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Beer lover, beer collector, gypsy brewer, BJCP judge.
My love for beer started as soon as i was legal drinking age (and even sooner..). Many years after, our romance continues, maybe more intense than ever. I enjoy good beer and good people, things that luckily come together most of the times.

I also enjoy cider, Asturian cider mainly. Sidra is an almost religious thing here, so i have developed an interest and taste with years. I´ll be happy to help anyone...
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Cerveceros de Castilla y León - Cerveza Milana, Montemayor de PilillaCerveza Caleya, LangreoCotoya, LugonesDeorus Brew Project, Bigues i Riells, BarcelonaLaugar Brewery, GordexolaPassarola Brewing, LisboaSierra Nevada Brewing Company, ChicoTo Øl, Copenhagen NZulogaarden, Molins de Rei, Barcelona