Guidebook to Lithuanian beer

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beers 7693 º places 245 º 04:35 Sun 11/9/2014

I wrote one:

I realize it may sound like an odd place to write a beer guidebook for, but once you’ve read the book (there’s a free PDF version) it will make a lot more sense.

05:14 Sun 11/9/2014

Very nice - thanks for sharing!

I’ll be posting all about it this evening, when more people on the social sites are milling about.

Great work!

beers 33927 º places 4607 º 06:26 Sun 11/9/2014

Very nice! I was very impressed with Lithuanian beer when I traveled there for work in the ’90s, and this has given me an incentive to go back.
I’m glad you mentioned the food as well, even though just briefly. Not only is it some of the tastiest food in the region, it goes extremely well with the beers.
I’ve sent this on to my Lithuanian friends as well.

beers 7397 º places 496 º 08:34 Sun 11/9/2014

Great guide. I have been stuck in waiting room of vets office for over an hour and got to read the whole PDF. I’d love to visit Lithuania now which is unexpected outcome of going to dog doctor.

beers 11323 º places 959 º 08:39 Sun 11/9/2014

I’m getting on a plane in a few hours. Downloaded it and will read it later. Thanks

beers 33927 º places 4607 º 08:53 Sun 11/9/2014

Originally posted by Sledutah
I’m getting on a plane in a few hours. Downloaded it and will read it later. Thanks
Are you going to Lithuania Craig?

beers 7540 º places 736 º 09:49 Sun 11/9/2014

Great work.

beers 7693 º places 245 º 09:51 Sun 11/9/2014

Thank you all! Really encouraging to get this feedback. :-)

beers 5200 º places 142 º 10:11 Sun 11/9/2014

This is very useful, thanks.

beers 17959 º places 879 º 10:30 Sun 11/9/2014

Great stuff, this needed to be done! :)

beers 40498 º places 332 º 10:51 Sun 11/9/2014

A great piece of work. Couldn’t stop reading. Just wish I had it two weeks ago when I visited Vilnius.