere to be found. Someone who worked there walked in with boxes and seemed to look for someone else to serve us but ended up serving us. Again, stuck in Vail Village, this is the only reason to come here.“
beastiefan2k 508 days ago
64 /100 141 E MEADOW DR, SUITE 209
“Visited in January of 2022. This place is in the middle of Vail Village, which is to say an outdoor mall for those in Vail. The place is decorated as most wood-centric tasting rooms are. Very well lit. No cramped but smaller space. The only food was chips. Tap list was about 8 or 10 but I got a flight of the only 4 that were not hop-centric. The one guy pouring beer didn't seem to know much about the beer. The only reason to go here is if you find yourself stuck in Vail.“
beastiefan2k 508 days ago
80 /100 2151 N FRONTAGE RD W
“The Eagle-Vail area seems a bit like a beer desert and this is the only redeeming spot. It seems that the store keeps getting better based on the reviews. I came to look for Casey beers and boy was I impressed. They had about 10 different 750s, the adjunct imperial stout, and the Helles in cans. However, I ended up leaving with mostly Russian River beers. They had Beatification, Temptation, and many of the ations. Also, half a dozen of the 500mL bottles. Otherwise, I did not look too carefully but a decent singles section with lots of local six packs. Imports are small, Belgian-centric, but a few lambics. Clean store with lots of elbow room and a friendly beer-geeky employee helped me out a bit. I took the bus here from Avon and took a Lyft back. The bus accessibility is a bonus.“
beastiefan2k 514 days ago
54 /100
Vail Fine Wines (Beer Store)
“A few imports, some local stuff ... and that's about it. There's not much interesting here. Fine for Vail but I'd rather go to Vail Brewing Company. As far as ambiance, it's just a standard liquor store. Much more into wines than beer.“
WestCoastHawkeye 995 days ago
76 /100 41290 B-2 & B-3 US HWY 6
“It's Vail, so it's beautiful. The beer is on the lighter side, but they had some funky kolsches and IPAs when I was there. Best thing I had was an ESB though. Everything cromulent, nothing really stood out, but you're in Vail, which is beautiful, and you're drinking decent beer, so why complain?“
WestCoastHawkeye 997 days ago
74 /100 2151 N FRONTAGE RD W
“My stop when i’m in vail“
jillk1 3516 days ago
70 /100
Vail Fine Wines (Beer Store)
“Small bottle shop in central Vail. Not a huge selection but they generally carry nice beer and occasionally have hard to find beers. Service has always been friendly and helpful. Prices are definitely high, but it’s expected for a mountain store.“
Brouwerij 3545 days ago
64 /100 2151 N FRONTAGE RD W
“Relatively small selection, understandable considering the mountain location, was actually able to find a few beers that I couldn’t get in Boulder. Definitely a little pricey. Service was essentially non-existent but wasn’t necessary considering the small size of the beer selection.“
Brouwerij 3546 days ago
64 /100 641 W LIONSHEAD CIR
“Visited on a raining Wednesday in July. This is a very small shop, though they do have a decent selection of local and regional craft brews. Several are singled out, and the service was really good. Prices were high, but hey you are in the middle of Vail. I would not normally add a place this small, but if you are in Vail with limited transportation this is a great option. Bonus overall point for being the only shop in Summit or Eagle county that carried, let alone had heard of Ghost Face Killah.

64 = ★★ (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 4344 days ago
54 /100 2151 N FRONTAGE RD W
“Overpriced beer and not the best beer selection, though it does have a lot of typical Colorado beers.“
cubs 4523 days ago
52 /100 2109 N FRONTAGE RD W, STE H
“Located inside of the City Market. According to their ad in the Yellow Pages, they claimed Vail’s most complete selection of beers from around the world. Non so much. They still had a few nice micros, but all available in six-packs and no singles. Of the two stores I’ve been to here, I’d recommend West Vail Liquor Mart over this place.“
CaptainCougar 6552 days ago
60 /100 2151 N FRONTAGE RD W
“Well, since I didn’t see any liquor stores in Vail listed on here, I’d thought I’d check one out. Selection was ok. Has some Deschutes, Odell, New Belgium, Stone, Great Divide, Avery and some smaller CO micros. I don’t think they have singles apart from the bombers, which are located in a refrigerator case away from the rest of the beer section. Still not bad for someone from out of town. Prices seem pretty decent.“
CaptainCougar 6553 days ago
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