Smoked malt

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beers 10535 º places 13 º 04:44 Fri 3/18/2016


Usually I use a 50/50 mix of Weyermann Rauch and BestMalz Rauch i my smoked lagers. The BestMalz has the intensity the Weyermann lacks. But the Weyermann contributes with a nice subtle ham/bacon flavor. I end up with a flavor result in between Fresh Schlenkerla and Spezial. Which I’m quite happy with.

Last batch though, I got a fresh 25kg bag from BestMalz and the smoke was extreme. Closer to peated malt rather than beech wood smoked.

Would any of you have an idea on how long I would have to store the malt before it mellows down a bit? My experience is that smoked malts loose their aromatics quite fast.



beers 2449 º places 57 º 11:05 Fri 3/18/2016

No idea to your question, but I’d split the malt in half and make two batches, one now and one in a few months. Then compare and see which one I would like better.

beers 6371 º places 241 º 16:55 Fri 3/18/2016

I would just use a lower percentage of the extreme batch.

beers 10535 º places 13 º 15:55 Tue 3/22/2016

Discovered today that the malt indeed was peated malt. BestMalz carry two types of smoked malts and I somehow got the wrong one.

BEST Smoked 3 - 8
BEST Smoked gives beer a typical smoky flavor similar to that in smoked ham. The quantity used will influence the intensity of the of the beech wood or whisky flavor. This malt can not only be used for beer, but also for distillate production. It has high enzymatic activity.

BEST Peated 3 - 8
BEST Peated is smoked over a peat fire using the best available peat. The smoke imparts a strong smoky, phenolic flavor which is reflected in the malt aroma. Brewers can use up to 100% in the grain bill. Depending on the composition and intensity in the grain bill this malt will generate flavors from light to intense peat and earthy tastes. Great not only for beers but also for distillates.

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