Got any new toys lately?

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beers 5200 º places 142 º 11:58 Fri 5/26/2017

I have a garage to ferment and store beer in now. My local brew shop said that when I am ready, they can kit me out with a basic all grain system for £200, so its on the horizon.

beers 844 º places 20 º 12:20 Sat 7/29/2017

Originally posted by JulienHuxley
Just sent a batch into my SS brewtech brew bucket. It’s very shiny and nice to work with so far. Don’t think I’ll make better beer, but I am enjoying my purchase.

What about you? Any new toys as of late? How are they working out?

Just got a mash tun. Nothing special, just a cooler, but I’ve been doing brew in a bag and it’s an upgrade. Can’t wait to brew with it (or decide what I want to brew next)

beers 5369 º places 54 º 07:49 Sun 7/30/2017

Originally posted by italarican
Originally posted by Homer321
Originally posted by italarican
I got a grain mill a few months ago. It’s pretty basic, but I’ve loved being able to buy grains in bulk. I just crush while I’m heating my mash water. I’ve had a few stuck sparges with it, so I may need to do a slightly coarser crush.

Don’t crush too close to your burners!

I still brew in the kitchen. The mill is in the basement. Have a horror story?

None from personal experience, but...

beers 5369 º places 54 º 07:51 Sun 7/30/2017

Also, I got a pH meter a while back. Hasn’t changed the way I make sours but it does give me more information. Most recent batch didn’t get as sour as I wanted. This should help me going forward as well as any tweaks with acid I need to make to this batch.

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