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“Been here quite a few times as it is near my sister's place. Not much to look at from the outside (shopping center), but the interior is welcoming filled with wood panelling and an assortment of seating options. Restaurant too. Taps usually have their flagships and rotating seasonals. Service is always friendly, decent food and good beer. Usually bustling with families.“
stevoj 183 days ago
“Visited: 3/24/14 and 3/27/14. Ambiance: It seemed liked a typical boring resteraunt. If it wasn’t for the brewing equipment in a small room in the back corner, you wouldn’t notice that this place was a brewpub. Service: The bartenders were decent, knowledgeable about their beers and attentive. Selection: They had 10 different in house beers on tap which covered the basic beer gambit (wheat, kolsch, porter, stout, IPA, pale, etc) Food: I ate when I went there both times and was unimpressed by the quality of the food. The bar food was very basic and bland...the cheese platter was basic cheeses with bulk section dried fruits and my meal was boring. Value: The prices were okay on the beers and food, they definitely didn’t rape you but for the quality of the food and beers, I have definitely gotten more for less in many other places. Overall, if it wasn’t for them having their 2011 barrel aged barleywine on tap, I would have really hated this place. I wouldn’t go back though as there was really nothing there to go back to.“
merc7186 3713 days ago
62 /100
ABC Liquors (Beer Store)
316-320 FOX HUNT DR
“This is a bigger liquor store for the area. They have a pretty good size craft beer selection. They also have singles available for mix and match 6 packs. Small tap selection for growlers. Staff was helpful and friendly. Prices are a little steep compared to other stores around.“
ROGUE 3759 days ago
“Visited later on a Sunday night. Located in a large strip mall, design is open, with a large U shaped bar and restaurant seating on either side. A bunch of TV’s and fairly loud 80s R&B music playing. 11 house beers were on offer, for sale by the glass or in a 4 or 8 beer sampler. Food was served late, and was fairly straightforward pub fare. Service was prompt, knowledgeable and welcoming. I had a bowl of soup, and the Pilsner and Smoked Wheat. All were solid quality. I enjoyed my visit.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3935 days ago
“3rd stop on 2013 PA/DE brewery tour with Mike. In a strip mall, open space. Didn’t have the food but the beers were pretty solid. Server helped pick some good brews for tasting. Was quiet on a Monday afternoon but that was fine by us.“
BiddleBrau 4060 days ago
68 /100
ABC Liquors (Beer Store)
316-320 FOX HUNT DR
“Kind of a rough location and crowd. Service is non existent most times when it comes to beer. I’ve actually asked to buy some beers that were behind the glass only to be told no one had a key. Selection has really expanded over the last 6 months. Really dedicated craft section, and most local releases can be found. Prices are average for the area.“
BeerThursdays 4074 days ago
72 /100
ABC Liquors (Beer Store)
316-320 FOX HUNT DR
“Good selection of American and imports. Staff willing to help out. Decent prices.“
stevoj 4312 days ago
“Was at Stewarts the day it opened and continue to return. The beers are good, some bordering on great. Food is very good and consistent. Servers tend to be either very good or not so good. I’m very glad that Stewarts stays true to itself and continues to put out nice drinkable beers. It’s a nice brewpub that survived in an area that no one thought it would.“
andycapone 4400 days ago
“Stewarts has a smaller selection of brews then lets say iron hill, but the brews never tend to disappoint. The pricing is really good as well. The service fine, though I find the staff less knowledgeable on beers then some other places I’ve been. The food is OK, nothing ever wowed me when I ate there. The plus side is the place large enough to never have to worry about seating. I would say grab a beer here, highlander stout is always a good choice!“
eekam 4431 days ago
“Stewarts is always a nice stop. Pretty good food, usually very good service, and they always have something new on tap. I should come here more often.“
BeerThursdays 4488 days ago
“great brewery also offers macro bottles“
barringtonbeer 4527 days ago
“First time I had even heard of this place was when Deuane said we were going here. I am always down to try a new place so away we went. When we pulled up I thought we had made a wrong turn and we were turning around. Tucked into quite a few storefronts in a large strip mall is Stewart’s Brewing Co. The atmosphere is pretty good with a few people milling around. The quality seemed to be pretty good. Our beers were all server in the correct glasses and while I didn’t try any food I was told by a few different people that it is pretty good. Prices seemed to be on par with most of the other places we stopped so no biggie there. The service was pretty good. Our bartender was very nice and knew quite a bit about their beers. The selection was good. They had a few new beers, most notably the smoked pumpkin porter, that I enjoyed trying. I got a full glass of the Wind Blown Blonde Kolsch and it was very good. I saw they had one cask line as well. Overall I enjoyed this place. If I am ever in the area again I will stop by again for sure.“
orangesol 4554 days ago
“Newish modern place in a strip mall. Four seasonals plus a regular line up. Beers were decent enough, nothing stellar but nothing bad. Food was tasty. Bartender was a riot. Worth the five minute detour from I-95.“
Travlr 4555 days ago
“This place is tucked in a strip mall and has the feel of a bingo hall. The restaurant is very open and thus, noisy. Our server was not very attentive, and I cannot say that I saw anyone getting great attention, except for the waitress who kept going over to the bar to kiss her boyfriend. The beer was hit or miss, but the cask coffee stout was pretty good. I had the beer queso and it was good. The prices are very good.“
BeerandBlues2 4555 days ago
“Enormous bar and dining area is one huge open space, yet surprisingly not overly loud though I’m usually there at lunchtime. Very friendly and usually knowledgeable barkeeps. Big variety and selection of beers on tap, usually very solid across the board. Seems to be a focus on big beers, to the degree that running through a full sampler can be enough to make driving home inadvisable. Food is mostly pub stuff, with huge portions and good prices. I never walk out without a growler or two.“
willblake 4716 days ago
“Located in a strip mall. Big, open place with a sports bar feel. Lots of TVs, spacious rectangular bar in the middle of the place. Comfortable. There is a slightly more formal looking dining room, but as I sat at the bar I didn’t get a good look. Fairly crowded even on a Wednesday night. Lots of locals. I didn’t try the food, but it seems reasonable priced and there are a good number of options. The beers ranged from OK to quite good. Bartenders were quite nice, and helpful. Had a nice time and would definitely stop by again.“
Drake 4860 days ago
“Very solid lineup of house beers, there seasonal beer really is what makes this place special.Service is good and food is okay.“
IrsLuver 4891 days ago
72 /100
ABC Liquors (Beer Store)
316-320 FOX HUNT DR
“I will keep it simple on this one. Lots of macro available.... Decent selection of craft brew. Nothing rare or special but if you are in the area its worth quick look around.“
GMCC2181 4979 days ago
“Stewarts is a solid brewpub but nothing exciting or over the top. You will get pretty much your standard brewpub fair and the beers were OK. The food was good but the service was a little slow, we were there on a Friday at lunch time. Overall not a bad place, but nothing great.“
machfive55 5138 days ago
“The ambiance is nothing special and neither is the food. However, the beer selection is often good and the service isn’t bad either. It’s a solid choice in an area where brewpubs are scarce.“
Bricks 5338 days ago
“Tucked away in a strip mall. Went during the week at lunch time and the place was pretty empty. Big bar, lots of other seating and very clean. The service was great, the bartender was familiar with all the beers and answered our questions about the area. We had lunch which was good, but the beer was better. Overall a great place for the area, I could see being a regular if I lived in Bear.“
savnac 5349 days ago
“A pretty nice little brew pub. I liked this place. Had a some enjoyable beers, and a tasty crab cake sandwich on my trip. Bartender was nice enough. Nice seasonal options to go along with the standards. Definitely a place I’d stop in again if I’m driving by.“
ben4321 5400 days ago
“Though good beer can be found in the most unlikely places, brewpubs found in strip malls seem to start off on the wrong foot to me. The interior ambiance is nothing special, but it does have that "local pub" vibe which is nice. From memory the beer good; I recall not caring much for a whiskey barrel beer of theirs (and I love barrel aged beers). There was however, a pretty good selection of beers. I would definitely stop again if I was in the area despite not being overly impressed with the presentation.“
dnstone 5523 days ago
“This is an interesting brewpub. I visited here on a Saturday afternoon with fredandboboflo. It’s located in the middle of a strip mall in suburban Delaware. It’s definitely a hangout for locals and the bartender seemed to know a lot of the people that were there. They have TVs, a dartboard, trivia TV games, and poker TV games. There is a horseshoe bar and it is quite large. The bartender was very friendly, seemed to know his stuff and he won points with me when I ordered a glass of water and he asked if I wanted "regular water or Coors Lite." We ordered a basket of fries which was tasty. Well-priced food and beer. They had ~5 house beers, ~5 seasonals (can’t remember exactly). Their cask IPA was phenomenal, their kolsch was good, but the other 2 I had (weizenbock, winter wonder) were not good. So I guess it kind of depends on the beer, but definitely try their cask IPA if you get a chance. Overall, it is a very chill place to just hang back and enjoy a beer. I’m glad I stopped by.“
LilBeerDoctor 5618 days ago
“A nice local brewpub. Stewarts brews a good variety of beer and brews it well on a consistant basis. Most of their styles are very drinkable for any beer palate. Agood selectoin of pub food is on the menu. There is a nice game time atmosphere with the many large tv in a big open area.“
ROGUE 5630 days ago
“I’ve been going to Stewart’s now for nearly 3 years. I will start off by saying that they have a number of staple beers that are classic styles and are not meant to blow you away. I will say that their Irish Red is one of the best I’ve had though. The real pleasure of Stewarts comes in their seasonal beers. The Stumblin’ Monk, their take on a Belgian Trippel, is a favorite of regulars and has won several awards at the WBC and the GABF. Other favorites of mine are their Winter Ale and their Barleywines are top notch if you’re lucky enough to catch them on tap in the winter. My FAVORITE beer there though are their bourbon aged beers. They generally will do a bourbon aging of the Stumblin Monk or the Barleywine. I actually have 3 bottles of Barrel of Monkeys (Bourbon aged Monk) that have been aging now for 2 years. I enjoy the food although with the frequency I go there, I’ve become bored with it. It’s above your average pub grub. If you like fish and chips, you won’t be disappointed here! Shawn is easily the best and friendliest bartender there. You can’t miss him as he’s got a great laugh and an unmistakeable goatee. Enjoy this local scottish pub if you’re passing through, or live locally!“
homebrewer302 5801 days ago
“I,ve always enjoyed Stewarts. Nice atmosphere for an afternoon snack and some brews. Food is good solid pub grub. Service is good, attentive. Beers are,nt any thing to go wild over though i need to try more of their specialties/seasonals to make a better decision. Plenty of parking and clean facilities. Too many TVs. Definately worth stoppin by when yer in Bear Delaware.“
sloth 5848 days ago
“Stewarts is a local pub. Their food is good. Their house beers are made to be drinkable by everyone (beer lovers or not) which makes it a nice trip for anyone. Their seasonals are excellent and worth coming for. They are always rotating beers. Service is always good, as well as everything else. It is a good place to stop.“
GMCC2181 5963 days ago
“After multiple visits to this place, I like it. The food is normally pretty good, short of excellent, though. The staff isn’t always very knowledgeable, but they have a handful of folks that have been impressive, as well as the brewer and his assistants, who are frequently present. Beer is served pretty cold, although not much different from most brewpubs. I wish they had more vintage bottles to offer and a more regular special/seasonal rotation (which is up and down). Frequently host beer events and festive occassions. The 5oz samples are decent sized and fairly priced (4 for 5 bucks).“
User37895 5982 days ago
“Visited in December. An average place in a strip mall, good sized. A crowd of regulars, mostly drinking miller lite. Okay selection of beers, decent prices, sampler price was fair. However, after seeing how many beers they brewed I would have appreciated a better selection of specialties, other than the standard amber, American wheat etc. Bartender was helpful. Waitresses mostly attractive. Didn’t eat any food, but menu I saw was standard. Apparently no smoking, which wife and I appreciated. Overall a clean place with a bar feel that had a college/local partier appeal.“
Hazmatt 6015 days ago
“Stopped by for an afternoon snack and a couple pints en route from Rehoboth to Philadelphia. It was a quiet afternoon crowd. The pub is situated in a suburban strip mall and is pleasant enough inside. The bartender was friendly and fairly knowledgeable. My wife and I shared three pints, all of which were good, and the pretzel and beer mustard was the perfect snack. Recommended stop if in the area. (Brewery #452, 11/8/2007)“
Braudog 6047 days ago
“This place was OK but I was expecting a little more out of the beers. Nothing terrible but nothing outstanding; a lot of similar, average beers. Highlander Stout was the best. Good deal on the sampler; 8 beers for 9 bucks. Food looked quite good but I did not eat. Service was very good; knowledgeable bartender. Stop if you are in the area but don’t make a special trip-like I did! I’d go to Iron Hill instead.“
beachbum25 6186 days ago
“Beer is pretty good but the place is pricey for the food that is served.“
kd 6384 days ago
“Glad I made a trip down here. Some beers were better than others. Was happy to have some good conversation with the head brewer and one of the assistants. Soft pretzels are a filling bargain.“
michael-pollack 6410 days ago
“Average to below average beer. Food seemed decent. Got a blackened Salmon wrap with fries that seemed alright. They didn’t have their IPA on when I visited and their only seasonal was some lame Pilsner that they sell at the local minor league baseball stadium.“
TomDecapolis 6552 days ago
“I love this place. The ambience is rather "bar-like", but I’ve always found their seasonal beers to be fantastic. Among their regulars, the Highlander Stout and the Amber ale were both good, too. The food is always tasty (the reuben sandwhich and nacho’s are my favs) and the service has always been good. Sometimes I think I know more about their beer than some of their waitstaff, but I don’t go for an education, I go for good beer.“
Goodgrief 6674 days ago
“Great beer selection. Knowledgeable staff, timely service. Overall a good experience.“
Redmash 6715 days ago
“I wasn’t impressed with the Brew Pub. Average to below average beer. Typical bar setting. Average food. One good thing was their sampler size was 8 x 5 oz glasses...“
hopdog 6863 days ago
“I wasn’t really all that impressed with the place. Scene was drab, food was okay, and the beers were woefully average. Not bad though, just nothing to get excited about when I can drive half the distance and go to Iron Hill instead.“
desurfer 7078 days ago
“Decent ambience, with a nice selection of beers. The beers are great here, and I have always liked the food, also. Their nachos are my favorite of all time. Service has been spotty at times. Well worth a trip. Update 02-Feb-2012. The seasonals and bottled beers are very good, but the regular lineup is not great. The nachos have changed, the food is Ok to very gpod, depending on what you get, and the service has declined. I’ve never sat at the bar, but table service us very hit or miss.“
DocLock 7335 days ago
“One that you could probably skip, unless you're on Route 1 heading back toward Wilmington/Philly or toward the DE shore points, ambiance lacks anything exciting or intriguing, service was very average, food was the usual suspects, nothing all that special at all “
obxdude10 7394 days ago
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