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Apr 2022 Nisse666 Little box with many unique samples of odd breweries, rare countries and what not. Many thx Pal and Cheers
Feb 2022 Nisse666 Sorry for late feedback;). Great wee box with new local brewers for me. Many thx Andreas!
Jun 2016 hackobock IP trade in Stockholm. Andreas is a great guy and very generous, highly recommended. Thanks!
Jun 2016 AdmiralVernon IP by proxy in Stockholm. Great trader and very easy to deal with. Trade was for 1 bottle and Andreas put in three great extras. Definately highly recomended!
Jun 2014 _angst_ IP trade by proxy in Stockholm. Solid trade for some tasty lambics. Andreas is a gent which he’s been proven again and again! Thanks to rlgk for acting as proxy, again :).