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“Next to Brockwell Park and a minute from Herne Hill market, situated in an arch under the railway is this small and cozy London tap room, featuring a couple of fridges of beers and about eight beers on tap. Nice funky vibe and friendly service. Small outdoor garden area too.“
EdKing 897 days ago
70 /100 69 DULWICH ROAD
“A very nice traditional old pub on the corner of the Dulwich Road and Regent Road. Outside beer garden and traditional spruced up pub interior in a nice looking place. Staff friendly/efficient enough and an ok beer choice from the likes of Timothy Taylor / Purity / Bath Ales / Harvey's across its cask selection that were in good nick. Some lower end craft available across kegs and some interesting cider pours on our visit. All in all a decent place but not for the ratebeerian to seek out on its own, can easily stop by if heading south for the 2 Herne Hill brewery/taproom’s, or heading north into Brixton for the increasingly excellent beer scene there.“
Desverger 917 days ago
“Visit april 2017. A railway arch taproom, seating / tables inside and outside. Serving own beers aprox eight .. had a beer fridges also with own bottle beers and some other breweries aswell. Friendly service. Food they did bar snacks.“
fonefan 1532 days ago
80 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“Visited April 2017 with beery friends. Lovely taproom, very cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Lots of seatings both inside and outside. Easy to find, very friendly service, they know their stuff about beers. Great selection of beers, served in very good condition. Being there for Easter they had small chocolate eggs YUMMIIIE. For sure worth a visit, and I will for sure be back another time.“
Brugmansia 1716 days ago
“Visited April 2017 with beery friends. Another railway arch taproom. Cosy in its own way. Lots of seatings inside as well as outside. Serving their beers both on tap and bottle / can. The atmosphere is great, a mix of bar, garage and garden.. They do a few snacks. Friendly and helpfull service. For sure worth a visit / revisit.“
Brugmansia 1716 days ago
72 /100 10 HALF MOON LANE
“Visited April 2017 with beery friends. Large traditionel oldstyle town pub. Very cosy corner pub, with seatings outside, and lots of seatings inside. Very cosy atmosphere, traditionel Fullers beers on tap. Friendly service, traditionel food menu, though we didn´t eat there.“
Brugmansia 1736 days ago
80 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“Visited on Saturday 15 April 2017. A rather superior railway arch taproom. For a start, it’s right next to a quite impressive railway bridge over the road so there’s no hunting it out down junk-filled alleyways populated mainly by vehicle repair owrkshops and the like. The tables inside has flowers on them and the stools were covered with natty blankets. There are also a few tables in the yard outside. Beers are all from Bullfinch, mainly from keg with a couple of casks and a handful of bottles. Of the nine (I think) beers on offer, eight were new for me. They do flights of three x thirds. Service was efficient. Highly recommended and easy to combine with Canopy taproom & (as we did) with a wander down from London Beer Lab in Brixton.“
chriso 1745 days ago
68 /100 10 HALF MOON LANE
“A large landmark Fuller’s pub with an impressive Victorian interior from the gin palace school of design. We popped our heads in on 15 April 2017 to see if they had the new Fuller’s Black IPA - they didn’t so we didn’t linger. However, we noted a couple of Canopy beers on the pumps and, apparently, they also stock Bullfinch beers (although not, seemingly on this occasion). So it could be handy if you’re in the area and want to try some canopy and Bullfinch beers outside their taproom opening hours. Nice to see Fuller’s supporting the local breweries anyway.“
chriso 1745 days ago
“Visited on 15 April 2017. Another railway arch taproom, somewhat better apponted than some. There are a few tables inside and more, covered, seating outside. About eight of their own beers on tap and a couple of fridges next to the bar - a mix of their own beers and decent stuff from other breweries. Friendly service. Definitely worth a visit, especially given that Bullfinch taproom is close at hand. Note the rather extensive opening times for a brewery taproom.“
chriso 1745 days ago
66 /100
Wild & Lees (Beer Store)
“Modern boutique, cosy little beer, wine and craft spirits shop next to Herne Hill. It’s not an amazing range but carefully selected and chosen. There’s a couple of keg taps and a small area for drinking wine or beers. Shop also sells a few snacks. Bottle range features mainly UK craft including Wild Beer Co, Gipsy Hill, Signature, East India Brewing, and then a handful of world beers including Tailgate.“
EdKing 1766 days ago
86 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“We visited on opening at 17:00 on a Friday (26th August) Location wise if approaching from Herne Hill station keep going down Norwood Road (can turn left for Canopy) or carry on down Norwood Road to Bullfinch and eventually turn left down Rosendale Road (yes the same Rosendale Road that many of us who grew up in South London may have fond memories of, none other than the now long gone infamous Bon Bonne Nightclub) was very nostalgic seeing that grand old building again) :-) -anyway ahem back to the place review. You will find the Bullfinch Taproom just after the aforementioned grand building, away to the left under the railway arches. A nice welcoming place with a range of benches both outside and inside the taproom. About 10-15 patrons already there on our early Friday evening visit but we managed to find a inside table and checkout the beer list. Friendly staff serving, and quite a few kegs to choose from (and a Cask beer as well) Great to see they offered a flight of 3x thirds which we took advantage off. All in all thought their beers were pretty decent quality with the best on the evening being the "Notorious" Black IPA which was very good. Really like this place and will definitely return whenever back visiting friends/family in the hood.“
Desverger 1861 days ago
“We visited on opening at 17:00 on a Friday (26th August) not far from the train station, if approaching from Herne Hill station walking down Norwood road look for a board sign on pavement indicating Canopy off to the left down a side alley, and then follow to the left to find the Tap room. Pretty basic affair all in all, some tables outside we took advantage off in the hot evening weather (under a canopy), and popped inside to get some beers. Was pleased to see they did a flight of 4 beers to try of their own stuff, and also picked up some guest beer on tap they had as well. Their own beers in general were ok to decent, service was friendly, all in all worth combining this with nearby Bullfinch Taproom in the same trip, which we will do next visit.“
Desverger 1861 days ago
60 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“Visited a few times in the past, and last time on the 26th August. Pretty nice looking place, pretty empty on our Friday afternoon visit, but in the past pretty popular locally in the evenings from previous visits. Mostly the more common craft range on tap, but close to the Rail Station so ok to kill some time waiting for a train here if you already visited Canopy/Bullfinch.“
Desverger 1861 days ago
“We visited here on Saturday 3rd December 2016 as mentioned in the Bullfinch Brewery Tap write up, we were on a walk from the London Hidden Walks Book Vol2 it’s a Brixton and Brockwell Park walk and this much like Bullfinch Brewery Tap takes you close enough to here to pop in, we walked the short distance from there to here. If you look at Brockwell Park, the Taproom is located at the eastern edge at about 3’o’ clock if you considered the park as a clock face, it’s about 4-5 mins down from the station and like Bullfinch it’s just off Norwood Road. You walk through a rather random area with a garage in the next unit and cars parked all over the shop and all but blocking all access, actually this would make wheelchair access near impossible. Be wary of the occasional splat of dog mess, however don’t let the rather interesting access here put you off in many respects the rather random and haphazard access reminds me a lot of getting to 40ft Brewery Tap.

It was quiet when we turned up, however we were soon followed by a few others, a couple soon followed by two Dad’s with young kid’s in tow, keen to try the beer sticks (pepperami/salami) which they soon used to beat each other over the head with. Music was of a ’classic’ tuneage/vintange, I’m guessing another Spotify playlist with Blue Oyster Cult - Don’t Fear the Reaper, Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name of, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc. Amusingly Rage Against the Machine was soon moved on when the young children walked in and ’Fuck You I Won’t do Watcha Tell Me’ rang out, much to my amusement as the woman serving rapidly tried to fwd onto another track.

In terms of style this is another very typical under the arches straightforward tap and brewery set up, admittedly some are more organised than others (this doesn’t sit in the organised category) as with some others you sit on a rather ramshackle assortment of tables surrounded by pallets, boxes, KeyKegs, there are two toilets near the front as you enter, one entitled Narnia and a little outside area (covered I think?) The tap beer selection ran to about 8-10 choices,and you could order a flight of four beers. There was a fridge just beyond the bar stocking a reasonable selection of bottles from a range of other breweries such as Omnipollo, Edge, Thornbridge, Mikkeller, Weird Beard etc, nothing particularly unusual but nonetheless offering other options. Like Bullfinch we liked it here, they were friendly and the beers were pretty good.

Fin 1878 days ago
80 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD

We visited here on Saturday 3rd December 2016 whilst on a walk from the London Hidden Walks Book Vol2 it’s a Brixton and Brockwell Park walk and this walk takes you close enough to here to pop in. If like us you have walked through Brockwell Park, the Taproom is located at the south eastern edge just across the road and under the railway arches straight ahead on Rosendale Road. If coming from Herne Hill Railway station head down Norwood Road which skirts the park it’s about 8-9 minutes from the station.

You enter via a small courtyard which is probably quite pleasant to sit out on in the summer. A small door to the RH side of the metal shutter and you are inside, it was dark in here though. It hadn’t long opened so we only had two others for company. Perhaps because it was now December there were three strings of tiny white lights strung across the ceiling give some light and making it appear a little festive. Nine simple park bench type tables provide the seating with little blankets on them (it is a bit nippy today). A Bullfinch mural near the bar complete with Bull horns looks quite cool. There is a board above the bar listing all of the beers available. In many was it’s really not that very different to the Bermondsey beer stop offs.

Beer choice was pretty good, there were about 8-10 taps all appeared to be their own beers incl one cask offering available today. You can have three third flights (we did). The music selection was a little random, another Spotify playlist but with few tracks that I knew. I think that it could have been a little warmer in here even the barman was warming up his hands under a heater. We liked it here.

Fin 1878 days ago
84 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“Update: This place has really come into its own. Excellent selection of Bullfinch beers on tap, with 1/3 pour flights available. Quite a chilled out ambiance. Friendly service, good prices. It’s a short walk from here to the Canopy taproom, so I would recommend taking both in during the same trip.

Old review: A solid spot. I went during the opening weekend (late August 2015). The brewing kit isn’t fully operational, so only a few of the dozen taps were Bullfinch; the rest were from other London/UK breweries. Once the brew kit is up and running, there will be more lines pouring Bullfinch.

As it is, this looks like it will be a nice taproom, in the style of many other railway arch taprooms. Not too big, but probably seating for more than 20 people. Friendly staff, average pricing. It’s pretty easy to reach the location from Brixton - take the 3 bus for less than 10 minutes, then walk a few minutes.

I like that there will be a mix of Bullfinch beers and other breweries. On my visit, they had some quality stuff from the likes of Beavertown, Weird Beard and Marble, so if that continues while the Bullfinch range also expands, it will be a fun place to visit periodically.“
Leighton 2140 days ago
“A rather decent brewery taproom. The ambiance inside is a bit ramshackle, with a somewhat cluttered, homey feel to the place. There’s a good selection of house beers on tap, including a fair few new beers and one-offs. The core range is also represented on tap (cask and keg) and in bottle. It looks like they also fill growlers. The prices are very fair. The man behind the bar was very friendly. This place offers taster flights, which is awesome. This place is just a short walk from the Bullfinch taproom, so I would recommend coming down to this area and taking both spots in during the same sojourn.“
Leighton 2143 days ago
62 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“Visited on Sunday 28th February 2016. Huge old pub that has currently stopped brewing. Lots of rooms. Visited and the place was heaving with families having Sunday Dinner, the nearby market probably didn’t help. A decent range of cask and Keg beers, plenty of local beers. Condition was good. Prices not too bad. Service was pretty poor with the bar staff seemingly having no clue. It’s a pity as it’s a pretty nice place, decor is a little too modern for the building. Handy stop if visiting Bullfinch and Canopy but this is the one you’d miss out.“
WingmanWillis 2157 days ago
74 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“Visited on Saturday 20th Feb 2016. A couple of minutes off the main drag through Herne Hill and in a railway arch, this is a pretty nice little tap room. 2 casks beers and 8 keg on when I visited. A keg that kicked got replaced pretty quickly with a brand new to Rb beer. Beer quality was good. Layout out the place is a smallish bar with picnic style tables with blankets on for warmth. Service was good. Prices £4.50 a pint or £4 cask. Tasting flight of 3 thirds for price of a pint a decent way to try more beer. Really liked the place and worth a visit as bound to be something new to try.“
WingmanWillis 2164 days ago
“Visited on Saturday 20th Feb 2016. Situated just off Norwood Road pretty much next to the Brockwell Park bus stops. It’s at the end on the left and looks a bit rough as you walk down. However, this is a little gem, brewery toward the rear, tables at the front and bar on the left. Service was excellent. Beers were good and had a good range of styles. Really liked the place and would visit again,“
WingmanWillis 2165 days ago
82 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“My new local! So it must be scrutinised properly. The selection is very good and varied, and better in flavour than other nearby places, which is probably the most important thing when choosing whether to go. The place has a very comfortable and cosy interior and the seating is good for small to medium groups. There’s no wind from outside so the temperature inside is constant, which is a big plus if you’re looking for a drink on a typical weekend evening in wintery London (I’ve frozen/overheated in the other nearby brewery taprooms). Service is friendly and honest, and I can’t really ask for more! All in all, it’s definitely worth spending an evening there with friends.“
rawbeefsquat 2178 days ago
86 /100 ARCHES 886 - 887, ROSENDALE ROAD
“Great local taproom. Beer selection not huge: a few quality outsiders and a number of their own. But both the beer they choose and the beer they brew are excellent. Prices very reasonable. Very welcoming ambience. Strenuously dog friendly. Update 5/5/2016 With many excellent new beers coming out of the adjacent brewhouse, the number of taps available for the beers of others has dropped. But overall quality is, if anything, rising. 10 dogs on last visit. Looks like the alcoholic annex of Crufts.“
RudiMan 2263 days ago
48 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“As a local with limited alternatives, I have visited often. Their own brews are acceptable but uninspiring. They should bring in someone with more passion and imagination for this. Their selection is equally unimaginative, dominated by volume "craftish" beers. Food variable, moderate to goodish. Good area at the back that is very popular for BBQs in summer.“
RudiMan 2476 days ago
44 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“2 home brews. Both OK, but not worth a long trip.“
Sokolov 2499 days ago
52 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“I took 1 hour to get here in a cold afternoon and I never spent my time worst than this .. I DID NOT enjoiyed my stay here not for some specific reason but simply because their beer are just MEDIOCRE ,being polite , and even the place it’s nothing special .. So come hereof you are in the area but not waste time if you are planning to get here ..“
jorge76 2783 days ago
64 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“This pub used to be known as The Brockwell Tavern in the early 2000’s, an Irish pub in the same ilk as and design as say an O’Neills, and very handy for illegal Saturday afternoon viewing of the Premiership football as it was known at the time. It was fairly popular back then, but obviously not enough to stay open. This latest Brewpub incarnation is probably a better long-term business.“
ManVsBeer 3132 days ago
28 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“The Florence is a brewpub located in the heart of Herne Hill. The ambiance is contrived and frustrating. The place adopts an aesthetic of ’manufactured comfort’. It’s what a pub would look like if you hired a team of consultants to furnish a pub based on market research of what well-heeled Independent readers think they want in a local. The service was barely acceptable, my barwoman acted as if she wanted to be anywhere else but work. The selection was curious - there were 2 house brews on offer plus a bunch of boring, paint-by-numbers ’premium’ macro options. Why would a brewpub offer such lazy alternatives to their own beer? The house brew I tried wasn’t in good condition. Of course, previous Florence beers I’ve tried haven’t been good anyway, so I probably wasn’t missing out. The prices were actually more reasonable than I thought they’d be, a lone bright spot on my visit. Overall, yeah, I don’t like this place.“
jackl 3448 days ago
40 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“Just the two house brews available on hand pump, although they both may not always be on. The beers are lacklustre unfortunately, the venue itself leaves a lot to be desired.“
nate2g 3536 days ago
78 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“Great local gastro and brew pub. Be sure to try the microbrewed beer house beers.“
beervikingcrew 3800 days ago
60 /100 133 DULWICH ROAD
“Modern young-leaning spacious brew-pub with four taps offering up to three, but usually two, of the pub’s own Florence beers at any time plus guests. Also note one or two interesting kegs such as Vedett. Central island bar, subdued lighting and comfortably-pitched background music, along with a colourfully decorated beer garden. I experienced both disappointing and then surprisingly good service, in that initially there was a long (15min) wait for table service despite the bar area being quite empty. Once I received service the waitress was very professional, attentive and helpful. I enjoyed my food - the steakburger - from a fairly simple but tasty food menu, and the fish goujons were very good too. Overall, I enjoyed my visit and indeed stayed longer than intended. I will return.“
ladnewton 3882 days ago