IP Trade in BCN August 9-18

Reads 335 • Replies 4 • Started Sunday, July 9, 2017 3:58:51 AM CT

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beers 10779 º places 386 º 03:58 Sun 7/9/2017

Hola, Amigo’s.

My girlfriend and me will make a trip to Barcelona in August. Of course we will do many fantastic beerplaces, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to do an IP trade as well.

I’m from Belgium, so can bring Belgian beers currently in Retail, as well as the imports we currently get.
I also have a very wide cellar. My list on ratebeer if far from complete ! If you have any kind of ISO I can see whats possible.

I’ll be looking for great beers I won’t be able to get while I’m there, as well as they’re not being imported to Belgium. Doesn’t have to be Spanish only, this is a great opportunity to finally trade away that big US beer you’ve been holding on too as well :)
Things I’m mostly interested in ( to give you an idea ) are unrated Sours ( especially Geuze styles !!! ) , great imperial stouts, Imperial IPA’s, anything unrated that’s top 50 in it’s style, and uncommon beerstyles.

As for the spanish beers, looking at the top-list, the best ones I haven’t had seem to be :
- Nomada Papaya Rye
- Napar Potemkin
- Black block Brandy barrel aged
- The nuclear mutant beast VS the giant reptilian from hell
... So any info on where to get them, or a trade for those are appreciated :)

Cheers, and hopefully see you soon ! Hasta luego ( or something like that )

beers 3178 º places 117 º 09:11 Sun 7/9/2017

My vacations this year are in july and september, so I’ll be in Barcelona during August.
I’m always up for a trade and/or sharing some beers,
About the beers you listed:
- Nomada Papaya Rye: your best bet is https://www.ratebeer.com/p/olut-sabadell-barcelona/47953/, it’s in a city near barcelona, 40 min in train. Not worth the visit unless you are really interested in Nomada’s beers. As I work near there, I can get you this one (and other Nomada beers you might be interested in).
- Napar Potemkin: at naparbcn
The last two, there’s no bottleshop where you will surely find them, but I will look for them.

beers 5490 º places 401 º 10:11 Sun 7/9/2017

The nuclear mutant beast VS the giant reptilian from hell
I think this one is retired. Only one batch was produced, time ago.

beers 10779 º places 386 º 18:29 Sun 7/9/2017

Thnx for the info !

BRW I am there with my girlfriend , since she has plans too, don’t think I can make it that far out. If you wanna do an IP trade with these (+other? ) beers, shoot me a PM.

beers 5468 º places 207 º 02:11 Mon 7/10/2017

You’re right
Unfortunately only one batch was produced