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64 /100
Lépicerie (Grocery Store)
“Local grocestore near the church. I found 15-20 beers from some local breweries (Belette, Gabarde and La Thouarsaise). And I found there a local cider !! (from Clazy, made in 79!). Ok service.“
VDuquerroux 898 days ago
“I know, this is a PMU bar/restaurant. For strangers, this is THE common bar you will find in every city in France even in the countryside. Let me explain :

Normally, 4 beers on tap : a pale lager, a witbier, an amber ale, a fruity sugary beer and an abbey ale such as Leffe if you are lucky. But I was gladly surprised 6 months ago walking nearby in summer : beer menue outside : more than 40 bottles... mostly belgians common beers with some trappist such as Chimay. Not foolish but interesting for this kind of bar. Inside, today, in winter, confirmation with some fruity beers and other international pale lagers. 10-15 beers in the fridge. A few surprise such as a foreign Guinness stout and Innis Gunn I think. On tap, no surprise. Ok service. Not expensive. Overall, not a must-go of course but a positive sign for beer culture in France. Also restaurant and hotel.“
VDuquerroux 1633 days ago
“I come here 2-3 times a year to drink a beer or eat. 2-3 english beers and local beers on tap (1356 and 732 from Brasserie de Neuville du Poitou). Simply enjoyable to eat outdoor without any people smoking. Hard to find now... Friendly staff. Always a good experience :)“
VDuquerroux 2947 days ago
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La Piautre L'Availlante
Lépicerie29 days ago