Visiting Seattle November 8th/9th if anyone wants to meet for a beer?

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Will be in Seattle at the end of my US beercation for 24 hours from around 4pm on Thursday 8th November until 4pm on Friday the 9th. Just my mate Dave and myself.

My plan so far is to hit Freemont Brewing Co then walk to Brouwers Cafe.

After that Iím not really sure where to hit next? Iíve obviously checked out the guide for Seattle but the other highly rated places seem a little far for a 24 hour visit!?!

Our hotel is near to the Space Needle. How much is a cab likely to cost from that area to Freemont Brewing Co out of interest?

Someone suggested the Pine Box but (and I donít always go by place rankings) this is quite a way down on the list!

Open to suggestions and we head to the airport on Friday at 4pm so would probably look to keep Friday local to the downtown area.


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Never heard back on this, maybe posted it a bit early, maybe you know of my reputation and thought best of it!

Anyhow with just over a week to go I thought Iíd bump this up and if you canít make it out for a beer Iíd appreciate any info on the questions I posed.


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I donít think a cab from the Space Needle to Fremont is that much. Maybe 12 bucks or something. Mind you I havenít done that in a few years. Thereís also lots of buses during the day.

Iíve never been to the Pine Box but their beer list looks pretty good to me, since Iím a hophead.

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Cheers - looks tasty to me. I did check their list a few months ago and it didnít look as good as it does today!

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I will be in California during this time, but if you are staying near the Space Needle you can easily get the bus (26 or 28) from Dexter to Fremont Brewing or Brouwers Cafe. Cost should only be less than $2.50.

26 will get you to the same block as Fremont Brewing, while the 28 will get you to the same block as Brouwers cafe. Otherwise, its only a 12 minute walk between the two.

If I were in town I would certainly meet up, but I will be travelling.

Have fun!