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elow are homebrew recipes submitted by readers of RateBeer.com. You're encouraged to share your own recipes, contact the authors with questions and submit comments and questions to the RateBeer Homebrew forum. Most all provide mail order service. Enjoy this growing resource. And enjoy your home brewing! It's the core of the craft beer movement.

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sort by recipe name beer style difficulty  author  
            Haus Brau AltbierAltbier / Sticke AltIntermediate (Partial Mash)Gmku  
            Windy City CiderApple CiderBeginner (Extract)Frank  
            Matt’s Big BeerBarley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye WineAdvanced (All Grain)mwsf  
            Yet Another Barley WineBarley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye WineAdvanced (All Grain)mwsf  
            IkeBarley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye WineAdvanced (All Grain)heykevin  
            JJ SingelBelgian Ale - Pale / Golden / SingleAdvanced (All Grain)JoeMcPhee  
            Flower Power BlondeBelgian Ale - Pale / Golden / SingleAdvanced (All Grain)FlacoAlto  
            Willambroux Belgian BlondeBelgian Ale - Pale / Golden / SingleBeginner (Extract)vermin  
            Wildflower Almost Strong AleBelgian Ale - Pale / Golden / SingleIntermediate (Partial Mash)jmmino08  
            Belgian congac ipaBelgian Ale - Pale / Golden / SingleAdvanced (All Grain)hoppy4hops  
            Triple Deke DarkBelgian Ale - Strong PaleBeginner (Extract)Ecks  
            Hop BlondeBelgian Ale - Strong PaleAdvanced (All Grain)DancingBear  
            Justinian Strong AleBelgian Ale - Strong PaleIntermediate (Partial Mash)TheBeerOrg  
            Harbor PubBelgian Ale - Strong PaleIntermediate (Partial Mash)Gmku  
            Logical Frankenbier (Ginger BeBelgian Ale - Strong PaleBeginner (Extract)Frank  
            RateBeer’s Devotion AleBelgian Ale - Strong PaleAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Golden LoveBelgian Ale - Strong PaleBeginner (Extract)stubby  
            JJ Berliner WeisseBerliner WeisseAdvanced (All Grain)JoeMcPhee  
            une beurre, garçonBière de Garde / de Mars / BrutAdvanced (All Grain)eczematic  
            10.4 pale aleBitter - Ordinary / BestAdvanced (All Grain)locarboy  
            Bitter RyeBitter - Ordinary / BestAdvanced (All Grain)piscator34  
            Bloody Hell Pale AleBitter - Premium / Strong / Extra Special (ESB)Advanced (All Grain)donrajin  
            Chupacabra Palate Sucker ESBBitter - Premium / Strong / Extra Special (ESB)Advanced (All Grain)grant  
            Captain Beef Sweat's Tuff-TeefBitter - Premium / Strong / Extra Special (ESB)Advanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Bloody BritBitter - Premium / Strong / Extra Special (ESB)Advanced (All Grain)erway  
            Bottle Blond AleBlonde Ale / Golden AleAdvanced (Special Technique)Frank  
            RateBeer 1849Blonde Ale / Golden AleAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Long Legged BlondeBlonde Ale / Golden AleBeginner (Extract)donrajin  
            Rye HumoratorBock - DoppelbockAdvanced (All Grain)Homebrewerguy  
            Devirginator DoppelbockBock - DoppelbockAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Devirginator EisbockBock - EisbockAdvanced (Special Technique)SpringsLicker  
            Love MoleculeBrown AleAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Halloween BrewBrown AleAdvanced (All Grain)DA  
            2112 CommonCalifornia Common / Steam BeerAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Oh Honey!Cream AleAdvanced (All Grain)Homebrewerguy  
            Jenny C.Cream AleAdvanced (All Grain)Homebrewerguy  
            Logical Cream AleCream AleAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Abbaye bue moinesDubbelBeginner (Extract)Gmku  
            UthaBrutha TripelDubbelAdvanced (All Grain)cclloyd  
            Dubbel TroubleDubbelAdvanced (All Grain)BBB63  
            Larry ChambicFlavored - FruitIntermediate (Partial Mash)Homebrewerguy  
            Peache's and Cream Belgian TriFlavored - FruitAdvanced (All Grain)drmccubx  
            Yuletide Ale (Dark Spiced)Flavored - OtherAdvanced (All Grain)TheBeerOrg  
            Pizza The HuttFlavored - OtherIntermediate (Partial Mash)JMerritt  
            Pumpkin AbbeyFlavored - OtherAdvanced (All Grain)hezron  
            Breakfast Ginger AleFlavored - OtherAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Logical Fireball AleFlavored - OtherIntermediate (Partial Mash)Frank  
            Mole Chile PorterFlavored - OtherIntermediate (Partial Mash)DrnkMcDermott  
            The Louisville LagerHelles / Dortmunder ExportAdvanced (All Grain)TheBeerOrg  
            Slowe Brew Imperial IPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPABeginner (Extract)AugustWest  
            Simcoe SunriseIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)buerckholtz  
            Hop God Ale IIIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            My Hop God AleIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            Master of RealityIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Wilkie’s easy IIPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAIntermediate (Partial Mash)wilkie  
            Menestheus Imperial RyePAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)snowtiger  
            615 D(p)IPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAIntermediate (Partial Mash)Flipbrewer  
            Punishment IIPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPABeginner (Extract)Frank  
            Pliny The ElderIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)SaveTheAles  
            Weasels Ripped My PalateIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Oscar's Double IPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAIntermediate (Partial Mash)euserphriendly  
            Zed IPAIIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPAIntermediate (Partial Mash)GWC  
            Hopworks Gigabit IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)BeerGyver  
            Eff Dry Hop IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)BleacherBum  
            Old Man Minogue IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)jmmino08  
            GEOBRAU IPAIPABeginner (Extract)GEOBRAU  
            Flying Tortoise IPAIPABeginner (Extract)aracauna  
            Hindu Curse IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Graduation IPA No. 77IPAAdvanced (All Grain)Dixen  
            Big Two-Hearted River AleIPABeginner (Extract)Gmku  
            Irresistible IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)rickgordon  
            Son of a HopIPAAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            Yuletide Ale (Golden)IPAAdvanced (All Grain)TheBeerOrg  
            Hop SmackIPAAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Simcoe Wheat IPAIPAAdvanced (All Grain)rudolf  
            McDowells 30 day IPAIPABeginner (Extract)VegasBrewer  
            Long Hop and Warm Top IPAIPAIntermediate (Partial Mash)vicsbrewery  
            Dance of the DeadIPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian DarkIntermediate (Partial Mash)BBB63  
            Camp Brian: Imperial Black Rye IPA w/ Nelson SauvinIPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian DarkAdvanced (All Grain)BMan1113VR  
            K Brothers Special Dark AleIPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian DarkIntermediate (Partial Mash)mpk  
            The Unbearable Lightness of BrKölsch / Kölsch-StyleIntermediate (Partial Mash)mkgrenwel  
            Father’s Day American Style Kolsch/BlondKölsch / Kölsch-StyleIntermediate (Partial Mash)BMan1113VR  
            Kentucky KölschKölsch / Kölsch-StyleAdvanced (Special Technique)TheBeerOrg  
            Bertha’s Blonde AleKölsch / Kölsch-StyleAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            7% Trans-Atlantic Golden AleLow / No Alcohol Beer - PaleAdvanced (All Grain)Erlangernick  
            Oktober FestbierMärzen / Oktoberfest BierAdvanced (Special Technique)TheBeerOrg  
            Black Silk MildMild AleAdvanced (All Grain)Doppelganger  
            Graybeard Huggable AleMild AleBeginner (Extract)BBB63  
            Feisty BitchOld AleAdvanced (All Grain)donrajin  
            Bretty Old AleOld AleAdvanced (All Grain)eczematic  
            Prize Olde Ale CloneOld AleAdvanced (All Grain)Homebrewerguy  
            Extra Innings Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Beginner (Extract)Gmku  
            Breakfast Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Lump Dog Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Intermediate (Partial Mash)Lumpy  
            All American XXX PalePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)erway  
            20 lb PalePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)dclthomas  
            Simarillo Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)jehoey  
            Little RyePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Huxley’s Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Intermediate (Partial Mash)mkgrenwel  
            All Wheat Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Ragnar Danneskjold Pale AlePale Ale - American (APA)Beginner (Extract)darkoverlord  
            Eufrat Pale alePale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)StefanSD  
            ELEVEN ONE SEVEN ALEPale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)Cannile  
            WET-HOP SINGLE-HOP SIMCOE SESSION ALEPale Ale - American (APA)Advanced (All Grain)Cannile  
            Zombie Dust ClonePale Ale - American (APA)Intermediate (Partial Mash)jsquire  
            Hoppy Honey Wheat LagerPale Lager - AmericanIntermediate (Partial Mash)DavidsqueBrew  
            Sweet Corn LagerPale Lager - AmericanBeginner (Extract)jmmino08  
            Uncle Andrew’s PilsnerPale Lager - International / PremiumAdvanced (All Grain)snowtiger  
            Hello Planet Apple PilsnerPilsener / Pils / PilsnerBeginner (Extract)Thisis12ptfont  
            All Wheat PorterPorterAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Mexico Porter SpecialPorterAdvanced (All Grain)sebmacroaster  
            TheodorePorterAdvanced (All Grain)NobleSquirrel  
            Imperial Chocolate Vanilla OatPorterIntermediate (Partial Mash)Frank  
            Sixcy Robust PorterPorter - ImperialIntermediate (Partial Mash)BBB63  
            Lloyd Christmas Strong BelgianQuadrupel / AbtAdvanced (All Grain)Brodie  
            Hoptimist abtQuadrupel / AbtAdvanced (All Grain)sunevdj  
            Red OktoberRed Ale - IrishBeginner (Extract)Gmku  
            Honey Amber AleRed Ale / International Amber AleAdvanced (All Grain)porterdude  
            Santee Sunburn RedRed Ale / International Amber AleAdvanced (All Grain)stubby  
            Hunsrucker AltRed Ale / International Amber AleBeginner (Extract)Gmku  
            d’Anconia Copper AleRed Ale / International Amber AleBeginner (Extract)darkoverlord  
            Saison JennySaison / Farmhouse / GrisetteAdvanced (All Grain)StefanSD  
            Saison victorySaison / Farmhouse / GrisetteAdvanced (All Grain)StefanSD  
            Summer SaisonSaison / Farmhouse / GrisetteAdvanced (All Grain)snowtiger  
            Saison d’hommelSaison / Farmhouse / GrisetteAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            Son of Sam Saison (long shot fSaison / Farmhouse / GrisetteAdvanced (All Grain)buerckholtz  
            Ein SchwarzSchwarzbier / Black LagerAdvanced (All Grain)TheBeerOrg  
            Smoking Scottish BastardScottish AleAdvanced (All Grain)foduck  
            Perfectly Smoked PorterSmoked - RauchbierAdvanced (All Grain)rudolf  
            Apple Smoked PorterSmoked - RauchbierAdvanced (Special Technique)hezron  
            I Spy RyeSpecialty Grain - OtherAdvanced (Special Technique)jehoey  
            Coffee StoutStoutBeginner (Extract)emacgee  
            Inductive (Coffee) StoutStoutAdvanced (All Grain)hezron  
            Rockinout StoutStoutIntermediate (Partial Mash)Rockinout  
            Icicle Nuts Mint Chocolate StoStoutIntermediate (Partial Mash)DA  
            Slicker Than Your Average StouStoutAdvanced (All Grain)mullet  
            Black PearlStoutAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Ventral Sally Oatmeal StoutStoutAdvanced (All Grain)grant  
            B-Tor’s Phat Hammer (American Rye Stout)StoutAdvanced (All Grain)BBB63  
            JJ Irish StoutStout - Dry / IrishAdvanced (All Grain)JoeMcPhee  
            Mal Pais StoutStout - Extra / Foreign / TropicalAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            Linc’s Foreign Extra StoutStout - Extra / Foreign / TropicalIntermediate (Partial Mash)Linc  
            Feelin’ Lucky Punk? Friday theStout - Extra / Foreign / TropicalAdvanced (All Grain)kenb  
            Oatmeal Coffee Imperial StoutStout - ImperialAdvanced (All Grain)Cliff  
            Stroke of Midnight Chocolate IStout - ImperialBeginner (Extract)ScaryAles  
            Big StoutStout - ImperialIntermediate (Partial Mash)turtlehead  
            Lick Springs Black Hole ImperiStout - ImperialAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Palpatine Imperial StoutStout - ImperialIntermediate (Partial Mash)Lumpy  
            Blackened Soul Imperial StoutStout - ImperialBeginner (Extract)aracauna  
            Death by HorseStout - ImperialAdvanced (Special Technique)erway  
            Cathedral AleStout - Milk / SweetBeginner (Extract)Gmku  
            EarthdogStrong Ale - AmericanAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            RateBeer’s Brown Ale RevisitieStrong Ale - AmericanAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Egregious PrickStrong Ale - AmericanAdvanced (All Grain)erway  
            County HarvestTraditional Ale - OtherAdvanced (All Grain)barcull  
            RateBeer’s Evolution AleTripelBeginner (Extract)Frank  
            Clementine’s AleTripelAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Rainy Day DunkelweizenWeissbier - DunkelweizenAdvanced (All Grain)SpringsLicker  
            Memorial DunkelweizenWeissbier - DunkelweizenAdvanced (All Grain)hezron  
            Weekend WeizenWeissbier - HefeweizenAdvanced (Special Technique)TheBeerOrg  
            Weisen SupremaWeissbier - HefeweizenIntermediate (Partial Mash)TheBeerOrg  
            Hayley’s Hairy HefeWeissbier - HefeweizenAdvanced (Special Technique)erway  
            Orly’s WheatWeissbier - HefeweizenAdvanced (Special Technique)BückDich  
            Dunkelstark AleWeissbier - WeizenbockIntermediate (Partial Mash)TheBeerOrg  
            Augustus WeizenbockWeissbier - WeizenbockAdvanced (All Grain)TheBeerOrg  
            Big Duck Honey WheatWheat AleAdvanced (All Grain)piscator34  
            SimcoerilloWheat AleAdvanced (All Grain)Frank  
            Arnold’s Summer Amarillo Wheat AleWheat AleBeginner (Extract)Riotbeard  
            Last Ditch WitWitbier / Belgian White AleAdvanced (All Grain)mwsf  
            La Phantome BlancheWitbier / Belgian White AleAdvanced (All Grain)stefanberggren  
            Wisdom WitbierWitbier / Belgian White AleIntermediate (Partial Mash)TheBeerOrg  

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