identifying beers and breweries written in Cyrillic

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Hi, Iím in Ukraine for a couple of more weeks and trying to taste and review as many beers as I can. My friend here knows some Russian, but canít read it all. Is there a way for me to figure out what beer Iím drinking and who brews it? My friend says to photograph and post it. But, first I donít know where, and I donít know how long to wait. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Take the photos with your smartphone and upload directly to imgur and paste the links here.

But if you know the Greek alphabet, you can get a good handle on transforming Cyrillic into English alphabet.

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barcode app.

Even if you donít have it - take photos of everything, front and back. We have a good selection of people familiar with Eastern Europe here, and who can read Cyrillic, and we can fill in any gaps you might have later. Just remember to take the photos.

Theyíre more important than the reviews. You can make up a review of an easter european pale lager from the memories restored by seeing a photo, but you can never recreate a label no matter how detailed your beer review is.

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Google Translate will translate text in photos

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Originally posted by wickedpete
Google Translate will translate text in photos

Itís superb. If youíve got an Android phone, download Google translate and you can photo the label, then draw over the bits to translate.

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Learn Cyrillic. Itís not rocket science - itíll take about an hour. I mean, half the letters are the same. If youíre there for a few more weeks, itís worth the minimal effort it will take to sort out the alphabet.