What’s brewing?

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beers 285 º places 6 º 11:30 Wed 12/18/2013

Doing an PM wit now. Going to put it on blackberries or something of that sort. What ya guys brewing?

beers 2165 º places 63 º 19:46 Wed 12/18/2013

Brewing: Nothing


Lee’s Harvest Ale clone. This will be sitting in the fermenter for quite a while yet.

Jadwega clone. This is still actively but somewhat slowly fermenting. I’m guessing I can add another quart of honey in a couple of weeks?

beers 3920 º places 1 º 20:17 Wed 12/18/2013

Done brewing for the year but with some time off after New Years I’m doing a classic American Pilsner, schwarzbier, and APA with Columbus simcoe citra and wakatu hops.

beers 2165 º places 63 º 20:31 Wed 12/18/2013

First two beers to brew next year:


beers 285 º places 6 º 14:20 Sun 1/5/2014

Chocolate brown boiling now

beers 1549 º places 115 º 14:34 Sun 1/5/2014

Waiting for lacto to arrive at my LHBS and then will take my first crack at a gose.

14:48 Sun 1/5/2014

Session ipa with conan I cultured from some fresh heady! Just about to dough in.

18:16 Sun 1/5/2014

Just bought the grains, red grape concentrate, and fruit for a red grape sour/red wine hybrid. Some will be bottled plain and other variations will be aged on cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

places 6 º 18:26 Tue 1/7/2014

not a brew, but just bottled my cider from the fall. nothing but cider in a bucket with an air lock and it fermented beautifully.

Fermenting = American Barlywine and KBS clone.

places 23 º 18:54 Tue 1/7/2014

Not enough.

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