New England Beer-cation Google Map

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Sea Dog on way to Bar Harbor, and American Flatbread in Burlington, VT has the BEST wood fired brick oven pizza.. BEST pizza... Thank you soo much for doing this.. The New England area is absolutely beautiful with great fresh local food and nicest people

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Willimantic brewing is usually a good visit..

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Originally posted by OldGrowth
Willimantic brewing is usually a good visit..


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Maine Beer moved to Freeport
Nocturnem in Bangor
Marshal Wharf Belfast

couple Maine additions...

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Cambridge House Brewpub in Granby, CT is a great stop. City Steam in Hartford makes some good beer too. Also, in Bloomfield we have Back East Brewing and Hooker. Both have tasting rooms.

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Manchester also has Tullycross Tavern Brewpub.

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Iím biased , but a visit to McNeillís is always fun.

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I used to live in Providence, RI and can say that Track 84, Julianís and What Cheer should be added for pubs/restaurants and Nikkiís should be added for a beer store. I havenít live there for a year and a half so someone can pipe in if I missed anything new and notable.

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Looking at the map, itís funny to me how many of these places I have already starred through google.

A couple places I would add:
Cambridge Brewing - Right down the street from Lord Hobo and I swear, it seems every time I go there they have at least 5 or so new beers that I havenít had. The food is pretty solid as well.

Cisco Brewery - If doing an actual tour of most or all of the places on the map, this might be a bit out of the way. But if you are going to Nantucket, this is a canít miss.