All In / Stigbergets Stålverket High Coast
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
9.511/6/2019Rate 3.363
All In Brewing / Stigbergets / O/O Business As Usual – Mango and raspberry
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
7.09/11/2017Rate 3.091
All In Brewing / Stigbergets Halvnelson DIPA
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
8.43/6/2014Rate 3.413329
All In Brewing / Stigbergets Mr Browne Goes To Towne
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
5.510/10/2013Rate 3.074911
All In Brewing / Stigbergets Wheat Seems To Be The Officer Problem - Pink Label
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
6.011/10/2018Rate 3.416039
All In Brewing / Stigbergets Wheat Seems To Be The Officer Problem - Yellow/Green
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
6.06/11/2014Rate 3.5710048
All In Brewing Big Blind
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
7.910/27/2015Rate 3.738977
All In Brewing Brewers IPA Nelson Sauvin Single Hop
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
6.52/9/2014Rate 3.538526
All In Brewing Dipa
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
7.51/26/2018Rate 3.667921
All In Brewing Don't Mention The War Imperial Noble Pilsner
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
8.03/13/2014Rate 3.328833
All In Brewing Fabrikör Ekstedts Bälgoporter
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
8.511/1/2013Rate 3.143
All In Brewing Midnight At Noon
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
5.43/8/2014Rate 3.68430
All In Brewing The All In Pale Ale Mosaic Single Hop
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
5.012/12/2013Rate 3.438515
Dragos / MankerBeer Lacto Lact And The Funky Bunch
Brewed by/for Dragos Fantombryggeri
3.010/8/2015Rate 3.565
Dragos Something Something Porter
Brewed by/for Dragos Fantombryggeri
8.02/22/2015Rate 3.162
Dragos You Zesty Thing
Brewed by/for Dragos Fantombryggeri
6.55/25/2015Rate 0
Linnéstadens American Pale Ale 5.55/24/2017Rate 2.891
Linnéstadens Krook & Tjäder Pale Ale 5.07/4/2016Rate 2.973
Linnéstadens Oscar & Den Lille 5.212/21/2013Rate 2.944
O/O 50/50: Centennial/Columbus
Brewed by/for O/O Brewing
6.57/8/2014Rate 3.116
O/O Bohemia
Brewed by/for O/O Brewing
5.04/12/2015Rate 3.354746
O/O Narangi w/ Orange Zest
Brewed by/for O/O Brewing
6.47/17/2015Rate 3.538517
O/O New World Saison
Brewed by/for O/O Brewing
7.38/2/2014Rate 3.416019
O/O Pacific Pils w/ Nelson Sauvin
Brewed by/for O/O Brewing
4.67/21/2016Rate 3.24929
Omnipollo / Stigbergets / Dugges and friends Hetvägg
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
7.32/2/2018Rate 3.415516
Omnipollo / Stigbergets Mazurka
Brewed by/for Omnipollo
5.33/22/2017Rate 3.319458
O/O & Stigbergets Bryggeri Imperial IPA (retired) 7.88/2/2014Rate 3.352719
Stigbergets "Plaskis" 4.712/9/2014Rate 3.023
Stigbergets .5 4.59/24/2017Rate 3.063
Stigbergets / AF Brew Tsar Cockerel 139/11/2019Rate 3.558
Stigbergets / Bagby Point Five 4.610/16/2017Rate 3.061
Stigbergets / Brew By Numbers Wonder Ale 5.52/7/2020Rate 3.519114
Stigbergets / Cervisiam Survival of the Hoppiest 9.04/20/2019Rate 3.573531
Stigbergets / Collective Arts Brak 5.02/21/2019Rate 3.454331
Stigbergets / Collective Arts Dunder IPA 7.012/1/2018Rate 3.443642
Stigbergets / DC Brau Especially Splendid Brew 6.011/29/2017Rate 3.347
Stigbergets / Gamma Gimme Gimme 6.010/4/2019Rate 3.223216
Stigbergets / Garage - Oceans Apart 7.010/28/2019Rate 3.58123
Stigbergets / Great State Organized Chaos 5.010/26/2019Rate 3.042
Stigbergets / Hitchhikers Hitchhiker India Pale Ale 5.92/8/2015Rate 3.34518
Stigbergets / Hitchhikers Hitchhiker India Pale Ale 2016 6.37/10/2016Rate 3.254
Stigbergets / Hitchhikers Hitchhiker India Pale Ale Malmö Festival Edition 6.38/30/2015Rate 3.255
Stigbergets / Hitchhikers Hitchhiker Saison 5.510/3/2016Rate 3.253510
Stigbergets / Hitchhikers Pale Ale 5.03/24/2015Rate 2.853
Stigbergets / KCBC East Coast 7.68/4/2018Rate 3.616935
Stigbergets / Magic Rock Stiggy Stardust 6.39/11/2018Rate 3.586141
Stigbergets / Mikkeller American Cream 5.05/18/2017Rate 3.548967
Stigbergets / Modern Times Never Lose a Feather 8.012/7/2019Rate 3.36418
Stigbergets / Morgondagens Dr. Pomander 5.012/5/2018Rate 2.981
Stigbergets / Morgondagens Stigbärets Morgonsuris 4.511/5/2018Rate 3.548031
Stigbergets / Northern Monk X DIPA 8.05/4/2019Rate 3.685549
Stigbergets / O/O / All In Brewing Business As Usual 7.06/12/2016Rate 3.7999135
Stigbergets / O/O IIPA 8.09/15/2015Rate 3.6478141
Stigbergets / Omnipollo Uno IIPA 8.03/18/2017Rate 3.8196161
Stigbergets / Other Half Population III 7.06/5/2019Rate 3.678575
Stigbergets / Põhjala Whoa Barry 6.34/24/2019Rate 3.333417
Stigbergets / To Øl Tropic Like It’s Hot 6.05/24/2019Rate 3.241118
Stigbergets / Track Raï 6.51/1/2019Rate 3.165
Stigbergets / Transient Primal Saison 5.511/16/2019Rate 3.284114
Stigbergets / Verdant Session IPA 4.56/9/2019Rate 3.549442
Stigbergets / Wylam / Cloudwater / Verdant / Northern Monk Brexodus 7.03/23/2019Rate 3.596570
Stigbergets / Wylam Imperial Chocolate Orange Stout 125/24/2019Rate 3.673740
Stigbergets / Wylam X Critical Mäss 129/10/2019Rate 3.182
Stigbergets / 拾捌精酿 Black Milk Waves Nitro Milk Porter 13.912/25/2018Rate 0
Stigbergets 20160229 Scotch Ale Skottårsale (alias) 104/18/2016
Stigbergets Amazing Haze 6.59/11/2016Rate 3.9399475
Stigbergets American Bitter 4.83/1/2015Rate 3.18929
Stigbergets American Bitter 3.5% 3.56/18/2016Rate 3.036312
Stigbergets American Pale Ale Amarillo Citra 5.24/3/2016Rate 3.6898161
Stigbergets APA 5.57/6/2013Rate 3.077
Stigbergets Api Lairepmi 8.09/29/2016Rate 3.8698118
Stigbergets Beefan's Huslager 5.53/21/2014Rate 37
Stigbergets Belgo Pale 5.010/23/2014Rate 2.958
Stigbergets Bird In Hand 8.010/27/2018Rate 3.698887
Stigbergets Bitter 4.52/13/2014Rate 3.128534
Stigbergets Bitter 3.5% 3.53/21/2014Rate 2.87
Stigbergets Bläsan Bitter 3.512/20/2013Rate 2.84
Stigbergets Bootsy IIPA 8.56/1/2017Rate 3.749124
Stigbergets Brunett 6.012/20/2013Rate 3.176310
Stigbergets Bryggeri/ OLOLEO 8.512/29/2019Rate 3.558
Stigbergets Burger Beer -7/22/2019Rate 2.981
Stigbergets Byggbärs 4.75/22/2016Rate 3.5610063
Stigbergets Celestial Tar Conspiracy 8.04/24/2019Rate 3.366
Stigbergets Children's Village 114/13/2017Rate 3.799477
Stigbergets Copacabanana 6.04/20/2016Rate 3.313
Stigbergets Cuddle Monster 4.41/25/2020Rate 3.332
Stigbergets Double Headed DDH West Coast 6.58/27/2019Rate 3.779539
Stigbergets Double Muddle 8.52/10/2018Rate 3.667955
Stigbergets Eko Pale Ale 5.07/18/2014Rate 3.052882
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - Amarillo Single Hop 5.53/22/2014Rate 3.377355
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - Citra Single Hop 5.53/22/2014Rate 3.237
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - Mosaic Single Hop 5.57/24/2014Rate 3.4819
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - New Wave 5.57/20/2019Rate 3.35715
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - Pacific Blend 5.53/22/2014Rate 3.228
Stigbergets Endless Summer Ale - Simcoe Single Hop 5.55/17/2014Rate 3.25
Stigbergets First Stout on The Moon 7.010/25/2017Rate 3.559332
Stigbergets First Stout On The Moon - De Luxe Ed 2017 - Coffee And Vanilla 7.02/3/2019Rate 3.061
Stigbergets Flamingo Juice 5.02/21/2019Rate 3.445533
Stigbergets Galaxy IIPA 8.010/13/2017Rate 3.21017
Stigbergets Galore 6.55/25/2018Rate 3.657754
Stigbergets GBG Beer Week 2016 6.54/15/2016Rate 4.08100288
Stigbergets Geggan India Red Ale 6.666/28/2015Rate 3.253
Stigbergets Geggan IPA (alias) 6.665/16/2014
Stigbergets Go Figure 8.01/25/2020Rate 32
Stigbergets God Jul Brun Ale (alias) 6.012/20/2013
Stigbergets Golden Ale 4.82/17/2017Rate 3.389717
Stigbergets Gräs 6.511/21/2018Rate 3.284110
Stigbergets Hoppsan APA 5.512/4/2017Rate 3.333
Stigbergets Hoppsan DIPA 8.02/3/2017Rate 3.769223
Stigbergets Hoppy Golden Ale Söderbärke 2017 4.510/7/2017Rate 3.5610037
Stigbergets India Xmas Ale 6.312/2/2015Rate 3.295
Stigbergets IPA Calypso 6.33/22/2014Rate 3.225
Stigbergets IPA Chinook Mosaic 5.75/28/2014Rate 3.122
Stigbergets IPA Motueka 6.07/8/2014Rate 3.193
Stigbergets IPA Simcoe Citra 6.32/16/2013Rate 3.497683
Stigbergets IPA-Nema 5.64/19/2015Rate 2.972
Stigbergets Jack of Hops 6.512/24/2019Rate 3.192
Stigbergets Juice Head 5.87/28/2016Rate 3.286
Stigbergets Juleljus 6.810/12/2019Rate 3.698652
Stigbergets King of Hops 8.012/24/2019Rate 3.71649
Stigbergets Ki-Wi-Pi-Wo 4.57/15/2017Rate 2.981
Stigbergets Lilla Berlin Pale Ale 5.09/15/2015Rate 3.224724
Stigbergets Lumor 9.09/2/2017Rate 3.790103
Stigbergets Mandereen 4.57/19/2019Rate 3.569634
Stigbergets Miami Meow 8.011/30/2018Rate 3.576133
Stigbergets Modern Lager 5.310/23/2014Rate 2.943
Stigbergets Mörka 5.02/16/2013Rate 2.762
Stigbergets Mörka Skogen 7.012/11/2019Rate 3.061
Stigbergets Muddle 7.01/15/2017Rate 3.998264
Stigbergets New & Improved! 6.59/21/2017Rate 3.8196167
Stigbergets New Dawn 7.01/25/2020Rate 3.274
Stigbergets Oregon Amber Ale 5.37/30/2014Rate 3.076
Stigbergets Pacific Pale Ale 5.52/13/2014Rate 3.478932
Stigbergets Panta Rei 7.02/17/2018Rate 3.528440
Stigbergets Pilsner 4.52/16/2013Rate 3.218876
Stigbergets Pilsner 3.5% 3.56/10/2016Rate 3.138312
Stigbergets Pilsner Ekologisk (alias) 4.85/3/2015
Stigbergets Profundis 7.54/9/2018Rate 3.548519
Stigbergets Promenadporter 5.53/14/2014Rate 3.538997
Stigbergets Psychedlic Citradation 8.011/23/2018Rate 3.453911
Stigbergets Queen of Hops 7.012/24/2019Rate 3.333
Stigbergets Red Lager 5.23/17/2013Rate 2.932
Stigbergets Röd Räv Farmhouse IPA 6.01/16/2015Rate 3.185
Stigbergets Russian Imperial Stout 8.58/27/2014Rate 3.6449116
Stigbergets Saison 5.54/11/2015Rate 3.334558
Stigbergets Scandinavian West Coast IPA 6.59/24/2017Rate 3.213
Stigbergets Session IPA 4.51/7/2015Rate 2.843
Stigbergets Sjöhäst 7.54/30/2018Rate 0
Stigbergets Slowgold 3.512/25/2018Rate 3.369615
Stigbergets SMASH - Maris Otter/East Kent Golding (English IPA) 5.08/27/2014Rate 2.941
Stigbergets SMASH - Munich/Cascade (Pale Ale) 5.06/14/2014Rate 3.135
Stigbergets SMASH - Pilsner/Opal (Saison) 5.810/17/2014Rate 3.064
Stigbergets SMASH - Vienna/Wai-Iti (Modern Lager) 5.57/28/2014Rate 2.874
Stigbergets Special Handpulled Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Imperial Stout 138/27/2019Rate 3.131
Stigbergets Stenar 6.511/5/2018Rate 3.558721
Stigbergets Stiggy Fingers IPA 7.011/13/2019Rate 3.69329
Stigbergets Sublimo 5.510/13/2017Rate 3.729981
Stigbergets Träd 6.511/4/2018Rate 3.58119
Stigbergets Trouble Sleep 129/16/2018Rate 3.6737111
Stigbergets Trouble Sleep BA Rum 1311/4/2018Rate 3.131
Stigbergets Veteöl 2015 4.55/21/2014Rate 3.28
Stigbergets Veteöl 2016- 4.54/18/2016Rate 3.198715
Stigbergets Vinterlager Special 6.52/7/2014Rate 3.028810
Stigbergets Vision 6.59/28/2018Rate 3.548523
Stigbergets Voodoo Gong 101/19/2018Rate 3.523431
Stigbergets Wee Heavy 1010/19/2016Rate 3.619219
Stigbergets West Coast IPA 6.58/6/2014Rate 3.8296332
Stigbergets West Coast IPA Med Saisonjäst 7.811/16/2014Rate 3.064
Stigbergets Wit 5.09/16/2015Rate 3.052
Stigbergets Yanga Wake AM 1210/4/2019Rate 3.663526

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