Need help - blueberry beer

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06:58 Thu 8/2/2012

I recently did a high gravity saison (5 gallons) with honey, candied ginger, and six pounds of blueberries all added to primary.

The blueberries were treated thusly. 1/3 blanched and "dried" in the oven for 14 hours at 165F. This produced a very uneven drying, with some berries having turned to little raisons while others took on a pie-like aroma and flavor. Since this experiment failed miserably, I took the rest of the fruit, blanched them, then combined with the oven berries and froze them all.

When the fermenting beer approached high kreusen I added the honey and ginger, followed by the blueberries.

Its big and juicy to say the least.

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